Yes, Kirby. This is Genocide. Women, children in Gaza crawl into tight spots and die of starvation

“I had planned to follow up on a mother and her child born last month who had a sister pregnant at 7 months. Most of our visits are word of mouth like this. I barely recognized the area. It was so bombed out. I found the two deceased under a slab of concrete. I cried,” nurse Ai’sha explained from central Gaza.

“That’s the short version. It took me half a day to find anybody. I did find the baby’s auntie. She was in bad shape. She did not know about her sister’s death. At best count she would be due in three weeks. Her baby was obviously small but I found the pulse. The woman needed a rescue. I sent my companion who is a security person trained as a midwife too, back to our makeshift birthing clinic on her mountain bike and she would bring our beaten-up old van. We needed to move people. I must win this case. ‘I must save this woman,’ is what was screaming in my head. I am going to hope she can tell her story someday. The two women had split up, searching for food. It was pure luck that I found my patient’s body huddled up with her infant daughter,” sobbed Ai’sha.

“It seems that women and children in Gaza die of starvation sooner because the body burns available stored fat for energy to fight the cold. Also, because the 1st phase of starvation has been prolonged because of occasional but rare sourcing of edible nutrients, the phase 2 of starvation is over quick, and the phase 3 stage is shortened by disease due to bad water.”

“I was traveling with some plastic containers of cooked rice,” continued nurse Ai’sha. “For some of the people who approached me looking for food I opened my knapsack and poured rice to plates and pots they carried, as best I could. From them I learned that the starving people were shivering so hard in the cold and rain that they looked for places in broken buildings where the rain and wind didn’t touch them.

“After a while the starving family’s fate was sealed. Too weak to stand up because of muscle wasting, their search for food and for help ended.

“Their bodies would use stored fat for energy to fight the cold off and preserve crucial organs with any nutrients available. They would fall into long sleeps as a respite from the shivering cold and, mercifully perhaps, they would die after a couple of weeks, and end their suffering from sadness, hunger and disease.”

Ai’sha began to sob and then cry hence the author ended the interview to comfort the tired humanitarian medical worker, and dearest of colleagues.


Yes, Kirby. This is Genocide

Yes, this is Genocide, Kirby.

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Only gleaned from textbooks and lectures before now, medical practitioners in the Gaza Strip of Palestine are now face-to-face with the shocking realities of biblical proportion, famine and disease, in 2024.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are in Phase 1 of starvation and hundreds are dying now due to the 3-month Israeli blockade of all food and water into Gaza.

Some 200,000 people are suffering from upper respiratory infections, likely all a common bacterial pneumonia that is highly infectious and lasts for a long period of time, weakening the entire body.

To medical officials, 136,400 Palestinians have reported cases of diarrhea, mostly children under five.

Jaundice has impacted 5,000 persons; 55,400 cases of scabies have been reported by medical workers; 5,330 cases of smallpox have been seen, and 42,700 reported rashes of various types have been recorded by medical staffers.

“That’s only what the medical professionals have seen. Most people in Gaza are not seeing any medical workers hence the numbers are somewhat deceptive. Estimates suggest the situation is at least ten times worse. Add another 10 to each number,” suggests Behar Abbasi who is Ai’sha’s team lead heading up a medical team in central Gaza.


Knesset member of Likud party says starve them.

Twitter photo: On Thursday, Tally Gotliv, a Knesset member for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, flamed the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza which is trickling slightly in accordance with a UNSC Resolution of last week. She is saying the civilians must be “thirsted and starved.” This is Genocide, Kirby.

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Haaretz has again reported that Benjamin Netanyahu is discussing a “scenario of surrender and deportation” of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. This is Genocide.

Yes, Kirby. This is Genocide

Fighting the Gaza Genocide by USA and Israel. Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine