Woman, life, freedom, antithesis to Theocratic Femicide

Femicide now has a theocratic bent

“Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi are losing an illegitimate grasp on power to women, moreso for each woman and girl they kill, now about ten a day or more. No heaven allows these thugs, and no hell would have them,” says Grace Edwards, a women’s shelter manager in Afghanistan speaking about the Mahsa Amini murder and hundreds more theocratic femicides. “Just because they are women and Islamic Republic men can get away with that.”

Photo Credit:  Thomas Schlijper – wikiportret.nl, CC BY-SA 4.0 Photo is cropped and altered with art. Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


Femicide, the epidemic that violently kills at least 260 women daily, is not just happening in Iran but also in Montenegro, Lithuania, Latvia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Britain and the USA according to numerous studies, but studies that are somewhat old, indicating a growing trend since 2020.

In Iran, a theocratic femicide epidemic killing ten-a-day girls and women who are the seed of what looks like an unstoppable revolution.

We so not want Islamic Republic of Iran say women

“We don’t want the Islamic Republic of Iran,” chant women as they burn a flag four weeks after Mahsa Amini’s murder.  This at the same time the Evin Prison for political prisoners is burning and apparently in a state of internal rioting.  Video capture, Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

Why is it acceptable all around the world to just randomly kill, kidnap or rape girls and women?

“The really sad part is that UN statistics show that 108 of that 250 women were murdered by a close family member. Imagine being violently killed by a loved one. The horror is incredibly unfathomable. It rips my heart out each time I see that,” said Dr. Nassima al Amouri, a medical director of The RINJ Foundation

“But the data excludes a greater number who are saved because someone got the victim to a hospital. I cannot put into words the anguish I feel when talking to a patient slowly recovering from such a crime. The patient seldom can tell herself and believe that a loved one has done this. She ends up going back to that family. What can I do? These are theocratic governments and societies giving no value for the life of a woman who has been violently shunned by a family member. A woman hurt by a man is a leper in Islamic society.”  (The Horror of ‘Honor Killings’, Even in US (amnestyusa.org))

“Iranian authorities have no right to murder anyone. Their femicide is a recipe for Revolution. Every girl they kill; every woman they murder; adds a hundred people or more to the list of those who hate these evil men,” said Behar Abbasi in a speech to a secret meeting of women human rights activists in Tehran, Iran on Friday.

In Iran a women’s rights NGO now estimates that 70 girls and women are murdered each week over a period of four weeks since the murder of Mahsa Amini between 13 and 16 September.

“They are being killed because they took off their face and head coverings,” Ms. Abbasi told the crowd.

Iran commits femicide over hijab while mass murdering Kurds


Al Arabiya is reporting that a “verified video of police forces in Iran assaulting a female protester has invoked outcry across social media. Verified and reported by the BBC on Friday, two videos showed a group of officers wearing protective gear violently manhandling protesters, with at least one groping the victim.”

Thugs are dragging women and girls into ordinary cars and the victim is never heard from again.

Armed Lionesses in Iran must stop rapists, killers, organ harvesters


One of the cases discussed at a policy meeting last week was this one below.

Her friends have asked she be avenged

Demonstrators realized that one amongst them has been shot with live ammunition. In case people don’t know, this is commonplace in Iran. Why? Because she is female. It’s called theological femicide and it is ordered by Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi.
Smartphone photo supplied by a broken-hearted Iranian schoolgirl.

Not even Iranian authorities know the extent of the femicide in Iran. How many murders have there been that we will never know about?

Sitting down for a meal with a family in an Iranian city, where both the husband and the oldest son are members of Iran’s security forces now policing a growing number of protests, Behar Abbasi learned that nobody knows how many women and girls have been killed. The estimate for government murders is 70 per week but it is open season on the women and slave traders, organ harvesters and other types of madmen are having a field day.  The problem according to the father at the table is that it is not just the authorities killing or kidnapping women. The head of the family table is a man whose rank is Major, and we will call him “Ahmed” for convenience, without sharing his city, unit and his name as per a promise.

Iran makes war on Kurds over Mahsa Amini

The leader of the Kurdistan Freedom party (PAK) is General Hussein Yazdanpanah. He is pleading with the United States for military armaments just as Ukraine is receiving massive donations, something in the order of 70+ billion USD.

“The weapons that are being given to Ukraine could also be given to us. Even a small amount. You can give the Kurds in Iran similar support. Why are you not supporting a stateless people who have fought Isis and supported your interests? Without us, they would have made it to Europe,” pleaded General Hussein Yazdanpanah.

Why has General Hussein Yazdanpanah asked for weapons? Because Kurdistan, across the north of Iran and Iraq, is under heavy attack by Iran’s armed forces. Shelling of peaceful demonstrations and opening .50Cal. machine gun fire is a common occurrence.