USA-Israel do not delay Gaza Final Solution, it takes time for 2M to starve to death

In early December, UNRWA told The RINJ Foundation’s unit in Gaza that UNRWA was unable to fulfill its mission in Gaza. That remains to be true, more than ever. It had that capability removed by Israel and the USA.

Starvation is now the number one killer in Northern Gaza

Starvation is now the number one killer in Northern Gaza. Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

America explains that it is delaying a ceasefire in Gaza pending its ominous “Final Solution”. [Watch video of USA at UNSC below.] It takes a while for millions of people to die from starvation.

By Sharon Santiago at the Philippines Nursing Training Center and Micheal John in the Middle East.

1.32 million Palestinians, Israelis, will die in Gaza by end of March unless genocide stopped

America and Israel are using starvation as a weapon of war to ethnically cleanse Gaza. In the West Bank they are using Jewish Settlement of Palestinian homes and murder.

In early December, biostatisticians told that 1.32 million Palestinians and Israelis would perish in Gaza by the end of March unless something changes and the genocide is stopped. It has not stopped.


“The projection for Gaza is 1.32 million persons dead or with serious functional impairment and pending early death, among those victimized by genocidal atrocities from 7 October 2023, to the end of March 2024, including Israeli and American military and support personnel located in the Gaza Strip,” explained biostatistician Dr. Fredrick Harris of the Civil Society Parters against Disease (CSPAD) in Singapore.

“This devastating impact prediction is based on the [greater than] 50,000 war casualties per month rate now; the spread of over six morbid infectious diseases; the lack of nutritious food; lack of safe, clean water; the disastrous state of Gaza sanitation facilities; the current decline of human health; the onset of cold weather; lack of shelter; and the disastrous state of the Gaza healthcare system,”

“Tests conducted in Singapore based on specimen collections flown out of Gaza via Israel show the spread of Hepatitis A, Dysentery, Cholera, and a plethora of other infectious disease.

“On site we have Yemen’s Dr. Behar Abbasi who is working as a Nurse Practitioner in Gaza because she is only licensed as an NP in that country.

“Dr. Abbasi is one of the premier on-the-ground experts in Yemen for the spread of infectious disease and the compound effect of malnutrition, water-borne parasites with infectious disease against undernourished children,” said Dr. Harris.

Behar Abbasi has explicitly denounced the conduct of the United States and Israel explaining that her team in Gaza has gathered evidence of the presence of American forces personnel participating in the decimation of the Gaza strip.

“America is guilty of genocide as well as being complicit in the genocidal conduct of Israel and inciting others to commit genocide. That is why we have filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court,” says Behar Abbasi in Gaza.

After several delays in reaching the busy scientist, was able to contact Dr. Harris to ask if his estimates still stood the test of time. He said that already there is a risk of famine.

“We agreed with a UN Christmas holiday period report suggesting that the entire population in Gaza is in a food crisis with 576,600 people reaching starvation levels by mid December. We submitted our concurrence based on reports from multi-tiered specialist OB-GYN practitioners [RINJ Women] traveling all over Gaza by night and day. They are seeing everything. Several have been killed but for every worker killed two more take their places from the training pool. You’ll need to talk to Behar Abbasi to get more details. She is hard to reach. But this is important. We do not have clear data on the deceased but estimate something near a quarter million are deceased across Gaza already from war trauma, exposure, famine and disease. We accuse the Hamas authority of incompetence and of fudging the real numbers because they show the spectacular failure of Hamas administrators to protect the population of Gaza while those ‘persons’ hide in tunnels underground or in other countries,” explained Dr. Harris.

“Today some 250,000 Gazans we believe have perished from untreated war wounds, bomb blast trauma, artillery weapons fire, infantry fire, dehydration, starvation, exposure and disease.”

“These are only estimates but they are based on computing the uncounted corpses laying in streets, abandoned buildings, alleyways, and broken homes and tents reported by medical workers, in each square kilometer these brave women on bicycles travel. They move day and at night traveling to locations indicated on their accumulated notes listing when each quadrant has a pregnant mother soon due to deliver her baby. Their trips are often ending in disappointment as they find whole communities have died. But this is more data for our calculations hence we value this amazing work and tell them so,” saod Dr. Harris.

“As these women travel, they meet others who either help them along their way or join them in their mission. I understand that Jordanians have been air dropping supplies. These important women have been embedded in the Middle East culture for decades. If you are a Muslim they are the only ones who can deliver your baby. Male medical professionals are not allowed to treat women ‘down there’ according to the Q’ran,” said Dr. Harris.

“I am humbled here, comfortable in Singapore, and I pray for their safety every night,” said Dr. Harris.