Al-Aqsa Hospital, a crucial Gaza medical facility is 100% down

“Dear, the power is out, and the doctors are gone from the crucial Al-Aqsa Hospital. Scenes of absolute horror surround the hospital, corpses everywhere, wounded moaning, children crying,” says nurse Behar Abbasi who had just given away her last blanket and last drink box carton. She was on the satellite phone asking for an Arab country air drop of emergency supplies for Al-Aqsa Hospital.

“All antibiotics, analgesics, anti-diarrheal medications, sponges, gauze, sterile dressing change kits, blankets, isolation gowns, everything, food, OMG nine out of 10 Palestinians have nothing to eat up here,” Nurse Behar said in frustration. I must get on my bicycle and head south to meet some of our people for a scheduled clinic. We have ten pregnant mothers to see. Ai’sha says they are in bad shape. This is frightening. Each mother arrived a few minutes ago with their other children. We lose a mom and gain orphans. Clinic is supposed to start at midnight, and I need to ride for half an hour in the dark. I came here to try and help here before the scheduled time but there is no hope for that. Bye bye, dear.  Please get Al-Aqsa some help.”

Al-Aqsa Hospital CLoses

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, the only hospital located in the middle area of the Gaza Strip in Deir al-Balah is now shut down completely. Medical practitioners are asking Arab states to make an emergency air drop of supplies. When the sun comes back, solar power is possible says NGO medical organizer who is unwilling to give up on the facility because of the hundreds of wounded waiting for help. Map image is courtesy Wikimedia Maps.  Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Shuhada al-Aqsa Hospital is the only hospital in the middle of the Gaza Strip in Deir al-Balah. Back in 2018 when Behar and Ai’sha forst started working there, Al-Aqsa was one of fifteen public hospitals in the Gaza Strip managed by UNRWA, with Ministry of Health, and various NGOs. The hospital once served an estimated 18,000 patients each month and now that number is around 500,000 according to NGO estimates.

This week, Al-Aqsa died leaving a nightmare scene in the streets of the region of Deir al-Balah say workers there. “This is genocide,” said Behar Abbasi.

Doctor’s Without Borders (MSF) has been forced to evacuate its staff from Gaza’s al-Aqsa hospital. An MSF doctor spoke to Al Jazeera about the conditions her colleagues and patients faced as Israeli intensified strikes in the area. The World Health Organization also encountered chaos during an attempt to deliver aid and joined MSF in a call for an immediate ceasefire.

“We’re gradually being cornered in a very restrictive perimeter in southern Gaza, in Rafah, with dwindling options to offer critical medical assistance while the needs are desperately growing,” said Thomas Lauvin, MSF project coordinator in Gaza. “As the assault on Gaza has progressed, we have had to evacuate several health facilities in the north of Gaza, then in the Middle Area. Today we are limited to mainly working in the south because we cannot work elsewhere. In short: we’re running out of hospitals. We are forced to leave patients behind.”

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