Free Leila De Lima is outcry today in Philippines after shoot-out

Social Media in the Philippines is live-wire-hot as netizens scream for the release of Human Rights advocate Leila De Lima.

Held in prison by Rodrigo Duterte for many years, former senator Leila De Lima, a global Shero who has fought against the Philippines government’s continued extrajudicial killings first under Rodrigo Duterte and now under Ferdinand Marcos was today a hostage in an attempted escape by hardened criminals at Camp Crame.

Leila De Lima Safe after Violent Hostage Taking

Senator (Retired) Leila De Lima safe and undergoing medical attention following violent hostage taking by Abu Sayyaf (ISIS) terrorist grab in Philippines Camp Crame detention center where she has been a political prisoner for 6 years.  Prof. De Lima is a human rights activist in the Philippines jailed for her antagonism toward the ongoing extrajudicial killings conducted by the Philippines government of the Duterte-now-Marcos/Duterte Regime, against political opposition. In recent weeks, political opponents, human rights advocates and journalists have been killed in Duterte-style two-man-motorcycle-gunmen kill-team murders. Photo credit: Source Supplied

What does Leila De Lima stand for? “For one thing, global feminists have selected her as a Shero for all of her time in illegal detention as a political prisoner in the Philippines,” says Katie Alsop of RINJ Women, from Paris.


Opposition Senator Leila De Lima File photo: In her own words, Opposition Senator Leila De Lima is defiant in defence of Filipinos human rights. Photo Credit: Twitter account of SenLeiladeLima

File Photo, Public Domain. Philippines Prof. Leila De Lima, human rights activist and political prisoner of the Duterte Regime, in continuance in 2022 by Ferdinand Marcos and Duterte’s daughter.

Shoot Out Kills Unknown Numbers. Officials say three dead and one Police Officer in Serious Condition by 7:00 a.m. Police Officer sent to hospital and is in serious condition. Leila De Lima is back in her cell after hostage-takers killed.

Sunday morning in the Philippines saw Senator (retired) Leila De Lima held hostage by three terrorists, led by Abu Sayaff’s  Feliciano Sulayao Jr. with Idang Susukan, another Abu Sayaff thug and Arnel Cabintoy (of the ISIS-inspired local Dawlah Islamiyah gang) also an inmate. Abu Sayaff is the Philippines variant of ISIS (the Islamic State terrorist group).

The hostilities began at or about 6:30 a.m. local Philippines time, Sunday, at the Philippines National Police (PNP) Custodial Center inside Camp Crame in Quezon City.

Philippines Police Corporal Roger Agustin who was on kitchen service duty was viciously stabbed repeatedly with improvised knives in the escape attempt.

“Three fatalities at the Camp Crame stabbing incident resulted this morning. They were identified as Arnel Cabintoy, Idang Susukan and Feliciano Sulayao,” said an unverified PNP announcement.

Leila Delima has been held in prison pending trial for most of the Duterte regime’s time and continuing through the human-rights crisis under Ferdinand Marcos since mid 2022 when Bongbong Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter assumed control of the Philippines government.

Drug-related killings remain commonplace according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Dahas, a program of the University of the Philippines’ Third World Studies Center, found by looking at police and media reports that there were more drug-related killings—in which the victim had alleged links to the illicit drug trade—in July, the first month of the Marcos Jr. presidency, than in June, the last month of the Duterte administration. Altogether, 72 drug-related killings were recorded in July and August, reports HRW.

“UN member states should not be fooled by the baseless claims from the new Philippine government that the rights situation has suddenly improved,” Human Rights Watch Geneva Director Lucy McKernan said.

“Continued UN scrutiny of the Philippines is vitally important because ‘drug war’ killings are still common and police impunity for rights violations remains the norm,” she added.

“No comment, no reaction,” Marcos Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles told a news briefing streamed live on a Facebook page. Much PH government business is done on Facebook.

“Facebook disinformation has brought two dictatorships to power in the Philippines and dragged the country into a pit of corruption and government sponsored murders,” says Dale Carter, security director for RINJ Women.

ASEAN Speaks out:

ASEAN Speaks out against Leila De Lima Detainment