Did Israel assassinate Shireen Abu Aqleh for being female?

On 11 October 2022, it will be 6 months and still nothing but weaseling, waffling, piffle from USA and Israel about Palestinian American Shireen’s murder and who will go to trial.

During a weekend women’s rights conference, some of the women were in the room and others were distributed around the world, participating via Zoom videoconferencing.

When the agenda topic of the Shireen Abu Aqleh (3 April 1971 to 11 May 2022) targeted death arose, there was anger in the room.

Shireen, gone but not forgottenShireen, gone but not forgotten. File Photo (Twitter)
Body armour with clear “Press” Identification worn by Shireen Abu Aqleh. In this image she is not wearing her “Press” helmet but at the time of her murder she wore that protective gear.
“Unfortunate death of a journalist,” claims the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett which did more to enrage women than the sounds of the rifle shots. Art/Cropping/Enhancement by: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag.

Dr. Nassima al Amouri exclaimed via video from Syria that if something was not done, about the murder of Shireen Abu Aqleh, she would go to Israel again and find the people who had murdered the much loved Al Jazeera journalist. (Hopefully Dr. al Amouri does not go there. She leads a medical team seeing over 80 patients per day in a free clinic. She would be missed by people in need.)

“Shireen Abu Akleh was a Palestinian-American journalist who worked as a reporter for the Arabic-language channel Al Jazeera for 25 years,  and was one of the most prominent names across the Middle East for her decades of reporting in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.” Citing Wikipedia.

Dr. Nassima al Amouri had been to Gaza to help trauma surgeons in May 2021 when the Israelis went berserk, mass killing women and children. (Israel kills 263 Gaza civilians incl. 58 Kids, 38 moms to protect itself? Blinkin? Biden?)

One woman in the room declared that Shireen Abu Aqleh would not have been killed were she one of the top Al Jazeera male journalists. “Israel is no different than Iran in its treatment of women,” she said.

Beverley Baldock, a veteran of the IDF, now working in private security for the women’s rights group chimed in to say that statement was not totally true, but impressions created count for a lot of contemporary thinking and so does anger.

“Why were the Israelis targeting any journalists. Shireen was a walking billboard saying “Press?” came the response.

At first there was no answer. Them quietly, Beverley who had investigated the murder nearly six months ago, said, “…because she knew things the Israelis did not want to get out. And they knew Shireen would do her job.”

Two minutes of silence followed at the request of the chairperson.

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