MidEast readying for wider war. Netanyahu needs war.

“Benjamin Netanyahu has invented so many reasons to keep the bloodshed flowing in Gaza that IDF members are quitting or absent without leave,” says an unhappy 19-year-old who has found his way to relatives in Syria and speaks to Melissa Hemingway and RINJ Foundation medical director for the region, Dr. Nassima al Amouri, in Aleppo on condition of anonymity. The conversation took place on Thursday. His relatives are patients of an NWOB clinic in northern Idlib governorate and part of the community.

Benjamin Netanyahu needs indefinite war to stay in power. He is facing likely conviction on three criminal indictments that go back to 2019. His complicated coalition government he has created by including fringe cult-like political Parties with far-right wing doctrine is fragile and can only be held together with at least two wars, Gaza and Hezbollah, if all factions are placated.

While Netanyahu’s defence minister Gallant says he does not favour war with Hezbollah, Netanyahu has annoyed much of the world killing staff at the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria and engaging in extreme violence with Hezbollah on the Israeli-Lebanon border that has destroyed much of the border region on both sides and dislocating local population.

Hours ago, Hezbollah fired 200 rockets into Israel as a retaliation after Israel killed one of Hezbollah’s commanders in Lebanon.

Since 8 October 2023, Israel and Hezbollah have been destroying the border regions of each other’s home country. Both sides have said they are prepared to go to a full-fledged all-out war.


‘Sending Lebanon back to the stone age,’ Netanyahu’s defence minister, Yoav Gallant.

Netanyahu has told Joe Biden in a Thursday telephone call that the war against the people of Gaza will not end until “all Israel’s objectives are achieved.” That includes the complete destruction of Hamas and replacing Hamas with an IDF military government from the outset and eventually some different form of Palestinian government, but the IDF will not be leaving.

Meanwhile Hamas has offered an immediate prisoner exchange and ceasefire proposal which Netanyahu says he will send negotiators to Qatar to discuss.

Presently the Netanyahu government is in the process of launching another massive seizure of Palestinian housing land for settlers amounting to over 1,200 hectares.

Jake Sullivan and Yoav Gallant

Yoav Gallant and member of Biden political team, Jake Sullivan. Photo credit: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem, Photo is enhanced, cropped and modified for publication. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Map of the Middle East

Map of the Middle East.

The Gaza war has already expanded to include the United States, Britain and France in the Red Sea against the de facto government of Yemen.

To the north, the Gaza war has expanded into Syria and Lebanon with attacks on airports and foreign embassies in Damascus and in Lebanon, massive attacks back and forth destroying both asides of the Israel Lebanon border.

Hezbollah has taken the side of Hamas and the IQB and so too has the government of most of Yemen, the de facto traditional Houthi government.

From the Arabian Sea to the Syrian-Türkiye border, Israel is in the incipient stages of a Middle East war.