Fake USA peace proposal for Israel gets shat-on by Netanyahu

The USA’s Blinken has again fronted a Hamas peace proposal. “We see space in what came back to pursue negotiations, to see if we can get to an agreement,” said Blinken disingenuously. But what came back was a vitriolic condemnation from Netanyahu who said the proposal wasdelusional“.

Optics from Jerusalem suggest that America and Israel are pretending to mime peace while slaughtering women and children in Gaza with American bombs. That is exactly what is happening according to hundreds of humanitarian workers FPM.news is in contact with inside Gaza.

Netanyahu says the attacks on Gaza will not stop until the membership of the Hamas movement are all killed. In the past, Netanyahu and his government have said that all of the Palestinians are members of Hamas and supporters of Hamas.

“America has been shat on, so it is time to leave,” says expert.

“The United States is one of the partners in the Gaza Genocide, providing weapons systems and targeting to the Israelis. One after another senior American expert has described the USA’s and Israeli military conduct in Gaza as a ‘text-book case of genocide’.

“America must get the hell out of Israel. Biden must pull out his troops; stop supplying munitions to the Gaza Genocide; stop supporting apartheid; and stop your genocide,” exclaimed Simon Baldock. Mr. Baldock is a former Israeli Defence Forces officer working for years since release as a Tel Aviv-based security analyst.

“We have enough problems with this rogue Nazi-cult running our country under prison-dodger Netanyahu without giving these Third Reichists more weapons.

“The IDF has morphed into an untrained unskilled American Hell’s Angels chapter with American war weapons and homes full of loot and jewelry stolen from Palestinian homes—I have seen this—and the population has given up on a Jewish statehood as Netanyahu sounds more like Hitler than a supporter of Holocaust survivors. Hitler used the same language and murderous tactics against the Jews as Netanyahu does now against the Palestinians. My grandmother is rolling over in her grave, I feel,” Mr. Baldock added.

“America continues to feign an interest in saving lives of children in Gaza while eagerly carrying out the slaughter of women and children in Gaza, donating its bomb-targeting, loading thousands of bombs and artillery shells into the crisis almost daily. The hypocrisy is mind boggling. Can America’s leadership really be this sick-minded?

“These leaders in Washington do not care about the American people whom they put at risk of attack with every set of America’s illegal attacks and murders in free nations around the Middle East. The resolve to attack America like was done in September 2001 has reached a boiling crescendo in the Arabic chatter. If that doesn’t happen, I will be surprised because I believe Biden thinks he needs such a thing in the late summer to early fall in order to beat Donald Trump in the November 2024 election. How else can one explain America’s reckless behaviour under Biden stirring up conflicts all over the entire Middle East?” adduced Mr. Baldock.

Blinken and Netanyahu 7 February

American diplomat arrived in Israel overnight Tuesday for his sixth visit since Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre. Photo Credit: Amos Ben-Gershom/Israeli Government Press Office

Drones attack RINJ Women humanitarian health care facility for displaced women in Dier Ezzor in Syria. Organizer suspects these actions support American claims of Iranian Malfeasance.

“We are right now gathering information,” explained Ms. Geraldine Frisque, a spokesperson for The RINJ Women. We sent an armed team of our security contractor to our five Deir Ezzor governorate locations south of the gas fields where these attacks first took place on Monday, to reconstitute our internet access and investigate to learn what remedial action is needed.

“The security team is on-scene for two days now and they suspect the attacks were authored by Iranian actors but have not confirmed that. The security team will still try to locate more debris and canvass sources in Damascus. We suspect Iranian actors who are allowed access to spaces controlled by Bashar al Assad’s forces. None of the humanitarian workers were injured or killed but several American forces members or their Kurdish PKK allies were injured. They were in a compound north of us. We may have been hit by misfire drones or missiles. Several Kurdish female and child family members were hustled away from their area to a safe location in case further attacks would occur. None of the women and children were seriously injured but all were terrified. They live in a relatively safe area.”

“It is peculiar that Syrian Forces control some small areas along the river. They are impossible to work with and the conduct of the men who frequent Syrian areas is gender-oriented violence,” Geraldine continued. “Most of the young women in the area are gone. They leave to Aleppo or out of the country to school if they can get family or aid groups to sponsor them, but these men target the children left behind. We hate them. Our security people deal with these pigs harshly. There is no other law. They attack people they think are Americans, but in the process hit a women’s facility, that may even deliver their wives’ or mothers’ babies. Across Syria and Iraq they will be made to remember not to do that again, one way or another. Find me a place in the Q’ran that says, ‘go attack your midwives’. It’s the opposite. Only the Israelis are doing that crime knowingly,” she added with an unusual snap in her normally calm voice. “The IRGC should just think about THAT and maybe they will issue a no-bomb order.”

“Continued military pressure is a necessary condition for the release of the hostages,” Netanyahu said hours ago at a press conference.

We only want “absolute victory.” That means, he said, “the day after is the day after Hamas. All of Hamas,” added Netanyahu.

The irony in that statement is that Netanyahu is describing an endless war which has continued since 1948.

Hamas is a global anti-Zionist movement that has no significant regional attachment because of it being a global anti-Zionist set of beliefs and followers.

The Zionists and their followers are a movement that favours the Israel State reining over Arabs in an apartheid configuration in a defined but dwindling area due to Israeli forced settlement.

“Hamas cannot be ended through killing the people of Gaza or any killings anywhere. Most of the world’s people of common sense adopt anti-Zionist views. Netanyahu and Blinken are very sick, screwed up men, killing tens of thousands of women and children and they must be brought to justice,” says Katie Alsop, executive director of teh RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights and safety NGO.