Revolt of Palestine slaves and friends will follow an Eid in the shadow of Genocide. Calm is needed.

The rage over territorial attacks on Iran by America and Israel as a distraction from the crime of genocide cannot go unpunished. Nor can Genocide be given a pass.

Nobody truly fails to understand that. But rage and indignation can be harnessed for good and dignity can rise from patient enforcement of international law. If the law doesn’t exist or its enforcement doesn’t exist, create the solution.

Forget what side you are on. Sides are meaningless emotional stupidity.

Thou shall not kill is more powerful because a high value on human life is needed to preserve the species now perhaps facing inevitable extinction via anthropogenic destruction.

Arab revolt will be huge backed by all Arabs. Hamas is a global movement in opposition to Zionism, not a gang hanging out in Gaza tunnels. Zionists believe in Palestinian eradication. Hamas resists in self defence.

Israel and America should have heeded the world’s calls for a ceasefire. Biden, Austin, Blinken, Netanyahu, Gallant—the list goes on—are genocidal criminals with bloody hands and now are targets for arrest; targets who never thought their support for the genocide in Gaza through to this moment.

The American led genocide in Gaza has fetched the lives of 2.3 million humans and is a disgrace at a time when the so-called developing nations are landing on the moon and leading the world in humanitarianism and the developed nations lead the world in killing off humanity with weapons and pollution.

These disgusting Western leaderships by men, a thoroughly disgraced patriarchy with bloody hands, will try to use the trappings of state to protect themselves as Netanyahu used the trappings of state and the money of the Israeli people to avoid prison time for a form of robbery and breach of trust.

Netanyahu is accused in Israeli Court of converting his power and influence to benefit his lust for bling and power to wit he is accused of fraud, bribery and breach of trust and since charged in 2019, he has used his position to dodge the ten years in prison he is liable to face for three separate criminal cases. Obviously, this is a reflection of the character of a man who commits genocide and does not lose a wink of sleep.

Biden has been accused of even funding terrorism with the antics of illicit companies trafficking in laundered cash.

Israel’s model of apartheid is committed to Jewish supremacy from the river to the sea. America supports this with enough weapons and munitions to kill every Palestinian which is happening despite Biden’s and Netanyahu’s agreed rhetorical scripts. Hundreds of thousands of Gazans are perishing and most have lost their homes and will son lose their lives as they die of famine and disease.

Hamas has never been a terrorist organization. It doesn’t go around killing the children of people it does not like as does America, and Israel today.

Hamas is a resistance movement that resists apartheid and other crimes against an ethnic group. Unfortunately, groups like Hamas are vulnerable and often deviate from their role when hijacked by philosophical issues and malign actors but the core doctrine is opposing slavery, apartheid, genocide and they have always stuck to that despite the side issues. Hamas is an inept leader of the Palestinians—a leader by default not by choice.

Israel no longer is what it once was. Killing unarmed slaves has been too easy and has softened an army into a gang of cowards that like the population of Israel is brainwashed by endless media control by greedy zealots whose quest is only power and the method is hate. The IDF behave accordingly. Their behaviour killing anyone with a heartbeat including their own people on 7 October 2023 is telling of many intrinsic failings evolving from a culture of hatred.

Hamas has kicked the daylights out of the Israeli Defence Forces and the IDF has pursued its traditional pattern of slaughtering the innocents, the easiest targets, killing the families of journalists, humanitarians, medics and doctors who try to help the ordinary people.

Joseph Biden is the Genocide-Enabler from America, not a Jew and he is not an Israeli but as a dishonest, empathy-lacking politician and historic baby-killer, he knows how to manipulate audiences with lies and deception. He knows how to obfuscate with stories of a 52-year-old family crisis that he works like a charlatan on the elixir-selling campaign trail every time—every election. A deep study of Biden shows him to be the quintessential sociopath, unmitigated by old age.

“Everyone can get away with genocide because we do it,” is the message the Biden Administration is sending to the world. In Myanmar, the military junta rejoices and kills more. ISIS goes mad in Moscow killing or maiming hundreds of civilians in a concert hall, funded by America and Ukraine. That’s what the scumbags say and that’s what the money trail shows. America and Israel are the reason genocide lives in this modern era when the humans face annhilation by their own mess yet just make more bloody mess.

One shudders at a close look at the orchestrated, choreographed feigning of hostility between the USA and Israel while America sells, sells, sells weapons to Israel and pockets gobs of cash among the ‘family’.

It’s sick. The world cannot live with these racist crimes.

The fact that Iran is trying to build a coalition for an attack on Israel makes sense if the goal is the arrest and detention of the perpetrators of genocide. How can we help?

But if the goal is the killing of credulous fools who are lulled by propaganda to believe genocide of Palestinian people is OK, we cannot support that. How can we stop you?

So what, if you have the colour of right in your emotions. You do. Anger, outrage, grief has to be harnessed for good before more innocents are killed.

Dignity oozes from restraint.

Mother weeping for the loss of children; all family

Women are spending Eid not making cookies but weeping at the scene where all was lost. children, husband, parents, everyone they loved in Gaza.  Photo submitted by Dr. Nassima al Amouri. Photo is cropped. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine