Accept women as equals. Value feminine perspective say feminists

Offering solid common sense, RINJ Women have released a statement to sisters around the world, asking women to stand up for their rights, which are equal to all genders.

“What I wear is my choice.”

To the cops who said, “if you don’t want to get raped don’t dress like a slut“, and to the similarly misogynistic Islamic republic dictators who demand women never be seen, we say, “you don’t decide my life”.

Ignored women often advance simple, straightforward solutions that work. Some days women like controversial Marjorie Taylor Greene try one’s patience, but not always. Listen first.

Listening to women like the late Queen Elizabeth II, or the RINJ Women who say, stop snarling and hear China, make us realize that gender equality works.

Today the RINJ Women have sent a message to the women of Iran and women everywhere. They simply said, ‘calm down and repeat this’,

The answer: ♀ Headwear is my choice. ♀

It is that simple.

Each person has the right to choose their path