Transitional martial law in west Russia as customs borders vanish

“The state border between the Russian Federation and Donetsk People’s Republic has acquired the status of administrative, on the basis of which, since October 5, the implementation of customs control is discontinued, that is, there is no customs,” explained Denis Pushilin, interim de facto governor of the Donetsk governorate of the Russian Federation also still known temporarily as the DPR.

By Melissa Hemingway in Ukraine and Micheal John in Toronto

Pending ‘parliamentary’ legislation, implementation and logistics management, the regions of Zaporozhye, Kherson, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) (circa May 2014), and Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) (circa May 2014) are in a state of gradient difficulty levels of transition depending on the USA/Ukraine attacks on the populations, according to officials of the Denis Pushilin government who speak to dual-assignment medical professionals (medical workers in Donbass who since 2014 do volunteer work at RINJ Women shelters), speaking on the agreement of anonymity.

“In other words, that’s the scuttlebutt,” said Alona Adamovich, a regional organizer and medical director of the global RINJ Foundation who is now isolated from Ukraine in Russia.

Russia is done in Ukraine, now caring for new Russian communities in transition.

USA/Ukraine vs Russia

Capture from RT/Art/Enhancement/Updating: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Realistic map: Areas where the interim martial law and evacuee resettlement will take effect and supervised temporary housing for Kherson’s evacuees will be implemented.

“It’s complicated but a transition committee under the Russian Federation Prime Minister is up and running,” explained a DPR official, who says she is ‘proudly in the loop’. “The borders with Russia are now completely open, no customs, and the forces of Luhansk and Donetsk will police administrative borders along with Russian Federation troops, is what I have been told so far.”

“Officials in the RF and its regions cannot say this, but we can,” explained Alona Adamovich. “Vladimir Putin, in my humble opinion, has this delightful fantasy of eventually being able to work with the USA and the West and does not want people saying, ‘USA but instead must say NATO’. I don’t work for either side and can say what I know to be true. The babies I hold in my arms and the little children I tuck into a sleeping bag in a shelter at night beside their injured moms were clobbered by Americans, Nazis and Ukrainians using American weapons. The rapists our guards have captured or killed are both Americans and Ukrainians with a salting of other nations. We have counted 55 other countries making up the soldieries here since 2014. So that’s how it is,” the tired but strong-willed woman said directly to FPMag’s Melissa Hemingway.

Demis Pushilin speaks to the entire region

Denis Pushilin on the air of the program “Fifth Studio“. Capture/Art/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The picture and its story: On Wednesday, 19 October, the Acting Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin on the air of the program “Fifth Studio” on the TV channel “Russia 24” said that, despite the continuing shelling of the territory of the Republic, in the Artemovsky, Avdievsky and Maryinsky directions, Russian servicemen under General Sergei Surovikin are developing a liberation operation.

General Sergei Surovikin is on the job. Leave Ukraine


Commenting on the situation in the area of Artemovsk and Soledar, on Wednesday, 19 October 2022, Mr. Denis Pushilin noted simply that “there is a struggle for every piece of land.”

“At certain periods in Artemovsk itself, the enemy [USA/Ukraine] abandoned its positions, retreated, not being able to pull up reserves, since they were involved in the Krasnolimansk direction, when there were attempts to advance towards Kremennaya from the enemy. At those moments, they experienced a lack of reserves, and the situation unfolded in exactly this way.

“Now we have again seen resistance from the enemy [USA/Ukraine], and even taking into account the fact that the Wagner PMC unit is developing the liberation operation very successfully, taking into account all factors, but we do understand that there is a struggle for every piece of land,” said Mr. Pushilin.

In another live broadcast statement, on Wednesday, 10 October 2022, the DPR leader commented on the Kherson situation.


[Translated 19 October 2022] “In the Kherson direction, according to the information that I have, and I do not think that I will reveal a big secret, on the day before yesterday, according to quantitative comparison, we had losses of about 14 people, the enemy had losses of about 300 people. Here it is, commensurability. Somewhere it is approximately not in such quantities, but in such proportions, everything happens, “ stressed Mr. Denis Pushilin who spent a day communicating with his constituents, sometimes interactively, one-to-one.

Interim de facto Governor, Denis Pushilin stated that the USA/NATO community needs the inhabitants of Ukraine only as expendable cannon-fodder material.

“If someone set out to find out the reason why the western community needs the inhabitants of Ukraine now: this is expendable material. It’s so obvious, so on the surface…

“The civilian population here sees the light very quickly, especially when [the people] become involved in all processes. When, among other things, because of military facilities nearby, light disappears, water disappears, [our people] understand that in fact something is happening.

“But they do not understand: why? to what?.. Has life in Ukraine improved in these eight and a half years after the coup d’état? Well, no. Have you launched any new enterprises, new plants? No. Did some rockets fly into space, as it used to be in the Soviet Union, so that, as before, we could be proud of this? No. The land has become collective farmers, as the call used to sound. No, the land has become, in fact, indirectly through Ukrainian businessmen the property of America, [translated from above video].


West doesn’t need weapons, it needs psychiatry post-pandemic. Editorial.