Russia done in Ukraine now caring for new Russian communities

Presumably, Russian troops could go home any day, but America’s NATO wants to keep the war going past the mid-term elections. The Russian General wants to make so much mess that ending the war is more attractive.

Russia will retain the ethnic Russian territories it annexed from Ukraine. “How are the people in those areas coping?” one of their leaders has been traveling around, asking communities.

In response to the sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipelines, attacks on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) and the attacks on the Kerch Bridge, Russia’s plan is to make life in Ukraine unbearable with many missile strikes, bombs and whatever things explode, all over Ukraine including Kiev and Lviv where the Western media hangs out, far from the war. “I guess the plan is to let them see what it looks like,” said a Russian soldier.

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

Video: General Sergei Surovikin making a mess in Lviv. (A fuel depot)

“By making such a mighty mess, General Sergei Surovikin must be hoping that ending the war sooner than later would be attractive to the people who have the explosives raining on them,” was Dale Carter’s take. She is the security director of the RINJ Foundation, getting people packed up in Ukraine to ship out, some to Iran and other’s elsewhere

“But America has told NATO that the war must be kept going, at least past the coming US mid-term elections. NATO had a Wednesday-emergency meeting of Defence Ministers to get more weapons going into Ukraine; and the G7 met in an emergency meeting, Tuesday, to promise more and more and more war weapons. America is also talking about ending its 70-year alliance with Saudi Arabia for slowing down oil production which would make Biden look bad in the coming election. And now everyone’s top-of-mind has Biden’s warning of nuclear Armageddon in Ukraine. Or everywhere. NGOs have started clearing out their people,” said Ms. Carter, sipping on a tea as she bid ‘bye bye’ to a group of nurses shipping back to Southeast Asia.

To General Sergei Surovikin‘s plan to make war miserable with missile attacks, America’s response has been to massively bolster Ukraine’s air defence systems including low level air defence and high-altitude air defence, using short- and long-range missiles and large caliber high rate-of-fire guns.

General Sergei Surovikin is no miracle worker, but he was an effective leader in the past. “He is a lot like Putin, he is ruthless,” we learn from the people manning our publisher’s humanitarian mission in Syria. Few people disagree.

Meanwhile, speaking of the people, it’s time to get ready for a long, difficult winter in Ukraine and the Russian Donbass, as NGO workers start leaving the country, pulled out by NGO bosses who can’t help anyone if Biden’s expectation of nuclear Armageddon is not just a threat but a reality.

Like the Russian soldier said, “Joe Biden is like a web browser with 19 tabs open. 17 are frozen and he doesn’t know where the music is coming from.”

Heating buildings in teh winter is going to be difficult

Photo credit: 12 October, 2022 Administration of the Donetsk People’s Republic as community leaders, workers (below) and volunteers prepare for a cold winter war. Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“Mission complete” may be true. Putin has kept his promise to his fellow Russians in Donbass and they are happy for that. But they are getting very tired of being shelled after 9 years of war. The shelling continues.

Having annexed Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia following referendums in those areas, Russia has completed its military operation which according to soldiers has moved into a different phase.

They say an announcement may be coming but that is up to General Sergei Surovikin”, one soldier told Lana, a local medical worker. She explained that the soldier told her that “A general will run the war now, not the blankety politicians.”

“Our orders are to stay here and defend the Russian people here. They are very good cooks, by the way. Best food we have since a long time,” he told me, said Lana. “He and two of his friends ate with my family, I should say before you ask.” She laughed. She was the “good cook” in this case.

“The referendums in Donbass were not a sham and the people in Donetsk and Luhansk especially as well as Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions have the right to self-determination,” say the people there in a survey of over 1000 residents.

“It is 100% clear that talking to the thousands of patients attending clinics and hospitals in Donetsk and Luhansk plus surrounding areas of Donbass that the people support becoming part of Russia,” said Alona Adamovich, a regional organizer and medical director of the global RINJ Foundation. 

‘We are tired of being shelled and shot at these past 9 years,’ said one lady to me,” said Alona Adamovich. “Most people are trying to get on with their lives and rebuild the public infrastructure after years of shelling. To that end there are many projects involving all communities,” Alona explained.

