Biden outted as a megalomaniac. The ‘President’ is a committee

All of America is caught up in a civil war wherein both sides are fighting for red or blue truths which are in fact false realities—big fat lies.

Look at who Joe Biden is. What did you think? Unsympathetic, dishonest in most circumstances, Biden always overestimates his popularity, importance, power, and influence. That’s a description of a megalomaniac.

That’s true of the cadre of people who run the country and the world (they think): Ron Klain (CoS), Jill Biden (life partner ), Hunter Biden (criminal son) and political advisers from the VP days, Jake Sullivan and Antony Blinken. Joe Biden does not always know what they are doing.

Joe Biden is the quintessential megalomaniac. Does Biden know that Netanyahu daily holds up a middle finger to Biden while at the same time he sucks the American taxpayer’s generosity in weapons for killing the downtrodden women and children of Gaza?

“Netanyahu continues to essentially give the finger to the president of the United States and we’re sending more bombs,” Senator Chris Van Hollen said on ABC’s “This Week” back at the end of March.

“Those two men belong to each other. Biden is Netanyahu’s scruffy, stupid, angry dog, to whom Netanyahu says ‘stop barking and go fetch more big bombs’,” says Monique Deslauriers who is the RINJ Foundation‘s U.S. Executive Director and personally, a ‘Gretchen Whitmer‘ for President supporter.

“Biden should not be driving ever, or walking downstairs alone, let alone carrying the nuclear weapons football. For many months the world has been telling us that,” suggests Monique.

Find a better Dem candidate.

RINJ Women suggest Gretchen Whitmer

A better Candidate. The Photo and its story: RINJ Women USA suggest Gretchen Whitmer as Democrat Candidate. Despite her not being well-known in the southern U.S. states, Ms. Whitmer, a poll shows, would garner 44 percent of the vote, while Trump would get 46 percent in a head-to-head matchup, according to the poll.

About 9 percent say they are not sure who they would vote for. Ms. Whitmer would likely win those votes once she and Trump begin to talk as actual candidates, says Monique Deslauriers from Calais, Maine.

Biden passed the Michigan Governor over in 2018 for running mate because she is too strong beside Biden, but Governor Whitmer is who America needs as a President says Monique. Photo Credit: Michigan Gover’s office. Photo is cropped. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Some people might not be as into Joe Biden as Joe Biden is into Joe Biden. For example, Palestinian children still alive in Gaza do not forgive Biden for killing over 20,000 of their siblings and mothers. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


Dishonest Biden the Megalomaniac is showing through. He lies, sells and believes a reality in which he overestimates his popularity, importance, power, and influence and barely ever tells the truth. The mask is off.

Could megalomania be a widespread cognitive disorder caused by political and other brainwashing? Or is it just Joe? All of America is caught up in a civil war wherein both sides are fighting for truths which are in fact false realities—big fat lies.

One argument about megalomania , not an authority, suggests a megalomaniac possesses a distorted sense of self-importance, convinced of their superiority over others. They often boast above their achievements and possessions. They don’t get along with each other. This behavior is indicative of a personality disorder characterized by an inflated sense of self-worth. While self-evaluation is common, megalomaniacs take it to an extreme. They typically lack empathy and are prone to dishonesty. They greatly overestimate their capabilities, significance, popularity, power, and influence.

A medical discussion of megalomania and does it impact a large sector of the American population?

Another argument from an excellent scientist and MD suggests, “megalomania is the drive to dominate and control others to attain power and achieve one’s own desired outcomes. The megalomanic maximizes their own perceived agency and deprives others of their agency.

“Megalomania starts with a belief in one’s superiority and a resentment about not getting one’s due and progress towards domination, manipulation, and “winning” in the Machiavellian mold. It’s not a term in the DSM-V, but it is related to narcissism, and the borders are perhaps unclear. Splitting is probably the most damaging psychological tool in their arsenal. Authoritarians are noted to use splitting to amplify ethnocentrism and bias against sexual minorities. This is how they fortify their base in the majority culture.”— Citing Dr.  Ravi Chandra,  Megalomania in the American Psyche: A Dangerous Conscious and Unconscious Influence 

FPM Commentary from the hidden area of the medical papers on Doximity

I certainly agree. I also wonder if megalomania shouldn’t rejoin “the pie” in DSM VI because I suspect that this issue is prevalent across the United States but suggest it is curable, unlike personality disorders. I wonder if the megalomanic may suffer a serious cognitive disorder and is not a PD person.

Add to that the almost identical cognitive issues seen in victims of the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ theory that attempts to explain why hostages and others similar sometimes develop a psychological bond with their captors, excusing even the most despicable conduct of the captors, despite and therefore in conflict with, logic and reason strongly countering that false view of reality. Cognitive errors can be monstrous, right?

So why is this important?

** The potential connection between people who suffer fierce politically induced brainwashing with an atrocious pack of lies and a high crescendo of showmanship signifying the grandiosity of a certain political theme, be it the truth or not, (i.e.: red team vs blue team)—and grandiosity that triggers ‘megalomania’ for lack of a better word—has patients ignoring their unhealthy behaviour like violence used to solve even minor problems, substance abuse, and overeating, then suffering the ill effects because they have this irrational self-view of omnipotence, a trait of their induced cognitive ‘megalomania’ (again for lack of a better definition). **

Many patients today have taken their unhealthy trends to limits that go beyond the ability of gastric surgery tables to withstand their weight. I mean to throw that out there not as a typical crisis but to illustrate the extent to which this syndrome has become prevalent in modern American health care scenarios, I really do believe that it’s this complicated and that far too many follies of society are inducing an incipient phenomenon.

Then, to top it all off, perhaps, this manic grandiosity causes them to ignore the fact they should be seeking and committing to long-term professional help starting with their physician and then on referral, perhaps psychiatric or psychological (cognitive therapy?) specialist care.

Patients who present today with, dare I say, what look like self-harming trends, may not be anything but brainwashed (cognitively failed) megalomaniacs themselves.

On the positive side, who could beat Donald Trump? A woman. But if she does not win, at least there must be two good candidates to choose from. Biden is not a qualified candidate for even dog catcher.

It is likely Mr. Trump has learned enough to simmer down and do a good job for America, something he has proven to be capable of achieving. There is nothing to fear from his presidency. Nevertheless, our bias is toward a woman like Gretchen Whitmer. If the other candidate wins, so be it. Congrats.

Michigan, 28 July 2020 
Governor Gretchen Whitmer once again called on the Trump Administration and Congress to work on a bipartisan recovery package that includes support for state governments, frontline workers, and small business owners. The governor was joined by Chief Medical Executive and MDHHS Chief Deputy for Health Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, State Budget Office Director Chris Kolb, Detroit Regional Chamber President and CEO Sandy Baruah, and Paola Mendivil, co-owner of El Granjero Mexican Grill in Grand Rapids. Official Photo. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Women’s group suggests Governor Whitmer to Joe Biden in 2018 – (

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