Biden, Netanyahu pressuring Egypt to open Rafah Crossing. Why? Nothing gets in.

A huge rift between former allies Egypt and Israel is now growing due to Israel’s push and a USA push to compel Egypt to open its border to fleeing Palestinians.

The two countries allied in the expulsion of Palestinians from Gaza now believe that the state of the Gaza Strip is so uninhabitable due to the bombing of infrastructure and the massive Hiroshima-like bombing of Gaza civilians in their homes, that a couple million Palestinians will readily leave the Gaza strip once and forever. The Rafah crossing has been closed since 6 May 2024 when Israel took total control over Rafah.

This terrifies Cairo because of nation-wide antipathy among Egyptians that would evolve into mass anger against the Cairo government if there was such an exodus of diseased and poverty-stricken civilians of Gaza into Egypt.

Area of Rafah Crossing into Egypt

Photo credit: Quds News Agency. Photo is cropped. Cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The picture and its story: Cairo’s al Qahera media outlet cites sources claiming Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi DID NOT agree in a call with his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden to open crossings into Gaza.

Behar Abbasi reports from Gaza that nearly a dozen sources in Egypt are adamantly insisting Israel plans to trigger a mass exodus from Palestine to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The alleged Israeli goal of attacking Palestinian resistance and occupying the Gaza side of Rafah and other crossings with heavy armor is to prevent any blockade of the border into Egypt by either Palestinian resistance or the Egyptian military.

Cairo is rejecting the opening of the Rafah crossing into Egypt because it fears Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula will be flooded with two millions of tired, hungry, diseased and poor Palestinians.

A well-intentioned Iranian foreign ministry this year has urged Egypt to open the Rafah crossing unconditionally to send medicines and food to all areas of the Gaza Strip but “Cairo’s intelligence experts who forecasted and told Israel about the forthcoming 7 October 2023 attacks as far back as the summer of 2023, also has knowledge that Israel intends not to bring anything into Gaza but controls the Gaza side of the crossing in order to eject the people of Gaza out and into Egypt and if not eject the Palestinians, to make egress encouraged, simple, easy and quick,” said one of Ms. Abbasi’s sources which she translates for and quotes in her report from Gaza.

Israel’s position is that “the rest of the world can take care of the migrants,” [translated] says a woman member of the RINJ Foundation‘s security contractor who collects information in Israel for security purposes.

Hindustan Times Report is rare (outside of Cairo) media report on the situation at the Rafah crossing and the Israeli plan to move Palestinians, now, into Sinai Peninsula.

It is certainly true that Gaza is dangerous to human existence as well as being dangerous to other species due to severe sanitation breakdown, decaying bodies, and widespread disease outbreaks in the air and from the ground. Even the USA Navy floating pier is destroyed and rendered non-functional, and not able to provide assistance as some Biden Administration public relations flaks have claimed despite numerous accounts from humanitarian workers saying that the small quantity of humanitarian aid was not able to make it into north Gaza because of interference by the Israelis and apart from that, due to dire logistics issues such as workers not being allowed to enter the area.

“The floating dock looked like a large [boondoggle] distraction and was a disastrous plan, both wasteful and pointless everyone I talked to said was aimed at creating the appearance of having value. Just another effort to give Israel more time to kill people, which it did very much [translated],” said nurse Ai’sha who with a colleague had visited the dock twice in the evenings of a two-week period the structure existed intact, she explained.

Potable water does not seem to exist in Gaza based on random regional water tests by humanitarian workers. “All persons are urged to boil water for at least seven minutes,” said Ai’sha.

“Biden maybe and Netanyahu for sure want the people of Gaza to flee their lands and that would allegedly satisfy the objective of ethnic cleansing the region. Several estimates suggest this could take up to five or more months if the Netanyahu-led Israelis are able to get the crossing into Egypt opened because the Palestinian resistance is still very strong and would try to block the exodus, in fact it has said it intends to do that except for special needs cases seeking hospitalization outside the region,” suggested Simon Baldock, a Tel Aviv based security analyst when asked for his data on the situation.

Using bombing, artillery fire and starvation, the remaining elements of the Gaza “population refusing or unable to leave Gaza would be exterminated [translated],” say women in the Netanyahu government advising RINJ Women and their contracted officials who are based in Israel and working to acquire planning information on the condition of the situation in Palestine. These women have said that the advisors to Cabinet members are talking to them about plans for the rest of Palestine as being a massive resettlement of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

In this scenario, the women suggest that Mr. Netanyahu views the situation as an opportunity to appease critics, evade corruption charges, and remain in power.

This fully developed settler plan could be achieved by either extending the tenure of the diverse right-wing group Mr. Netanyahu has transformed into a Cabinet or by pursuing an election that appears legitimate, potentially years or months in the future.

This concept comes as Israeli settlers incrementally assume control over most of Palestine, a process that is believed to enhance the wealth and prosperity of crucial sectors, particularly those related to funding and electoral influence—a free house stolen from Palestinian families with furniture and accoutrements all given free to each of thousands of Israeli supporters of Netanyahu will go a long way to winning electoral support, the women said.