Crazy Biden antagonisms of Russia, China are war provocations

“It doesn’t matter which side of the Donetsk contact line women are near, the risk of being beaten, raped, and even killed by Ukrainian Nazis is extreme. Death is at a whim. If they had fun raping the woman, she will be kidnapped or let go and tracked, raped again another day. Sometimes after a gang rape, none of the Nazis wants her again and so she is killed,” explained Lana, a senior NWOB medical worker in Ukraine.

Arming Nazis in Donbass with modern long-range weapons for attacking Russia was the stupidest thing we have ever heard,” said Lana. “Angry Russians will tear this country [Ukraine] apart. Kiev will be nuked, we fear.”

“Sieg Heil! Glory to Ukraine!” – American Nazis support Ukrainian Nazis. A group of Americans wearing masks and Nazi symbols held a march in the state of Florida in support of the Kyiv regime, which is obviously close to them in spirit and ideology. When asked: “Who will you vote for in the upcoming presidential election?”, the leader of the Nazi group replied: “For Biden, because he is sending us missiles in Ukraine!”.

“We despise the Nazis who have raped and or killed us for a decade in Donbass, but in Russia, every family has lost a member or more to German Nazis in WWII and they do not forget. They literally hate the Nazis. Biden’s brain-fart of supplying long range weapons to the Nazis will, I fear, get Americans killed, by starting a wider war,” explained Lana.

America says Nazi Brigade raping Donbass women since 2014 is not a violation of human rights.

A U.S. state department spokesman told the BBC a vetting process “found no evidence of gross violations of human rights” by the brigade.

Dale Carter, security director of The RINJ Foundation says she has ordered additional security personnel in Donbass clinics. She writes in an internal memo that consideration is being given to sending the bill to the U.S. government and suing if they do not pay. What is happening thus far is that weapons being released to Nazi brigades and thereafter to Nazi militia members are being sold on the black market putting cash into the hands of Nazi troublemakers who then drink, buy drugs and stalk women to gang rape, which by the way is an initiation feat a newcomer, including Americans, must abide according to the women working under RINJ director Alona Adamovich.

‘Barbaric’ Sevastopol USA/Ukraine missile strike using Ballistic weapons with cluster munition warheads hitting a busy summer beach has Moscow calling in the USA Ambassador.

Ukrainians and Americans attack Sevastopol beach

Sevastopol Beach. Photo credit: Sergey Malgavko/TASS

“I had cousins visiting in Sevastopol, Russia on Sunday. They are Ukrainians who also speak Russian, so they like to go there for some holiday. They said over a hundred and fifty people were injured and at last count, six had died. The bomblets were exploding everywhere, my cousin said,” explained Alona Adamovich.

The missile attacks guided by American hands-on 23 June, some say, were political propaganda driven.

“The Sevastopol attack is aimed more at propaganda than military objectives. The Kiev regime, unable to reclaim Crimea, aims to demoralize our society by targeting regions, yet it does not succeed,” asserts political analyst Ivan Mezyukho, head of the Center for Political Education, a Crimean civic organization.

Colonel Alexander Perendzhiyev, an associate professor at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, stated in an interview with Izvestia that it is Western countries, not Ukraine, conducting this terrorist war. “We are witnessing the highest level of terrorist threat, with civilians being killed or terrorized, and civilian infrastructure being destroyed by military means,” he remarked. “The U.S. may claim opposition to such strikes, but it is U.S. specialists who are entering the flight coordinates, as there is no one to prevent them from doing as they please,” he added.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the responsibility for the intentional attack on civilians in Sevastopol rests with Washington, as it is U.S. specialists who program the flight paths for all MGM-140 U.S. Army Tactical Missile System, including those used in the attack, as stated on Sunday.

Russia went to war against Ukraine after proposing Ukraine remain neutral, staying out of NATO, and stop its war with Donetsk and Luhansk. The USA, on behalf of Ukraine, declined.

America antagonizes China by selling more weapons to Taiwan and militarily occupying the Philippines with nuclear missiles in order to make war on China.

American take-over of Philippines Military Bases adding nuclear missiles and then a U.S. military installation on a couple of Islands close to China, Penghu and Kinmen islands has Beijing stocking up on its strategic nuclear weapons.

Estimates of the size of China’s nuclear arsenal increased from 410 warheads in January 2023 to 500 in January 2024, and it is expected to keep growing, says the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIRI) in a recent report.

Bongbong Marcos tosses PH Constitution in favour of USA war with China on Philippines soil?

“The United States controversially Occupies Luzon Island of The Philippines, a flagrant violation of the Philippines Constitution, regardless say some activists in Manila. The people should have decided. Their constitution implied, and promised that,” says Human Rights defender Karinna Angeles.