Gaza is blood-red. Women warn Israel-USA stop Killing Women, Children

The death toll of the Nuseirat massacre has risen to 274, including 64 children and 57 women.

Women can’t handle the scenes of evil men slaughtering children.
It’s a clash with nature at womanhood’s core.

“As a result of the USA/Israeli troop attacks yesterday, 212 Palestinian civilians are dead, & 4 hostages were rescued while the U.S. troops and Israeli troops killed 9 other hostages which to me seems like American and Israeli math,” commented Israeli security analyst Simon Baldock following analysis of yesterday’s holocaust in Gaza.

Seven hundred and twelve lives traded for four hostages: American & Israeli Math.

From two locations in the IDP camp of al-Nuseirat, Meir Jan (22), Andrey Kozlov (27), Noa Argamani (26), and Shlomi Ziv (41) were rescued in good health, having received proper care according to IDF sources. However, by the end of the day, bombing had resulted in the deaths of nine other hostages who were seeking refuge with their captors in the Al-Nuseirat refugee camp, one of the few areas that remained intact.

Editorial note: Israel has taken over 9,000 hostages from all regions of Palestine. It is estimated that only a small few dozen Israeli hostages remain in Gaza as most have been returned home or have been killed by Israeli attacks that left both hostages and captors deceased.

RSAC Nurse Ai’sha was with a local midwife on Saturday morning in the camp supporting two women delivering babies. Ai’sha provided her observations.

“Israeli and U.S. troops entered the camp in humanitarian aid vehicles as well as faked migrant vehicles stacked with belongings and furnishings, a regular sight. These troops killed everyone in their path until they reached informants who led them to a building where two groups of two surviving hostages were located. All the while there was bombing and artillery fire from land-based guns and what must have been ship-based guns. Death and destruction were everywhere. Then the attackers left the camp, and the bombing became incredibly fierce—the whole place disintegrated. Part of our roof caved in and there was a lot of dust and debris. We managed to deliver two healthy babies and when night fell, we evacuated the infants and the families to a safer place,” reported Ai’sha about an hour ago.

This latest toll from the Israeli/USA conflict shows 219 civilians killed and 493 injured, with many in critical condition. The casualty count is anticipated to increase significantly by Wednesday due to the compromised care standards at Al Aqsa hospital.

Stop bombing children

An infant survived yesterday’s random violence with several injuries, which claimed the lives of civilians, including nine Israeli hostages, all residing in what they thought were relatively safe areas. Photo credit, Behar Abbasi. Cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“American Navy’s alleged humanitarian-aid pier is accused of being a staging and launch platform for American military attacks on Gazans. Real humanitarians are boiling,” said a UN worker at Al-Nuseirat who did not wish to be identified. Checking with CENTCOM, FPM unofficial but sincere and trusted sources adamantly say that the pier was used on Saturday morning to deliver many tons of food aid and was not part of the attacks. asked humanitarian workers to go to the pier and they reported that either story was likely true. Within the IDF, neutral sources claimed that the pier was also used by military troops of the USA to stage the attacks. Watch the video.

This is indiscriminate killing of civilians including nine hostages, all of whom were living in areas that were believed by them to be safer than most. In this case it was Al-Nuseirat refugee camp. People lived there in the belief that it was safer to live in a UN organized camp than elsewhere. Some of the hostages had just moved there after being bombed in their previous locations,” said Mr. Baldock in a face-to-face interview.

“At this point, 80% of the deceased hostages have been killed by rescuer fire including American and Israeli soldiers conducting attacks against various regions in Gaza,” Mr. Baldock added.

“Hamas is making a criminal mistake in keeping hostages in Gaza as it is the most dangerous place to be anywhere on Earth. I think I speak for everyone in urging Hamas to use their God-given brains and release the hostages,” he added.

“The people living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea are all led by criminals who must be stopped. That includes all leadership of both Israel and the occupied territories of Palestine,” says Dale Carter, RINJ Women security director who is either in Gaza now or has recently departed the area.

Anthony Blinken, an internationally accused person of serious crimes against humanity, backing the accused Benjamin Netanyahu in complicity crimes of genocide and other crimes against humanity is currently posturing and pretending to be relevant to sparing some civilian lives in the Gaza Genocide with another fake ceasefire proposal Biden claims came from Netanyahu who is currently stalling all ceasefire efforts as is Biden and Blinken while pretending to do otherwise. Blinken is on his way to Israel for the 8th meeting on the Gaza Genocide.

The worst and most violent White House in U.S. history is actually projecting a belief in its own disingenuous lying narratives which are strung together with false flags and fake video while their C-17s and ships load megatons of ordnance to continue the carpet bombing in Gaza.

Every single day, operators of American remotely piloted Global Hawk aircraft are maintaining liaison with the Israeli Air Force providing targeting information that has resulted in the mass murder of tens of thousands of women and children. This is a textbook genocide.

All women are little girls who grew bigger.

When demons try to kill a little girl,
they try to kill part of our human being,
a part of all women; and
a part of humanity all women must protect.

Dr. Nassima al Amouri
Medical Director
The RINJ Foundation.

Art: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“Women can’t handle the scenes of evil men slaughtering children.
It’s a clash with nature at womanhood’s core. These same women wouldn’t mind breaking a skillet on a man’s head to keep the children alive.”

Melissa Hemingway, RSAC Nurse and FPM scribe.

American and Israeli massive infanticides and femicides.

“One needs to be very sick-in-the-head to permit thousands of infanticides and femicides–and then giving the murderers more bombs. The world must stop listening to the sick men running this bloody macabre scene from a Quentin Tarantino blood-fest. This is not Hollywood. Those are real babies your males are slaughtering.”

Rosa Yamamoto
Art Director, scribe, and founding member The RINJ Foundation

Urgent request from health care colleagues in Gaza

  1. We urgently appeal to the international community and its humanitarian institutions to provide electric generators for hospitals in the Gaza Strip.
  2. For the past 9 months, we have relied on electric generators to supply hospitals with necessary electricity around the clock after the sole power plant in Gaza was destroyed.
  3. Several generators in hospitals have suffered major technical malfunctions that are difficult to repair, while others have been directly destroyed by the oppressive occupation.
  4. We anticipate the halt of electric generators in remaining hospitals, health centers, and drug warehouses due to the ban on entry of necessary spare parts for maintenance.
  5. The halt of electric generators means certain death for patients and the end of healthcare services entirely in the Gaza Strip.
  6. Israeli occupation forces deliberately destroyed electric generators in Shifa Complex, Nasser Complex, Indonesian Hospital, and Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza to render them out of service.
  7. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital still operates on one generator after one of the main generators malfunctioned, posing a humanitarian disaster.
  8. We continue contacting international institutions, including the International Committee of the Red Cross, to supply new generators and spare parts since the beginning of the aggression, but to no avail due to the obstinacy of the Israeli occupation.