USA lied to get crazy $ to fight a weakling Russia – Petraeus

Britain, France, Germany asked by USA to prepare for attack on  Russia say sources and will eliminate weak Russia quickly, says controversial fired CIA guy David Petraeus in interviews, the latest with France’s L’Express.

USA President Obama decided to ask Petraeus to head to Kabul and run the war in Afghanistan following the sacking of General Stanley McChrystal who Obama fired for mocking the President and top advisers publicly.

Former US General David Petraeus was appointed in 2010 to the failed American occupation of Afghanistan, but was canned suddenly after pushing for a disastrous 30,000 troop bump for a dubious counterinsurgency operation. He then became the Democrat’s CIA director which post he served in until an FBI investigation and subsequent scandal forced his resignation on 9 November 2012.

“In 2001, the USA invaded Afghanistan in pursuit of the War on Terror with the support of NATO and over 40 countries. For almost two decades, the USA legitimised its military operations as ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ (2001–14) and ‘Operation Freedom’s Sentinel’ from 2015 to August 2021. During these military endeavours, over 100,000 civilians (UN News, 2020) and over 60,000 security forces were killed (Al Jazeera, 2019).”

Citing US intervention in Afghanistan: Justifying the Unjustifiable (South Asia Research Vol. 41(1): 70–86, 2021)

Despite what appeared to be a very juicy scandal covered up by much of the Democrat media, maybe not Time Magazine, Petraeus was given a gentle and kind send off by Obama in accepting the Petraeus resignation.

David Petraeus, a retired army general and former director of the CIA Petraeus Screen Capture from video below.

Petraeus who criticized Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan owed Biden one, but Petraeus, maybe a closet Liberal, has made a huge slip painting the Russian military as a bunch of incompetent boobs without good equipment in contradiction to the apparently massive lies the USA has told to justify spending more than a $trillion dollars per year on weapons.

David Petraeus has been making appearances on the rubber chicken circuit seemingly on behalf of the Biden administration to make it clear that America has prepared an attack plan in concert with European allies to invade Ukraine and heroically kill all the Russians in the Donbass regions of Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia as well as Crimea and also wipe out the entire Russian Black Sea fleet.

Petraeus implies America is preparing for an invasion operation immediately.

This, all the while American Admirals say they are getting ready to wipe out China sometime this year according to a bevy of US Admirals who say they expect China to invade Taiwan before New Year’s day or soon after in 2023. There is no indication of proof for these allegations other than there’s an election. Maybe Former China President Hu Jintao shot his mouth off in secret conversations with the Pentagon and that would explain why he got the physical ouster from closing ceremonies of the Communist Party Congress in Beijing hours ago.

 Mean spirited and politically desperate Biden seeks costly war with China, or anyone.

Admiral Mike Gilday chief of naval operations told the Atlantic Council on Wednesday, “When we talked about the 2027 window, in my mind that has to be a 2022 window or potentially a 2023 window.”

Video: David Petraeus first launched his ‘misinformation(?)’ campaign for the Democrats on 4 October using CNBC’s Hadley Gamble to get his war threats out there making Joe Biden a war-time President voters should rally around, presumably.


“In a crash program (to make Joe Biden a war time president before the Mid-Term Elections?) David Petraeus went at it again on Saturday, 22 October, again like a typical CIA s**t show, pushing a concept of a multinational force led by the USA and not as a NATO force, that would have maybe made a Tom Clancy novel and maybe one of Biden’s daydreams when he is stumbling around the podium looking for the breadcrumbs,” says security analyst.

“Democrats, Joe Biden’s political Party, are tanking in the opinion polls before the mid-term elections Tuesday, 8 November. That’s 15 days and a few hours from now,” Simon Baldock, Israeli security analyst, explained his quip.

Official White House Photo by David Lienemann

Meeting of Joseph Biden and David Petraeus in 2010 was held immediately following the senior Afghanistan strategy session in the Situation Room, where President Obama decided to ask Petraeus to move to Kabul and run the war in Afghanistan following the firing of Stanley McChrystal. – Official White House Photo by David Lienemann

On Saturday afternoon during an interview with France’s weekly magazine, L’Express  Petraeus says his remarks only raised “just one of many options” America has in store in case Moscow resorts to the use of tactical nuclear arms, describing the American plan as “a multinational force led by the US and not as a NATO force”.

The plan entails a “coalition of the willing” which according to sources includes Poland, Germany, France and Britain, although one source suggested that including France could cause the public in that country to overthrow the Macron government.

Britain is scrambling to find a replacement for Liz Truss who allegedly opposes this gambit British military planners like and she has been under pressure from the powerful British military industrial power players. The sources in London who may well be women who sleep with the men who make those calls said Britain is, “not in a good position to fight anybody as it is very busy fighting itself.”


Photograph by Marco Grob for TIME
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