Comment: Battle of the megalomanic men, Trump and Biden.

Evidence suggests main U.S. political Party candidates are unqualified to run their country. There is no fix. Too nasty to tackle, each candidate has been given a fear ride by their supporters.

There is a litany of reasons why each man, Biden and Trump is unqualified. But there is no point in insulting these old guys. Why? I think we all know the truth. It’s bad. Election 2024 presents the worst situation imaginable and maybe the death knell of the USA.

Today Biden is getting crazy shrill about the people who want him to resign his candidacy claiming it’s clear as a bell his status as a person fully or borderline dementia non compos mentis doesn’t fit the role of U.S. President. Take a bow, dude, and move on.

Comment cowritten by Editor, Micheal John and Associate Editor Melissa Hemingway

The current President is not Mr. Joseph Biden but a committee.

Biden has numerous unofficial guardians, and he does not actually do the work of a President, it is done by a cadre of helpers and guardians who probably don’t have a clue what they are doing as they walked their guy into an official complaint of genocide in Gaza as well as other aspects of that crime, and a litany of criminal acts as set out in the Rome Statute.

The Biden guardian committee also set Biden up as the fall guy who made America look like a jackass and gave Afghanistan back to the Taliban after so many people from so many countries including Canada and Britain died to make certain the Taliban did not happen again. Again today, women are beaten and tortured in arenas for public sport and Afghanistan is slammed back into widespread corruption and desperate poverty.

Trump is different.

Donald Trump brought prosperity and joy to America. Heaven knows how he did that, but it looks like straightforward business mindedness. Three cheers for the American people. They were generally happy until the pandemic came along. Nobody anywhere was happy about that.

Donald Trump has just spent over three and a half years lambasting every aspect of the justice system in the USA that is coming after him with scores of counts of civil and criminal wrongdoing allegations. Trump looks like a pussycat compared to many of the scoundrels running large corporations in the USA. They say he paid off some women to hush up about an affair. OK. Bad boy. But was this extortion or was it, what? In any case, Trump has castigated every aspect of the so-called justice system he has encountered.

Biden and his guardians are now doing the same thing. Biden says what is happening to the people of Gaza, Palestine, “is not a Genocide” without one iota of support for that absurd declaration. Yup. Biden has more than a few screws loose. He opens his gob and they just tumble out. No wonder his guardians keep him inside a figurative cage.

Biden must resign and support President Harris. Editorial

But every expert scholar in the world says, “this is a textbook genocide,” and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) plus the International Criminal Court (ICC) are both all over this discussing whom to issue arrest warrants for and in the case of the ICJ issuing orders to Israel to stop its genocide.

Biden says it is not a genocide because he says so. That is not mentis compos. Both Biden and Trump should have STFU in the public sphere. Judges around the world are getting annoyed at the nonsense.

Biden says there is no effort to use the American justice departments to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump.

People has spoken to because they back this talking point say just that, it is a talking point. It doesn’t seem supportable. There are no believers that this isn’t malfeasance in the abuse power. But the slate says, “no it isn’t abuse-of-power-lawfare”.

The megalomanic is so accustomed to using this kind of abuse, they may believe what they are saying—that there is no such thing. Trump and Biden have each built a record of lying to anyone and breaking laws but in the case of Trump he has never been in a position to abuse power that stands out. There is no evidence of him doing so.

But every day that scallywag Biden is abusing power with extortion, harassment, abuse, and brazen lawlessness.

Megalomaniacs lust for power.

Both old codgers, Trump and Biden, have an obsession for accumulating power and join the ranks of delusional people swelling up their heads in their own vision of their grandeur.

Trump and Biden are arguably both 2nd-class wannabe versions of people like George W. Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Napoleon Bonaparte, Richard Nixon, Robert Mugabe, Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, and Tony Blair, all true megalomanics.

We should add Chairman Mao Zedong and Kim Jong-un to that list. The latter will be exceptionally pissed-off about that, but if the shoe fits, wear it, Mr. Kim, and good health and long life to you. Same to Jenocide-Joe and The Donald.

Maybe Trump/Biden should both be inaugurated in January 2025.

They would each be President in split rubber-walled West-Wing-look-alike rooms filled with sponge bricks the two old coots can safely throw at each other. Take care boys. Thanks for your service. Thanks for the entertainment. Have many happy days.


President Harris? (White House photo.)



Biden must resign and support President Harris. Editorial