Hamas-led ceasefire proposal got Hezbollah nod on Friday. More updates.

As foreign nationals fled Lebanon, Khalil Al-Hayya of Hamas engaged Hezbollah’s Lebanon leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah about his ceasefire proposal under discussion, say both men via their officials.

In the matter of this ceasefire proposal, these men are conducting themselves in good faith as allies loyal to each other and their people.

While that diplomacy should be deserving of respect and best wishes, Benjamin Netanyahu is the disingenuous wrench in the works.

Netanyahu has again drifted and delayed a response but has instructed his negotiators to attend the discussions.

Netanyahu is now working contrary to all parties, some to a strong measure, according to four sources among the people who work closely to the office of the prime minister of Israel and who have spoken out in the past.

Netanyahu is a dishonest broker in any effort to keep the peace say these sources, driven by alarm over what may come next—widening warfare in the region. Worse than that, his dishonesty is revealing itself in the matter of recovering the hostages.

Yair-Lapid-Opposition Leader scolds Netanyahu

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid to Netanyahu: “What is the benefit of provocative statements when we are at a critical moment in negotiations that affect the lives of the hostages?” File photo. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Sources in Gaza and in Israel tell a certain reality as Israel kills an average of 45 women and kids per day according to Hamas medical crews but not including those deceased persons never making it to a hospital.

Sources share a corroborated truth, compared to Netanyahu behaviour versus Netanyahu words. It’s driving Israelis to the brink of an abyss that may lead to worse regional war.

Video below: Another Irony: Israeli settlers living in free houses that once belonged to the Palestinian families they threw out, are protesting in occupied Jerusalem, demanding a prisoner exchange deal with the resistance in Gaza, which Netanyahu is obstructing.

Behar Abbasi, leading a humanitarian team in Gaza, at the end of June arranged a meeting with a more benevolent member of the IQB/Hamas who with his colleagues bore witness to the fact their leadership is perplexed and angry that the matter of the hostages was not solved many months ago. ‘The breaking point was that the Israelis did not care. They bomb hostages as they bomb us.’ They could have done the exchange, released the Palestinian hostages at no cost and many lives would have been spared from their own bombing. That, they said, was the goal of taking hostages. “We did a lot less than what the Israelis do to us every day,” said one of the men who since that day became deceased.

Discussing the conglomeration of information with security analyst Simon Baldock, a former IDF officer, he confirmed his contacts do corroborate this information, adding that Netanyahu is under considerable pressure to eradicate the population of Gaza by scaring the people of Gaza into the Sinai Desert or anywhere but Gaza and at the same time, the Israeli Defence Forces leadership has been very outward about its opposition to keeping the fight going in Gaza.

“I don’t know who those unnamed parties are,” said Netanyahu, “but I’m here to make it unequivocally clear: it won’t happen,” said Netanyahu in a (Hebrew) video statement. “We will end the war only after we have achieved all of its goals, including the elimination of Hamas and the release of all our hostages.”


Telling truth to power.

IDF spokesperson Brigadier General Daniel Hagari. Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. Photo is cropped from a vertical image.
Cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The picture and its story: IDF spokesperson Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, proves telling truth to power is a compelling virtue.

On several outlets including Channel 13 news, Brigadier General Hagari said that Israel’s “government must find an alternative” to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Otherwise, Hamas “will remain.” Talk of destroying Hamas otherwise amounts to “throwing sand in the eyes of the public.”

“While there has been no precise ‘alternative’ agreed upon, there is widespread agreement on two of the Brigadier General’s assertions: you can’t use bombs to destroy an ideology, and Hamas must go,” suggests security analyst Simon Baldock from Tel Aviv.

“Otherwise, apart from politicians in Washington DC and also in Israel, Hamas, which has far exceeded its 2006 electoral mandate, is not seen as a terrorist group but as an effective resistance group against apartheid,” added Mr. Baldock. “But as a political group it must be either re-elected by the people in a proper election, or disappear.”

Mr. Baldock and B. G. Hagari are supported unequivocally in this assertion by historical accounts from 2006.

One of the ironies of all this is the subject of an interesting Slate article: Was Hamas elected to govern Gaza? Here’s what happened in the last Palestinian election.

“That last election was in 2006 and the Gaza strip has been like a cork floating upon storming seas,” added Mr. Baldock.

Also see Over-representation of Hamas in District Seats  (fairvote.org)

“Hamas is less of a thing and more of a global ideology. It is the antithesis to Zionism. This truth is complicated for the average person, here and anywhere, but it is what makes the Americans and Israelis look horrible and stupid. Hamas are not terrorists by the wildest stretch of truth. Hamas is purely a resistance movement against apartheid. In the case of white supremacists, like Joe Biden and Donald Trump, this form of apartheid is OK because it oppresses Arabs and according to the past words and actions of both presidential candidates, all Arabs are terrorists. Look at the history of America and Israel and learn how many Arab civilians each have killed. Those people who have killed so many Arab civilians, millions, are the real terrorists and they are hated for that,” said Ai’sha, Gazan surgical nurse and OBGYN specialist.”

The IDF has repeated the argument that Hamas is a set of ideologies or beliefs and bombs do not kill ideology. The officers are obviously correct as represented by the  IDF spokesperson. Nevertheless The Prime Minister’s Office dismissed statements by IDF spokesperson B.G. Daniel Hagari after he stated that Hamas as an ideology cannot be destroyed. Hamas, like Zionism is a global ideology and is not confined to Gaza.

Sir Kier Starmer, British Prime Minister says recognition of the state of Palestine is an ‘undeniable right’ as part of the peace process in the Middle East as the new Prime Minister tells his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu there is a ‘clear and urgent’ need for a ceasefire.

On Thursday, FPM.news reported that the Israeli government seized 1200 hectares of Palestinian residential lands and sanctioned the construction of approximately 5,300 new homes in settlements within the occupied West Bank. A Palestinian monitoring group, adamantly declares this move is part of an illegal ongoing effort to expedite settlement growth, wrongfully solidifying Israeli domination over the area and hindering the creation of a Palestinian state.

President of the La France Insoumise group, Mathilde Panot has just said, “Within the next two weeks, we will recognize the state of Palestine.”

Hezbollah attacking Israel today. Risk of escalation is severe.