Unprovoked. Biden, Netanyahu guilty of lies causing a war each. Also planetary suicide?

A wayward boy seeks trouble for big sister to make him powerful. He provokes sister endlessly. Finally, she slaps him. The boy denies provocation and Mom punishes sister.

The sister was at the end of her patience after a long campaign of provocation and at dinner table when the lad stealthily reached his leg across under the table and stuck his foot in her crotch, she let fly. Wack.

That happened in Ukraine. The boy troublemaker was Biden.

That happened in Gaza. The wayward boy was Netanyahu.

Endless provocation in Ukraine and Palestine have given us horrific wars, even perhaps global thermonuclear war and yet both Biden and Netanyahu claim their wars against their enemies are “unprovoked”.

Both Biden and Netanyahu went ballistic with a fake-freaked-out-bluster against UN Secretary General Guterres when Mr. Guterres correctly said about Gaza, “the 7 October attacks did not happen in a vacuum.”

Why? Because they needed to drown out the UN Secretary General’s voice in the media. It’s all a game. But this game could kill billions and maybe you. War escalation mixed with nuclear threats are real and come from multiple directions. The world security situation is on the brink of madness and Mr. Guterres speaks today like he is terrified of the situation.

America has been able to control Guterres where Russia is concerned but not with Palestinian matters. Guterres is the only one making some sense. Humans need to rely on their humanitarians and not the childish warlords.

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past, are together wise sayings and a tough reality. Power is everything.

Hence men in Washington, like Joe Biden and his band of not-so-bright incompetents hired support staff on criteria that they cannot be bright enough to make Biden look dull (antithesis to Peter’s principal) yet dirty enough and willing to be bought to tell the lies and do the (‘whatever it takes’) dirty work to keep Biden in power.

People know that, right? That’s somewhat like saying grass is green and snow is white. But stay with it.

In Jerusalem and in Washington, men who have tasted power fight like mobsters to obtain more power and keep power. Those people are not popular but using the peoples’ money to buy guns, tanks, bombers and bombs they still have the power. The human race needs to listen more to its humanitarians like UN Secretary General Guterres, and not the childish warlords.

They are using massive bloody wars to make that happen and push hard for more time at war and more bloodshed with wild-eyed zealousness.

When that seems to weaken, they use the guilt-gotcha game in Hebrews 6:5: “Those who fall into doubt and disobedience cannot be ‘restored’.” And the media writes the story the way the offender wants it written.

Obama put VP Biden in Charge of Ukraine, back in the day. What harm could he do? Obama let Biden ‘do his thing’.

Biden and his family seized that opportunity to line the pockets of Biden and his family members. They covered the mess in smoke-screen obfuscations.

By 2014 The new government the United States installed in Ukraine was willing to ban speaking Russian, but a large percentage of the country, especially in the east, was ethnic Russian from a latter day when those regions were part of Russia.

Ukraine War Video suggests the price of nuclear escalation is planetary suicide. Ukrainian bodies are being buried, not Americans, but it is America’s war, and it must be stopped now before it becomes an all-out global Russia-versus-NATO war, led by senile elderly hotheads, Biden and Stoltenberg, both of whom have careers nearing their end.

USA bloodshed will not bring peace. Biden Ukraine war. End it.

The human race is facing ultra-grave danger of planetary suicide.

Killing people is likely America’s biggest single industry, a business sector for the rich Americans that is profitable when the bodies of any nation are buried

But for longevity, in other words, ‘repeat-business’, the business is best when the people of another nation are being buried, not Americans. That is what’s happening in Ukraine.

America has mass-murdered more humans than any entity in the history of the human race post WWII. Many millions of humans are dead because of American wars, like Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan…


Ukraine tanks assault civilians in DOnetsk and Luhansk regions

Photo Credit: 24 January 2022. Source (Alona Adamovich) Supplied. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

October 2021 to February 2022, the buildup of  Ukrainian tanks and infantry in clusters all along the ‘contact line’ of Donetsk prepared for invasion of the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics.  A month later, Russia sent them packing with its “Special Military Operation” bringing thousands of Russian troops into Donetsk, Luhansk and surrounding environs.

Russia’s military operation into Ukraine preempted a 70,000-strong allied troops invasion of the self-driven breakaways, the Donetsk and Luhansk republics. Why were the 70,000 troops there? American political polls. The intimidation of Russia was not working. Biden was said to be ‘ballistic’.

Why the invasion force on the contact line?

Analysts are now saying that internal politics in America compelled Biden to try to force Russia to rescue the allied nations of Donetsk and Luhansk, which had been under NATO attack for eight years.

As vice-president and ever since, for a decade, Biden manipulated Ukraine to sling stones at Russia and quickly moved that up. America, Canada, Britain and France had a massive troop buildup in the east part of Ukraine from Kyiv across to the Russian border.

In 2014 the slaughters started after the new Ukraine constitution following Biden’s induced Maidan revolution, revealed that Russian language, Russian speakers and ethnic Russians were not welcome. Six Oblasts discussed leaving Ukraine. Two left and formed the People’s Republic of Luhansk and the People’s Republic of Donetsk. The whole region was crawling with Americans and Nazi military units of Ukraine plus megatons of American weapons.

USA vs Russia in UkraineLook at the helmet flags. The American war with Russia in Ukraine is killing thousands of Ukrainians each time the Russia-Backed Donetsk militia fights back. Photo Credit: 1st Lt. Kayla Christopher, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team

Just as the United States has been seen sending in thousands of U.S. troops on the ground and over Gaza in the air, mass murdering women and children in Gaza and the West Bank, America has its forces also in Ukraine.

France’s Emmanuel Macron, not to be outdone by France’s historical nemesis, the USA, Macron has reserved the right to send troops into Ukraine just as the Americans have done.

The child-like behavior of these two old men, both incompetent leaders with incompetent and dangerous cabinets, is leading the human race to a suicide.

Action is needed to stop these two men. What action? Needed is any action that gets the desired result by ending the killing and finding a justice for the families of the deceased.