Callous oligarch debate of liars. Pres. Biden lies are disastrous

Tainting every aspect of USA, Joe Biden failed in Thursday’s debate with Donald Trump—Biden lied often even saying Hamas not Israel wants the Gaza war continued.

The world is aware of the Biden administration’s “ironclad support” for the Gaza Genocide. Following the debate, the incentives to cooperate with a lame-duck Biden White House may fade, analysts said according to a global review by The Washington Post.

Many of Biden’s lies are deliberate to conceal the Biden administration’s zeal for supporting genocide-accused Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Numerous Jewish, Netanyahu and Israeli support groups and lobbyists are backing Biden’s reelection bid and would withdraw support for Biden if he withdrew his support for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine,

Ethnic cleansing of Palestine at the time of the debate became more overt as Netanyahu’s cabinet expanded its illegal settler occupation and apartheid of Palestinian lands including setting fires yesterday at Beit Furik.

“These are steps that protect the state of Israel and convey a clear message—we will never establish a terrorist state in the land of Israel!” far-right Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said on social media.

Trump’s racist remarks about Palestinians were insulting. “Actually, Israel is the one [that wants to keep going], and you should let them go and let them finish the job. He [Biden] doesn’t want to do it. He’s become like a Palestinian, but they don’t like him because he’s a very bad Palestinian. He’s a weak one,” Trump said.

CNN Flash Poll: Majority of debate watchers say Trump outperformed Biden
A Story by Ariel Edwards-Levy and Jennifer Agiesta, CNN. “Biden, hoarse and displaying little vocal range, was often unable to express his differences with Trump with clarity. At one point, after Biden had trailed off as he defended his record on border security, Trump said: “I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he knows what he said, either.” Takeaways-CNN


The initial CNN 2024 presidential election debate, sponsored by CNN and featuring presumptive nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump, leaving out independent candidate Robert Kennedy, took place on 27 June 2024. The next debate, set to be sponsored by ABC, is slated for 10 September 2024.

Observing Biden’s faltering speech while simultaneously viewing another screen depicting live the recent casualties of children in in Biden’s Gaza Genocide due to American bombs was beyond alarming and disbelief. It’s likely that most Americans did not witness this. Numerous young individuals are aware of the situation in Gaza through social media, yet their awareness seems to end at that point.

Biden: “…responsible in the sense they’re supplying the weapons“

The warring men against the civilians of Gaza are denying any role in the genocide but at the end of January 2024, Joeseph Biden told the world about three American soldiers killed at an obscure American military base, one of 750 scattered bases around the world, that he held Iran responsible for the drone strike on the U.S. base on the Jordanian-Syrian border “in the sense that they’re supplying the weapons” to Kataib Hezbollah. By extension Biden admits America’s responsibility for the Gaza Genocide because America has supplied hundreds of thousands of munitions.

Debate shows America is morally bankrupt, and the news media hides the truth.

“You’re the sucker. You’re the loser,” said Biden in his most energized presentation during the debate.

Below image: Outside the U.S. Capitol building during the 6 January 2021, insurrection attack on the building by Proud Boys, Oath keepers and others due to alleged false claims of 2020 presidential election fraud by Donald Trump and his allies and the denial of the 2020 U.S. presidential election results plus prolific far-right extremism in the U.S. evident even more so today, three years later.

Trump's perceived Legacy. Insurrection

Donald Trump’s perceived legacy, 6 January 2021 storming of the United States Capitol. Photo credit: Tyler Merbler from USA – License DSC09254-2, CC BY 2.0, Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine
Trump referred to a video message of his on 6 January wherein he sent the rioters home. This is it.

Trump did try to stop the insurrection on 6 January 2021 and all evidence indicates he may even have caused it to end.