Looking at the peole side of events

Photo credit: 12 October, 2022 Administration of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“Leaders of Revival. Donetsk People’s Republic” is the name of one such campaign aimed at selecting the best and the brightest people to lead the process of rebuilding the Donetsk Republic.  Denis Pushilin, the head of the region since 2018 was accompanied on the trip by the head of the Khartsyzsk city administration, Victoria Zhukova.

Denis Pushilin asked how volunteers were coping, whether there are difficulties and what questions people most often ask. The lead woman, Olga Buts told the head of the DPR about the work of the project’s access point.

“We help everyone who wants to take part in the contest-–“Leaders of Revival. DNR.” We help to register, conduct consultations. We make information about the contest available on various online services, including the operation of the access point and what is necessary for registration. This competition is very necessary at the moment, because its goal is to search, develop, help people who want to restore our Donetsk People’s Republic,” Olga explained.

As winter weather nears, there is community activity to ready for fall.

“We are sending many medical workers out of the country,” explained Ms. Carter.

“We have a lot of orphans to get to their next destination and the medical workers who accompany them will not return and will go on back to their homes or their next assignments,” Dale Carter added.

“Our plan is to evacuate our women’s shelters of people who have lost their homes and kids who lost their families. I am sorry but we cannot make our shelters nuclear-safe. The way things are going, I don’t know if we can even make them warm enough for the winter. Most places are now cold, damp basements. And now listen to Biden and his nuclear Armageddon threat.

“Some crews who have worked here since 2014 have decided to stay on but the RINJ Women have asked them to leave for their safety and new careers. I know for sure; I am pushing my luck. The longer I stay running the shelters and rape clinics the more likely some crud is going to kill me,” Ms. Carter said.

“Putin moved missiles on trucks to near here and America has put a ton more missiles into Poland. We talk to people all over the world and we see what is going on.”

“But they have assigned a replacement for me and I can go,” said Alona. “I am still thinking about leaving. We have got hundreds of people out and other NGOs are doing the same. These men running this war in the USA talking about nuclear Armageddon got our attention. We can’t do anything for people hit with nuclear bombs. Already it’s very bad. Very violent. The Ukrainians are totally killing everyone they see. They then say that they were traitors or Russian sympathizers that they killed. No, they were mostly grandmas and kids. Mostly the moms and dads are dead or gone,” Alona explained with a grimace.

“At the hospitals and clinics, patients attending for a vaccine or other routine treatments tend to see the experience partly as a social event. People are upbeat ever since the public news about joining Russia. The Republic government must still ratify that deal but people don’t bother with the minutia, they just cheer. It’s been nearly nine years of waiting. The most of them in that time spending their time living in their basement, to get away from the shelling,” Alona recounted.

“The children ask about or talk about their family members killed in the shelling of Donetsk and Luhansk these past nine years. The kids don’t have an opinion, but the adults love the Russian troops and do whatever they can to make their stay away from their family more endurable,” said Alona Adamovich, chatting away, amiably.

“The plebiscites in the four regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia were genuine efforts to obtain the wishes of the local populations. Most of those people where diehard ethnic Russians. Originally in the 1990s up to 75% ethnic Russian the populations are now closer to 100% Russian because of the exodus that began in late 2013. Anyone not Russian came over to our side [Ukrainian side] of the contact line region or went far west or up north,” she said.

Even though I am Ukrainian, I speak Russian like my family. I have lived and worked all over the east and the south because this is where I went to university and medical school. I like all the people and can’t stand the hatred. Everybody is the same to me. All this killing has got me down. I may take the offer to leave,” Alona said. “Winter is coming. I want to be in a warm place where I won’t need fuel,” she said with a wry chuckle.

The regions are making plans for winter.

Leaders in DOnetsk making plans for winter

Photo credit: 12 October 2022 Administration of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Interim head of Donetsk governorate, Denis Pushilin with Deputy Chairman of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, Anatoly Molev and General Director of JSC Teploenergo of Nizhny Novgorod, Ilya Khalturin discuss energy plans for the winter.

“The most important task at hand is to keep people warm.” To that end, Denis Pushilin visited boiler houses in Khartsyzsk and elsewhere in the Donetsk PR, soon to become a governorate of Russia.