Biden in a de facto sense is not the POTUS. Pentagon leads Washington DC into WWIII in the absence of a President

“Killing off the women and children of any race is genocide and an intolerable diminishment in the value of human life to the governments of America, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France and the rest of the European Union. Only an Army  General could utter, ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’, at a time like this.”

A widening, worsening Gaza-Genocide campaign of Israel, USA, U.K. with the EU as boisterous backers is about to explode as America pushes all the hot war buttons.

Video: Clare Daly an Irish politician who has been a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Ireland for the Dublin constituency since July 2019.

“What the hotshots in Washington don’t seem to realize is that the people of the world, especially in Asia, have been sick and hungry for years and are now in a horrible mood and a bad state of existence,” suggests RINJ Foundation security director Dale Carter.

“Possibly one of the stupidest things any USA President has ever done is attack Yemen. Those people are armed to the teeth; backed by Iran which is allied with Russia, China and North Korea, and the Yemenis have absolutely nothing to lose. The men in Yemen have no future to look forward to; their wives and children are hungry and unwell; their prospects for anything nice are totally dim; and they think about suicide as often as they think about sex,” suggests security analyst Simon Baldock speaking from Tel Aviv.

“America and Saudi Arabia back a puppet like Juan Guaido for Yemen’s government which is nowhere near the people and nowhere near the capitol of Yemen, hiding in the unpopulated eastern areas of Yemen. The Houthis rule Yemen and will until, if it ever happens the country splits into two fragments again—which is how things are today, unofficially thanks to America’s and Saudi’s failed interventions that killed tens of thousands of the population and sent 16 million into a disease and starvation, human catastrophe. And now America is bombing Yemen again? Foxtrot Oscar. That’s unbelievably stupid, ignorant and fatalistic. It’s as bad as Israel and America bombing Damascus. War with Iran, Russia, Pakistan, China and North Korea will be a world war,” slammed Mr. Baldock.

“The people of Yemen call the Houthis their government in Sa’ana since the year 897,” he added.

“America killing a senior Houthi official and two Iranian IRGC advisors in an American airstrike in Al-Bayda, Yemen, hours ago, is not helping,” Mr. Baldock suggested.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Yemen‘s Sana’a government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, has warned Britain and America of serious repercussions. sources since more than a month ago have been warning of Yemen top-level  activities planting operators in Washington DC and in Tel Aviv to set up cells and carry out assassination attacks in the USA and Israel.

When contacted for comment, U.S. security intelligence officials repeatedly dismissed those warnings saying that there is a lot of similar chatter and that nothing could be done without actionable intelligence like names and addresses of potential perpetrators.

Further checking revealed that information was not available to even the most knowledgeable source in Tehran who said that nobody in Iran or Yemen has names and location data because ‘only regional handlers would need-to-know this for operational purposes and kept this data close to the vest without committing anything to a record‘.

The October 2023 Middle East Crisis is spun out of control by Joseph Biden

The Board of Directors of The RINJ Foundation say they have only one focus at this time and that is the mass murder of tens of thousands of women and children in Gaza, “the worst human catastrophe of our lives”.

“Killing off the women and children of any race is genocide and an intolerable diminishment in the value of human life within the arrogant leadership of America, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France and the rest of the European Union, all men who have ignored the will of the people and succumbed to their military industrial shot callers,” said Dr. Nassima al Amouri, RINJ Women medical director from Syria via video call.

“Only an Army General could utter, ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’, at a time like this,” she added.

How and when did America lose its democratic statehood status?

“Governance in America and Israel is more dependent on money spent on fooling the people than the will of the people,” suggested Dale Carter. “Men in power cling to power, not with their own skills but with the trappings and money of the state,” she added.

Following the Afghanistan fiasco in August 2022 when the Taliban chased the defeated Americans out of the country they controlled, the U.S. Pentagon, unhappy with the disaster Biden created, began taking over the making of foreign policy. It is clear that Biden doesn’t understand what is happening in the world but that may not be due to any medical condition although symptoms might suggest the U.S. President may have suffered one or more strokes since December 2019 and observations and common sense suggest his health has downgraded since 2019, over the past arduous four years. See: Joseph-Biden-Medical-History-as-released-by-the-President in December 2019.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Brittany A. Chase, DOD

The Pentagon. Photo by Air Force Staff Sgt. Brittany A. Chase, DOD . Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Biden has a clip in his brain, pinching an artery at the site of a 1988 brain aneurism. The follow-up care includes monitoring with CT scans. This is normal procedure according to several geriatric specialists. Biden’s function in the context of two 1988 cranial surgeries are normal for his age, including his word salads.

“What’s missing from critics’ narrative, is that unless Biden was alone in a room with his pets, he was never the brightest creature in the room,” a George Washington University doctor told the author in 2019. In other words, Biden’s slowness is characteristic and not symptomatic. He works in a mentally challenging environment and that is how to keep a healthy brain active and healthy under normal circumstances.

Nevertheless, Biden’s cognitive skills have declined rapidly over the past four years—for whatever reason, it matters not. Biden is unfit for office and in a de facto sense is not the POTUS.

So who is governing the United States?

The Pentagon.