North American inappetence for peace will kill the continent. Editorial

A continent where the living envy the dead doesn’t need leaders, and might need a century to mend, hence promoting war to keep USA/Canada leaders in power, is foolhardy.

The same applies to Israel though Israel is already a failed experiment in humanity and will not continue in its current manic state. A one-state solution to the region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is the most likely outcome of the incipient 2024 Middle East War.

Trudeau has a tendency to follow Biden, stumbling off a steep cliff

Since Joseph Biden took office, Justin Trudeau has been following a path of belligerence sending the Canadian military to help America do its dirtiest work of provocation, meddling and proxy warring.

This is not a good role for Canada because the country is vulnerable to attack having absolutely no emergency measures response plans to protect citizens if Canada is attacked by enemies that America with Canada’s help is provoking zealously.

Foreign policy of America under Biden has been a litany of incompetence and proxy wars.

America has done everything imaginable to provoke major war in the Middle East by providing the weapons that have killed or injured 100 thousand Palestinians with munitions and harmed another 150 thousand with starvation and disease war measures supported by America and Canada. The Arab world is having fits and at least one country, Yemen, has declared war on Canada and the USA.

(Biostatisticians of the civil society partners against disease estimate there are now over 250,000 casualties of the Israeli-American-led genocide in Gaza including those civilians seriously afflicted or killed by famine and/or disease in the Israeli/American siege of Gaza.)

Both Canada and the U.S. have construed the World Court’s decision narrowly, suggesting it merely reiterates Israel’s right of self defence and a vague obligation to comply with international humanitarian law, something Israel has not done in its oppression and extreme abuse of Palestinians since 1948. But reading between the lines, the World Court’s reasons for its demand that Israel clean up its act within 30 days suggest it is already leaning toward a conclusion of “This is truly Genocide” because that is what is happening.

Biden has Trudeau putt-putting along like a Catholic priest grooming an altar boy. That’s how it looks. But we don’t know what threats Trudeau is under from the White House. In any case, Justin is supposed to be Canada’s leader, not Biden’s genocidal organ-grinder rabid-monkey.

The Canadian Prime Minister’s Office vigorously encouraging and even feeding the Israel/American Gaza Genocide frenzy is likely causing Lester B. Pearson to roll over and shudder in his grave.

Liberal Prime Minister Pearson, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and Member of The Order of the British Empire (OBE) was a world-renowned champion of human rights.

Canadians have PM Pearson to thank for universal health care, the Canada Student Loan Program, and the Canada Pension Plan.

Justin Trudeau’s legacy will likely be “son of” the father of the Canadian Constitution unless he pulls a rabbit out of his hat in the near future to help dodge the moniker of #GenocideJustin .

Canada has reduced the value of humans to near meaningless. Destitute Senior Citizens, the mentally disabled, and the sick or broke can easily kill themselves with the help of the Trudeau government. MAID is free. Medically assisted deaths now account for 5% of all deaths in Canada and growing.

Human Rights Watch in its 2023 review said about Canada that “despite progress in a few key areas, a range of deeply entrenched challenges remain. These include wide-ranging abuses against Indigenous peoples and immigration detainees, including people with disabilities. Canada’s failures to mitigate the impacts of climate change and provide adequate government support are also leading to violations in Indigenous communities across the country while compounding risks for people with disabilities, children, and older people.

“The Trudeau government has failed to address serious human rights concerns beyond Canada’s borders, including impunity for abuses by Canadian extractive and apparel companies overseas. Canada also continues to fail to provide consular assistance or repatriate a group of Canadian men, women, and children unlawfully detained in life-threatening conditions in northeast Syria,” continued HRW.

Last November, a total of 124 states made recommendations to Canada, largely on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, violence against Indigenous women, systemic racism, and the rights of Indigenous children, among other concerns.

Historically, Canada championed human rights but since 2015, Canada has earned a declining human rights record in the world with the revelation of thousands of deceased children found in hidden burial sites at many of the reprehensible indigenous Canadian ‘Indian Residential Schools’. The bodies have been found at over 139 schools located in every province and territory except Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Meanwhile the impunity in Canada for offenders doing crimes of rape and murder of indigenous Canadian women and children has human rights defenders livid.

Canada is currently setting in place a methodology for mentally ill patients to commit assisted suicide within a system already in place which helps patients who are broke or sick, kill themselves with the government’s help as a way out of their predicament.

Canada is not without Enemies. By joining American belligerence against other countries like Gaza, Yemen, China, North Korea, likely all of BRICS and more, Canada is either a primary or secondary target.

America and Canada are at war with North Korea. The naval blockade of the DPRK by these two countries is an act of war in a paradigm where there never was a peace treaty in the 1950s Korean War, only a cessation of hostilities. This naval blockade is for no good purpose, it starves women and children and leaves millions malnourished and kids stunted in their growth. This naval blockade is indeed an act of war that Pyongyang intends to punish.

America and Canada are provoking China by sailing warships between the China mainland and China’s island province in an ongoing deliberate annoyance to Beijing.

North Korea intends to punish the West in Canada and the USA and it will use nuclear weapons without hesitation.

The big problem is the anger among the old-timers in the DPRK. Across the country the anger at the government or anger that should be directed at Pyongyang is transferred with the use of massive and pervasive propaganda efforts.

The world is only guessing at what is really happening in the power shift that is taking place in the halls of Pyongyang.

Kim Jong Un and his sister Kim Yo Jong are making headlines with their massive army and nuclear armed foreign policy but the headlines point nowhere.

Hence it is time to worry about how many wars North America can support.

Russia prepares for nuclear war
Russia, China, and DPRK prepare for nuclear war. Iskander Photo Credit: Russian Defence Ministry