Netanyahu says Gaza Genocide to continue. Jail him says South Africa, Türkiye

Netanyahu and his Cabinet look like psychopaths. FPM looks at personality disorders in politics in context of racist eradication of women & kids in Gaza.

The Israeli occupied territory that Israel has declared war against is nearly completely destroyed. This is insane because Gaza is part Israel’s own occupied territory.

Imagine Justin Trudeau ordering the indiscriminate bombing of Quebec. No matter what Trudeau says, he has unequivocally supported Ukraine’s mass murder of Donetsk and Luhansk populations for becoming separatist-minded provinces because of discrimination against them due to the unique language they speak. After the end of 2013, Donetsk and Luhansk left Ukraine finally and Trudeau has supported Nazi Azov Brigade troops with weapons and Canadian military combat arms personnel for the mass murder of 18,000 of those people between 2014 and 2021.

The Gaza Genocide which is a crime now before the World Court, has Trudeau at risk of being charged with incitement and complicity because he has been supplying weapons and inciting Israel for killing Palestinians while provided political support.

Türkiye with Gaza

The world is standing in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza and opposing the Gaza Genocide. Speaking at the Justice and Development Party’s parliamentary group meeting in Ankara, Türkiye, President Recep Erdogan addressed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying: “You are threatening with an atomic bomb, a nuclear bomb. It does not matter what you have, you are a goner… Those who kill babies in incubators, those who rain bombs on innocent people they have displaced from their homes, those who condemn people to death by cutting off their water, food, and fuel, those who talk about destroying over 2 million civilians with an atomic bomb… No matter how many nuclear bombs you have or whatever you possess, you are on your way out. Those who have lost everything in terms of ethics, conscience, and honor are not human; they can only be monsters,” added President Erdogan, who is likely the second most experienced statesman in the world next to Vladimir Putin.

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“Medical workers in Gaza including salaried locals, foreign humanitarian workers like MSF and us, plus the surviving United Nations’ workers all agree in conversations that the Israeli government leaders, especially the extremist cult running the country—and that term is used often, describing the government of Netanyahu as a cult—must be prosecuted for crimes committed in the Gaza Genocide,” reports Behar Abbasi from central Gaza where she is working with a group of new mothers and their infants trying to hustle up nourishment for infants whose mothers are not well enough to lactate which has become a prolificate issue in Gaza due to famine and disease. Behar says, “don’t think about that. I bow down and thank Allah for helping us save these mothers and their babies. Their lives are our gift for being determined to stay and fight for the living.”

One of the Butchers of Gaza

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“Imagine yourself being a medical practitioner in a hospital and seeing the same patients, over and over again, week after week, suffering massive crush injuries from explosions, and knowing that somebody is deliberately targeting them, until they are dead,” proposed Ai’sha, a nurse practitioner in Gaza. “What is the responsibility of the healthcare worker?” she asked rhetorically.

“The answer,” Ai’sha said, “is that the criminals must be reported to law enforcement and the practitioner must give evidence of the crime in Court. So I want Netanyahu and the other members of his racist cult running Israel, put in jail for the rest of their lives.”

“Irsael is not allowed to slaughter the populations of stateless areas it controls for over 15 years, and now admit to wanting to reduce the population to 200,000 and take over the oil and gas rights and the Mediterranean beaches for profit.

“The United Nations sees the Gaza strip as being uninhabitable and says that 1.9 million people are displaced from their homes. It’s worse than that. We flew a drone over much of the Gaza strip over the past week and saw that there are no homes left. None,” said Ai’sha.

“In any war and conflict, the toxic trail that is left upon generations after the guns fall silent will be there, because of debris management, oil installations, sewerage,” Inger Andersen, executive director of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), said in an interview with Anadolu Agency.

“Palestinians will face an “uninhabitable” Gaza Strip for decades to come because of Israel’s deadly ongoing war, which has laid waste to urban areas, agricultural land and all basic infrastructure in the besieged Palestinian territory, according to experts.” Citing After Israel’s deadly war, ‘uninhabitable’ Gaza will face environmental disaster for decades: Experts (

Destruction of human lives in Gaza sets a world record for mass murders in a short time since America killed thousands of civilians in one day in 1945.

There are over 115 thousand casualties in Gaza (nearly double the American Nagasaki atomic bomb which caused 64,000 casualties) and over 60,000 persons are dead (38,760 in Nagasaki) if one counts the 39,000 missing and presumed dead under the rubble or buried in mass graves or laying in bombed out streets rotting. And then there are the 21,500 bodies recovered thus far. Additionally, there are over 56,000 injured persons staggering around or lying down in the squalour of flimsy, and massively overcrowded shelters. Even in the freezing cold and with a cold wind blowing, the stench of death is horrific.

Netanyahu and his Cabinet look like Psychopaths. Looking at disordered personalities in politics in the context of the racist-minded eradication of women and children in Gaza.

Psychopaths seeking careers in politics is nothing unusual. It is a career that draws them.

Andrew Lobaczewski who wrote “Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes Paperback – 1 April 2007” devoted his career to studying the relationship between psychological disorders and politics.

It isn’t just about individual persons. As Lobaczewski pointed out, pathological leaders tend to attract other people with psychological disorders. The see in depraved persons the probability that their own deviancy peculiarity will be overlooked.

As these groups draw their own kind to themselves, they drive out the balanced, healthy personalities. The straight-edge people tend to flee.

Look at the Netanyahu government as an example. Itamar Ben-Gvir, an extremist in a cult-like party was convicted of support for a terrorist group and incitement to racism. Once elected he became useful to Mr. Netanyahu and as per his demands in return for helping Netanyahu gain power, he was made minister for national security. A number of criminals were given positions of power in the same manner. Ben-Gvir uses his security role to bully and kill Palestinians in the West Bank. His body count is extremely high, in fact he has set new records in a short time.

Who likes this government? Well, Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines is totally down on the slaughter of Palestinians thus backing Netanyahu unflinchingly.

The same is true of Rodrigo Duterte who set up the throne for Marcos. Duterte and many henchmen have dossiers in the hands of the International criminal Court prosecutor, not that that has much meaning. Successive governments in the Philippines, like Netanyahu, also slaughter their civilian populations for various reasons. Duterte declared last October, that if it was huim in Netanyahu’s shoes he would, “…pulverize Gaza and make it the biggest cemetery in the world”. Netanyahu may not have equaled Duterte’s number of civilian slaughters yet.

These men are a lot like the military dictatorship in Myanmar which has slaughtered thousands and driven nearly a million civilians, the Rohingya people, into the Bengal Bay area and they are now living in a desperate mess in Bangladesh, trying to escape in flimsy boats every otehr day.

Min Aung Hlaing the prime minister of Myanmar who has slaughtered countless thousands of citizens in that country is backing Benjamin Netanyahu as is old corrupt Joe Biden and his Cabinet in Washington DC, USa a nation with many genocides under its belt.

Not everyone in the Biden government backs the Gaza Genocide. Rashida Tlaib an American politician and lawyer serving as the U.S. representative for Michigan’s 12th congressional district has called Israeli de facto Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a ‘genocidal maniac,’ and has allegedly criticized fellow members of the Biden cult who back the Gaza Genocide.