Germany: Killing women and kids is not Genocide. Too late. Nuremberg said it is.

In this video below, Israeli forces are arresting a sobbing five-year-old child who likely will not be seen again by his parents. An inexplicable crime against humanity, the arrest of thousands of children in the West Bank is an ongoing feature of the Israeli apartheid over Palestinian Arabs and it is enraging humanitarians.

An editorial from Gaza by Behar Abbasi.

Israel and America need to submit to the world’s demand that they stop killing. Germany’s neanderthal leaders have absolutely no cred saying, “Naw, killing the women and kids is not Genocide.

Today, Americans are roving all over the planet killing people they don’t like, quite randomly—at home and abroad, randomly killing people.

Women here in Gaza cry for Aaron Bushnell and his family. One member of the U.S. Air Force a group we humanitarians in Gaza see bombing the life out of Gazans every day, set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy.

He could not live with himself with what his mates were doing. He said as he set himself on fire using accelerant from a drinking bottle, “I don’t want to be complicit in a genocide.” He said that because just like us, he knows that is what America is doing: genocide. That is also true of a woman in December, who in protest set herself on fire outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta.

The world is upset at America and Israel and they need to heed the message. Stop killing. These human misfits need to stop killing before the entire world turns on them and their supporters.

The global rule of law doesn’t apply to the arrogant Israelis and the even more repugnant, more arrogant Yankees. Something must be done.

It’s the Anglosphere. It thinks it is above everyone else. Anyone who is not White Anglo-Saxon is a substandard human among the Anglosphere’s privileged, that being America, Canada, New Zealand, Britain and Australia.

How did Britain move so far from Ireland and the Ten Commandments, particularly, “Thou shall not kill”?

Ireland slms down in Israli Gaza Genocide

The Irish government allows a motion to pass in Parliament calling for sanctions on Israel, a ban on settlement trade, recognition of Palestinian statehood and dismantling the system of apartheid. Photo credit:

Face it. Genocide. That is what is happening now.

After all the draconian measures that too many governments got away with during the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, people like Netanyahu, Sunak and Biden think they can do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, and get away with it.

Corralling all their populations into barns (figuratively) and forcing people to get needles in their arms containing something that makes politicians, and their pharmaceutical company friends rich, gave these natural-born sociopaths, God-complexes—putting it mildly.

The world has both serious problems and opportunities requiring global cooperation. The most immediate concern is climate change mitigation from which springs enormous opportunities for human development, and another issue is finding more places for humans to live, yet another vast opportunity.

The savagery era might be coming to an end. Courts all over the world are seeing people like the Irish, South Africans and Namibians who are saying enough is enough. God, all of Africa is saying “enough is enough”. They are right. The human race has had enough of the malfeasance of a few bad leaders.

Starving, maiming, killing massive numbers of women and kids in Gaza is going to make women everywhere angry, maybe violent. Do you want that? We must defend ourselves. Every one of men’s wars is slaughtering us.

Why is this not infuriating you? Are you against women and children? Do you hate kids? See a psychiatrist—it’s not normal.

If you end people having children or just exterminate the kids as Israel is doing in Gaza—and to some extent in the West Bank—or just eliminate the women and children within a race of people, that race will end; perish; fail to perpetuate. That’s called genocide whether successful or not. STFU Germany. You hated Jews and now you hate Arabs—probably still hate Jews but over pretending you don’t. Foxtrot Oscar, putting it mildly. Come here and deliver babies in this Godforsaken genocide nightmare you are encouraging, you mass murderers. You can’t get enough, can’t stop killing non-Aryan Untermenschen, or subhumans, included Jews, Arabs, Roma, and Slavs, as well as Africans, Asians, and Native Americans. Can’t stop killing people you don’t like, can you? Wake up, Olaf. You are doing this all over again, stupid.

In either case, doing it or supporting it, that conduct in any measure is called genocide within international law (Citing: Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and RINJ-Women-Complaint-of-Crimes-in-Gaza-Statement-of-Complaint-Particulars-Genocide-in-Gaza).

Ceasefire. Feed the people.

Stop the Genocide now.

Start saving Gaza lives before a Million or more fall dead.

CeaseFire Open humanitarian corridor