DPRK-Russia relations begin to soar. Putin visits Pyongyang: Analysis

President Putin’s arrival in Pyongyang early Wednesday was marked by an impressive welcome from a radiant Kim Jong-un and a host of dignitaries.

While the two leaders met last September, this marks President Putin’s first visit to Pyongyang in 25 years, making it a significant event. The streets of Pyongyang are adorned with photographs, celebrating the visit of one of the most distinguished statesmen, making the 25-year gap between visits both fitting and thrilling.

A detailed examination of the DPRK may lead one to criticize the United States for its actions in the 1950s, which allegedly resulted in the deaths of two to three million civilians, constituting about 20% of the population at the time. Subsequently, the U.S. has imposed sanctions and a blockade on North Korea, contributing to widespread undernourishment among children and their mothers. Furthermore, the promises made by America, particularly during Donald Trump’s presidency, were not fulfilled, leaving no cause for American pride in North Korea and a legacy of animosity.

Feminine Perspective-Magazine President-Putin and Chairman-Kim

Kremlin.ru photograph.

Albeit, Pyongyang has built up a massive military with nuclear weapons and expensive delivery systems which money spent could have staved off a lot of hunger but that is also true of most countries around the world. Othe nations are spending a fortune on weapons. This could turn out to be the most unstable global climate in recorded history.

Above all, America’s war with North Korea never ended and the North Koreans take that seriously. To a person, they believe the Americans will come back and try to finish them off. Readiness to defend their country is paramount to all North Koreans. Chairman Kim lives up to that demand. North Korea is ready, and emotions run high.

In any case, the alliance is strong between Iran, DPRK, China and Russia and is healthy and functional. It portends to stop American bullying around the planet and with BRICS would introduce a better team for human development and enthusiastic climate change mitigation. With America, these have never worked.

What lies ahead in the talks between the two men is regalia, good food, enjoyable conversation and a robust welcome for the visiting statesman. Expect significant takeaways.

The Putin arrival in Pyongyang. More to follow.