What do the allegations about Trump say about his presidency? Is his replacement any better? No.

Joe Biden

Donald Trump‘s troubles are rooted in a political smear campaign, he claims, and numerous political sources confirm, it’s a campaign actually led by a behind-the-scenes campaign which is led by none other than Joseph Biden. Irrespective of this fact, New York Attorney General Letitia James sees Trump as a crook based on her research on behalf of the people of New York State.

Is Joe Biden fit for the job” The many lies, the word salad, the security slips? It is true according to medical workers in Ukraine that Americans are in Ukraine killing Russians while wearing combat fatigues. Thousands of them, are the estimates. Are they special forces from the 82nd Brigade etcetera, or was Biden confused? Either way, soldiers of NATO are in Ukraine, have been spotted and Biden keeps giving them up. File image: Official White House photo.

Attorney General Letitia James of New York state who is a long-established Trump-feuding prosecutor, has slammed the Trump family with a civil suit that could yield an outcome of three-quarters of a billion US dollars if successful says Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen. The 220-page pleadings in the case seek a ban against the Trump family members ever running a business again in the state of New York.

The evidence in the case has not been heard and needs a finder of fact to verif.

If that happens, the evidence suggests that Trump enterprises, at the highest level, allegedly lied fraudulently about the values of property to the alleged benefit of the Trump family and to the detriment of tax collectors and lending institutions.

Michael Cohen, who has intimate knowledge of Trump’s affairs says that Donald Trump has bilked people and institutions of roughly 1.2 billion dollars in the time that Mr. Cohen  served as Trump’s lawyer.

The front page of a massive syut against Donald Trmp et. al..

Cover of lawsuit against Trump

“I have two things to say about this matter,” said Dale Carter, a feminist and the security director of a large global feminist organization.  We asked her, because she has just returned from Ukraine and is catching up on the recent news at home. She also brings home many truths that defy the lies of American, British and European Politicians.

“The first thing is that I do not believe there would be a war between America and Russia right now, threatening the world with a nuclear holocaust, if Donald Trump remained in office and did not lose the 2020 election.

“Secondly, while the AG of New York has a long-standing feud with Trump, that’s her job. She works for the people of New York State and her role is to protect the interests and the rights of the people.

“According to Letitia James,” continued Ms. Carter via Signal, “Donald Trump, leading his family, [allegedly] stole money in the form of taxes from all the people of New York and [allegedly] stole money in the form of fraudulent business practices from businesspersons in the state of New York. I must ask myself, how much did Donald Trump steal from all the people in the USA,” Ms. Carter said.

“When I think of that question, I realize that in most matters of international concern, the current US President tells lies that threaten and indeed do significantly harm millions of people around the world. Having spent six months in Ukraine, seeing the truth first-hand, I can tell you unequivocally that Joe Biden is a lying sonaofabitch who has with sanctions and American jingoism and imperialism, set the world into a starvation mode, heading for a bigger catastrophe. During Biden’s time there are more wars and more animosity around the world than ever before.

“Finally,” Ms. Carter added, “Mr. Trump is a bold-faced liar like current President Joe Biden, both as Michael Cohen said, able to lie with impunity having no concerns or feelings about who is hurt by their lies,” she said.

“What I see is the fall of America, not just from grace or prominence but from existence. How can a nation so big with 850 military bases around the world, which daily has mass murders across its land, be trusted by anyone. It’s not trust. It is fear. America is the most feared country in the world because it is an out-of-control pariah.”