Mean spirited Biden seeks costly war with China, or anyone

America may become humanity’s worst pariah nation insofar as women and girls are concerned. America’s wars harm women and kids the most. Look at what Biden left behind in Afghanistan and what is happening to women and kids in Ukraine!

What America did in Afghanistan, leaving, women and girls in good jobs and good schools, something women achieved on their own, to the Taliban terrorists, was in reality a heinous crime against humanity. In law and in effective human response, a non-event.

USA Exporting death

War harms women and children the most. America exports death. Pallets of ammunition, weapons and other equipment bound for Ukraine are secured onto a plane during a foreign military sales mission at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, Feb. 28, 2022. Since 2014, the United States had committed by the end of February more than $5.4 billion to Ukraine. U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. J.D. Strong II. Photo is cropped and enhanced by Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

America, NATO and the United Nations cannot continue harming women and girls in wars and alleged peacekeeping missions without eventually the world paying this misconduct some notice as the number of available female partners continues to drop. Where are all the missing women? One hundred and eighty million men in India and China will not find female partners in their lifetime according to recent studies.

Women who statistically should be present have gone missing

“According to Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, there should be millions more women and girls living in India than there are. The acclaimed economist compared the natural ratio of men to women globally with the ratio in India, and twenty years ago had calculated that India was “missing” about thirty-seven million women. That number has escalated to fifty million today,” according to a paper by Holyoke College Alumni

Over a quarter of a million USA women and girls are reported missing each year.

Great inhumanity in the leadership of the United States explains why America is so abusive to women at home.

“Does America’s violence and murders around the world, like those exposed by Julian Assange, have an impact on American society, provoking or encouraging daily mass shootings? Every other day, Joe Biden is talking to his public about hurting someone or hurting an entire nation somewhere,” ponders Dale Carter, of the global women’s rights group, RINJ Women.

“Certainly, there is a possibility that a violent government breeds a violent nation,” notes Ms. Carter, security director of RINJ Women.

Bad leadership in the Biden cabinet provokes wars. Unskilled people who can be counted on to support Biden despite his incompetence, has brought the world to war on many fronts.

America’s conflict participation has an impact on half the world’s population in raw numbers.

  1. America in Ukraine is warning of Nuclear Armageddon
  2. America claims it can destroy Russia from Ukraine without a wider conflict, but somehow nuclear Armageddon is now the highest risk but Pentagon walks back Biden prophecy. Which incompetent do we believe: the USA President or flak John Kirby?
  3. America vs Saudi Arabia trying to force Saudi officials to obey Biden on oil production
  4. Biden’s questionable deals with Ukrainian oligarchs.
  5. Russia vs USA in Ukraine becoming a wider conflict?
  6. America vs Syria with USA troops in Syria accused of robbing the Syrian people’s oil.
  7. America interfering in Taiwain arming the Taiwanese and threatening China
  8. American interference in Hong Kong stirring up public unrest
  9. American interference in the South China Sea Unwelcomed by ASEAN
  10. American forces in Somalia at war with the Somali government
  11. American forces unofficially in Yemen
  12. Islamist militancy all over Africa
  13. America continues to operate a nuclear base in the Chagos Islands after forcing the Chagossian owners off their island.
  14. Over 750 military bases in over 80 different countries are too much warfare machinery for any one country. This is why Donald Trump was a better President than Biden.

“The cost of America’s 250 military interventions around the world in the past three decades must be enormous. Is this something Americans going to the polls this November should consider? Are there any electoral choices that favour peace? In 2020, it is now clear, Donald Trump would have been a better choice for world peace. Maybe that makes him a better choice altogether,” speculated Dale Carter in a telephone interview on the current threats of war.

“A small percentage of the cash spent on over 750 military offshore bases could stop the deaths of thousands of starving children in Somalia and end homelessness in America,” she added.

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Biden - Ukraine Report

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The credibility of claims that America is stealing Syrian Oil is challenged by the USA. Here is the core of the claim by China.