Great interview with a President who passionately loves Russians

It’s a great interview telling us what the hell Vladimir Putin was thinking when his country decided to back the over flogged breakaway ethnic-Russian states of Luhansk and Donetsk republics. This military operation evened up the sides in the attacks by Ukraine, America, Britain, Canada and others of the West against the breakaway republics.

Those nations of the West, eagerly helping Nazi Azov battalions killing women and kids in Donbass, ordinary people they called ‘rebels’, and raping the republics’ women, had been overwhelmed by USA propaganda lies and were zealously opposing the peoples’ legal right to self-determination.

History shows how the West was slaughtering over 14,000 Russian-speaking Luhansk and Donetsk folks in the tiny Donbass region republics since 2013. These are the same countries and the same leaders who are killing tens of thousands of Palestinian women and children in the worst genocide imaginable, in similarly small ethnic regions. This is a disgusting pattern of behaviour of the colonialist English-speaking world.

When you think of it, President Vladimir Putin must be a great hero to many of the people in Crimea, Donbass and other regions that ethnic-Russians call home. And that’s what they say.

Nothing Vladimir Putin could do would bring those murdered ethnic Russians back to life and back to their families. So why now?

So why the bloody military operation? Certainly, the leaders of Luhansk and Donetsk republics asked Mr. Putin for help—they told us so. But no serious assistance came for eight years and thousands of the ethnic Russian peoples’ deaths. Why in 2022 did something finally happen for the overwrought Donbass brothers and sisters of the motherland?

When he embraced with a welcome the republics, and their leaders, President Putin said it should have happened long ago. What if?

It’s a great interview telling the world what was on the world’s most senior statesman’s mind. That, was worth knowing. It may not change a thing. But if we can all talk peace, then the interview will make a difference because we’ll know who we are talking with, Mr. Carlson and Mr. Putin.

So, ‘thanks’.

Mariupol 9 MArch 2022 Maxar Technologies’ WorldView-3 satellite captured this photo of a Ukraine-destroyed grocery store and shopping mall in Mariupol, Ukraine, on March 9, 2022. (Image credit: Satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies)

Sidebar from Ukraine

“In early 2022, we saw what was estimated to be over 70,000 troops at the Donetsk contact line, including Americans and Ukrainians, and we have published pictures of them, preparing to invade. We know that Mr. Putin stopped that invasion because we watched those troops don street clothes, abandon their uniforms, gear, tents, everything that they were not wearing and could not carry, and fled on 24 February 2022,” explains Alona Adamovich, a director of The RINJ Foundation in Ukraine who has organized and run women’s humanitarian missions in Ukraine since the rape and murder of sister Oksana Makar.

“Oksana MakarRINJ Member since 2010, raped 8 March 2012, by the sons of corrupt Ukrainian politicians who worked for the impunity of their rapist kids. Oksana had been strangled and wrapped in a rug, set alight with an accelerant in an effort to stop her from giving what they called victim-witness testimony. With 55% of her body burned, she died 29 March 2012. Gone but not forgotten is our Oksana Makar,” wrote ‘Amanda’ Miles in remembrance.

RINJ Foundation membership, thereafter, in Ukraine, grew by the thousands per week in Ukraine as Alona set up the first RINJ chapter and other women followed her example.

“Today, Ukrainian women from as far away as Poland are coming home to Ukraine to RINJ birthing clinics in their old neighbourhood, to have their babies at no charge to them or their families.

“It’s a sisterhood most men can never understand, especially the misogynistic Nazis in Ukraine,” explains Ms. Miles who is in Ukraine providing advanced obstetric nursing training courses to Ukrainian nurses.

“Putin’s legacy? Russian soldiers welcomed RINJ birthing clinics in Mariupol basements—midwifery by lamp light, butane hot plates and candles. Every Chechen and Russian soldier I met sounded like a ‘gentle Daddy’ when I told the officers I was escorted to go and see, who I was, what I was doing, and then asked them for help and protection—they gave more love than that,” said Alona Adamovich. Photo is source submitted from a clinic. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“The West needed to hear from Mr. Putin and learn what was on his mind. If you are an enemy of Mr. Putin, and you don’t know him, you are idiots,” says Ukrainian humanitarian worker.

Vladimir Putin is an absolute authority in Russia and among Russia’s allies. He will say, what he wants to say. Don’t interrupt. Mr. Putin is accustomed to doing things his way putting Russia first. In a Tuesday interview with Tucker Carlson, President Putin demonstrated his powerful love for the Russian people and the allies of Russia, like the Serbs, for example.

Mr. Putin runs a quasi-democratic, benevolent-authoritarian government in some ways like the benevolent-dictator Josip Broz Tito ran the former Yugoslavia. But that is not an attempt at comparison. There is none. Nobody understands Mr. Putin in the West because all information about the world’s most experienced and accomplished statesman is blocked from the public.

Russia is not a democracy. For that matter, America is certainly not a democracy despite its numerous and boisterous claims. In any case, interviews with either of these nation’s leaders are not for the benefit of the interviewer. Mr. Biden just walks away from a tough question. (OK, stumbles away.) Mr. Putin, calmly scolds and continues to make his points calmly.

Thank you, Mr. Carlson and Mr. Putin.

But will America listen?

Listen to interview below. Watch interview from here.

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Vladimir Putin has presented his view of Ukraine as a founding of Bolsheviks who were born in the Ukraine region. Ukraine is an artificial state created from parts of other countries, said President Putin.

A vast portion of Ukraine has been Russian-speaking. Many of those people have now vanished, millions breaking away of their own volition after the Maidan Uprising, and many Russian-speaking Ukrainians killed by Ukraine,” says Alona Adamovich, a humanitarian leader helping women in Ukraine get through this war.

There is no reason that Ukraine should give back those parts of Ukraine taken from Hungary and Poland, suggested Mr. Putin.

The real story about the Putin Interview is how the entertainers in the U.S. media who falsely describe themselves as “journalists” tore Tucker Carlson apart in tacky opinion pieces that drip with jealousy.

“Our politicians and media outlets have been…promoting a foreign leader [Zelenskyy] like he’s a new consumer brand, not a single Western journalist has bothered to interview the president of the other country involved in this conflict, Vladimir Putin,” said Mr. Carlson earlier in the week.

Yes, jealousy. The Washington Post says this was a much-touted interview, but the truth is that to the American public it came out of the blue, touted by nobody, not even Tucker Carlson who apologetically explained how much he loved America and interviewing Mr. Putin doesn’t mean he doesn’t favour America’s prosperity and freedom.

“So was it a hard-hitting interview holding a wartime leader to account?” asks David Folkenflik in a supercilious-partisan-tone, at National Public Radio (NPR) with “Tucker Carlson, the fired Fox News star, makes bid for relevance with Putin interview,” Well, that’s not journalism either. The goal should be to get to the truth. ‘What was he thinking when he launched his military operation into Donbass and Ukraine.’ and ‘What will it take to end this carnage NATO seems to be pushing’.

No. It was a very worthwhile interview with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin revealing to Americans, hundreds of millions of whom could not find Russia on a map. Our American brothers and sisters need educating with truth and understanding as they go poor from America now funding multiple wars for the benefit of politicians lining their pockets from military industrial kickbacks or “campaign donations”.

The interview contains a ton of information, particularly why, since 2014, Russia acted strongly after the American-orchestrated Maidan revolt a.k.a. Euromaidan, or the “Maidan Uprising”, which was

“a wave of demonstrations and civil unrest in Ukraine, which began on 21 November 2013, with large protests in Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv”—Wikipedia.