Biden, Austin, Blinken waste time to buy time for Netanyahu. Editorial

Complicit in a massive Genocide in Gaza, and accused of such is Joe Biden, Antony Blinken, Lloyd Austin and Jake Sullivan and all of the Biden Administration.

Biden has deliberately wasted time with cheap drift-and-delay window dressing, UNSC vetoes, diplomatic diversions, state trips, state meetings, and every possible ploy to divert attention from the disgusting Gaza Genocide and keep the war going in Gaza.

Biden tries to keep Netanyahu in office and appease Washington Jewish lobbyists who fund a significant part of Biden’s re-election campaign.

While America sells Netanyahu weapons and the Israeli people pay to slaughter over 100,000 civilians in Gaza, heading for over a million dead by the end of March if the worst fears about famine and disease by biostatisticians are realized.

Israel has lost the war.

Israel has achieved none of its stated war goals in Gaza except its ethnic cleansing targets.

Today Israel claims it has killed a bloated number of 8,000 IQB fighters and Hamas administrators, Hospitals in Gaza, most of which are bombed to rubble by Israel and America hence the numbers are not well updated, have reported some 65,000 civilian deaths including those reported missing under the rubble. Another 57,000 are seriously injured.

The American/Israeli goal is to annihilate the Palestinian people and exploit Gaza’s riches, thus accepting the proportion of killing 17,000, children and their mothers versus 8,000 combatants. Let’s be homest, that is seriously sick math and accepted only by the worst psychopaths in society, many of whom have become politicians.

Michael Pence inscribes a message on American artillery round used to kill Gaza Civilians

Former Vice President Michael Pence while visiting Israel last week, incites further Gaza genocide writes an inscription on an American 155MM artillery munition out of hundreds of thousands of such munitions already in Israel, and among many new weapons shipped to Israel for use in killing tens of thousands of women and children in Gaza. Photo submitted from Israel by Melissa Hemingway.  Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“People doing crimes like this, should be hung, or imprisoned for life,” suggests Dr. Nassima al Amouri who is a medical director of The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights NGO.

The minute that the Gaza Genocide ends, and the war is over, Netanyahu will likely be imprisoned over three serious crimes against the state of Israel but for sure he will be removed from office say insiders.

Already several members of Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing government coalition are talking about collapsing the government or just ousting Netanyahu and replacing hime with one of the men in the wirngs. America’s Joe Biden is fighting to keep Netanyahu in place for a range of allegations mutual corrupt conduct.

In reality, the Biden Administration has deliberately screwed the Israeli people who protested Netanyahu’s illegal moves to stay in power by trying to hijack the Israeli Supreme Court. Hundreds of thousands before 7 October took to the streets demanding Netanyahu’s ouster because of his attempts to crosscheck the Supreme Court into a corner and keep it there. The Israel Supreme Court has quashed the move.

Already this week, dozens of Israeli protesters have blocked the Knesset main entrance, chanting, ‘elections now’.

“It cannot be that after 15 years of rule that brought us to this disaster, the government continues to be in power,” protester Noga Meshulam told Haaretz on Monday.

“This is a government that does not function and is controlled by extremists.” Another protester, Shai Harel, said. “I don’t understand the policemen who have had almost 60 of their brothers die. How are they able to protect the corrupt? We gave decades to the state and are ready to give it everything but not to these corrupt people.”

Today UNICEF says that 1.1 million Gaza children are facing malnutrition if not starvation, and horrible morbid diseases.

Medical workers in Gaza have tallied over 122,000 casualties including some 39,770   reported as missing and presumed dead under the millions of tons of rubble from over 1,000 buildings turned to rubble by tens if thousands of American bombs.

“Over 23,000 bodies have been counted while every day now, medical workers are noticing decaying unreported cadavers streetside everywhere in Gaza. The concomitant spread of hunger and disease deaths is unmeasured but hundreds a day are dying now from hunger and disease according to a straw poll of medical workers,” explains Behar Abbasi, who leads a small medical mission providing women’s services across Gaza.