Putin has checkmated America its enemy in Ukraine War

After the USA and NATO blew up the mega-billion-dollar Nord Stream pipelines as Joe Biden promised to do in February, this past week, a few million Russians who for eight years operated their own countries under attack by the USA and Ukraine, got together and joined the Russia Federation lock stock and barrel.

At a security council meeting called for by Russia, evidence of the US sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines could be discussed. There are four significant leaks and a risk the pipelines could be destroyed as they take in sea water.

Deutsche Welle, writes that American military people seen near where the explosions took place, shortly before the massive explosions according to other, did not commit the crime which is pouring massive quantities of methane into the atmosphere. Deutsche Welle is a German public, state-owned international broadcaster funded by the German federal tax budget.

Massive parties are taking place now in Red Square and across the Russian Federation as well as in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and surrounding environs.

“Folks in Luhansk on the Russian border nearly all have families in Russia and vice versa. The border is a beehive of activity,” says Leah, working with a humanitarian medical team.

“Hopefully this will end the eight years of attacks against us,” said Lana, an urgent care nurse at a Luhansk city medical facility.

USA President Joe Biden says he is refusing to recognize the Russian people of Donbass whom America has been killing for eight years, now joining the Russian Federation and consequently, Russia’s borders move substantially westward which is contrary to the American plan to move its NATO forces eastward. Hence the checkmate.

Millions of Russian speaking people voted to merge their breakaway countries into the Russian Federation.

“Biden says their voices don’t count. America has been at war with these people since 2014 if not earlier. They are ethnic Russians or Russian speakers who rejected the racism and Nazism of Liev,” chimed in Leah who spoke over two others trying to get their opinion heard. This group in Luhansk was eager to start a party but this author had pleaded for a few minutes of their time

ABC news announcers shrilly screamed “It’s a sham,” citing USA President Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has sent his representatives to the Kremlin to Pitch for Peace talks arbitration

Meanwhile, former President Trump has offered to go to Russia and Ukraine to negotiate a peace treaty between the parties. Mr. Trump has claimed that the Ukraine conflict would not have happened were he still president and if the 2020 election had not been ‘stolen’.

An exciting day for Luhansk and Donetsk

These leaders are attending the agreement ceremony for Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Luhansk, to become part of the Russian Federation. The noise was deafening, reports Melissa Hemingway.  From left to right:  Vladimir Saldo, Kherson. Evgeny Balitsky, Zaporozhye. Vladimir Putin Russia. And Donetsk’s elected leader Denis Pushilin and Luhansk elected leader, Leonid Pasechnik. Photo credit: Pool photograph via AP.

“One of the most hypocritical statements coming out of the USA is that the election in the Donetsk People’s Republic IS A SHAM. The only country less qualified to call elections a sham is Myanmar,” said Alona Adamovich, who did not attend the ceremonies but watched on a screen near a local hospital in Luhansk city.

This has been a long road for Denis Pushilin, the popular leader of Donetsk PR, the largest Donbass region, following his election in 2018. His predecessor had been “killed by Ukrainian Nazis of the Azov Brigade,” say locals.

“Dear fellow countrymen, Together, we have written a new significant page of history that our descendants will teach and retell,” DPR President Denis Pushilin said to a gathering of Donetsk PR families yesterday.

“The referendum on the accession of the Donetsk People’s Republic to the Russian Federation as a subject has come to an end. About seven thousand members of election commissions were able to organize and conduct in extreme conditions the process of free expression of the will of the people in the shortest possible time,” said the Donetsk leader.

“More than two and a half thousand law enforcement officers provided security around the clock on the streets of the cities of the Republic and at voting points. So that we could freely express our will at the polling stations, our military heroically held the front,” said Denis Pushilin.

Ceremony in the Kremlin

At St. George Hall in the Kremlin, a ceremony was held to sign agreements on the admission to Russia of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Lugansk People’s Republic, the Zaporozhye region and the Kherson region. Photo credit: Kremlin.ru.