Sick Men Punish enemies by bombing their women, babies, kids

It is absolutely futile to try and explain to a sentient being from a planet in the Andromeda galaxy, who might be these false idols, Jesus and Mohammed.

Try this: explain the need for Biden’s, Netanyahu’s and Khamenei’s freakish, bloody, televangelism.

Biden, Netanyahu and Khamenei speak in terms of some God backing them in their atrocities for which the folks from somewhere else in the universe, like maybe Andromeda galaxy or elsewhere in our Milky Way galaxy, have no comprehension of what is meant by, “May God bless America and may God protect our troops,” which is a lot like other lunacy some people we have encountered scream madly—“God is Great” as they too massacre women and children.

Iran’s government is completely at odds with its population says Behar Abbasi who has for a couple years headed up a women’s resistance movement in Iran, protecting schoolgirls whom Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the leader of Iran, wants to force into 7th centaury thinking and apparel in a status-of-women that is truly gender apartheid. “We have tried to find common ground for the evolution of the gender relationships that is more consistent with global values and human development,” suggests Ms. Abbasi.

Punishing enemies by bombing their women and babies.

Image extracted from doctor’s video in Gaza via Behar Abbasi.
Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Punishing enemies by bombing their women and babies is a worsening trend that humanity is now refusing to ignore. ISIL, Al Qaeda, Taliban, America and Israel have been getting away with the mass murders of women and child villagers in the global community wherever those villages and communities belong to the people these evil men disklike for religious reasons.

“As humanity heads for Mars and other planetary bodies that might offer a place to live or grow food, are we going to meet representatives of civilizations eons past ever believing in bizarre deities that allegedly force species to kill off ethnic or spiritual groups within its membership?”, asks Dr. Kathy Poon speaking to the group in Zarqa, Jordan.

This is the thing that Iran, Israel and America have in common: slaughtering large numbers of women and children.

“Of the thousands of war-wounded we have met on and near the battlefields of men, none have seen any sign of a god either killing babies or saving babies,” wryly commented RINJ Women‘s medical director Dr. Nassima al Amouri, during an emotional gathering of health care workers evacuated from Gaza through March and April and meeting together in Jordan before moving to their homes.

“We have been sharing stories in a cathartic exchange of experiences,” noted Dr. Nassima. “Every woman is being given a ‘starting over’ shipment of goods to their home and a carry-home bag of goodies to remind them how much they are loved,” added Dr. Nassima.

“We do not rely on or maybe don’t even believe in any gods by now. What we believe in is ‘family’. Look around the room. Look at each table with sisters moving around visiting each other—that is my family; that is our family and that is our life.”

“‘May God bless America and may God protect our troops.’ Why? They are and have been for decades murdering enormous numbers of defenseless and innocent moms and babies. What kind of God are you inventing for yourselves, men?” asks Dr. Nassima, rhetorically.

“We have been participating this weekend in a beautiful tribute to six of our sisters, a beloved doctor and leader, four caring nurses and a devoted midwife whose lives had been taken by Israel and America’s war on women and kids in Gaza. May our beloved sisters rest in peace knowing of our deepest of love and fondest of memories,” said Dr. Nassima in an epitaph that brought the room to a deafening silence broken with cries, sobbing and tears.