Choose NATO wars or choose saving the planet

NATO is sharpening its nuclear warring skills with massive ICBM drills in the midst of a global military conflict. NATO is not making anyone safer.

NATO is an American wealthy men’s club ever-expanding in order to bleed out more members and do everything to turn Russia into an enemy, otherwise it has none. But NATO has not made citizens safer anywhere. Today more will die from violence in war of one sort or another.

NATO expansion has always been contraindicated by the failing climate of Earth but American and Europe’s wealthier oligarchs and their puppet politicians need NATO to feed their coffers with massive cash infusions from weapon sales.

NATO does nothing for the benefit of the human race. In fact, it starts and fights wars for the United States in order to make money for its defence industry principals.

NATO has no other purpose than to scare citizens, consume ammunition, drop bombs and eat up military consumables, running up the sales to keep the defence industrial base rich and powerful.

NATO has no enemies, so it creates enemies that match America’s, like China, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Serbia, Libya, Iran, and Russia, all in the service of American interests. In fact, Europe has been paying for American wars all over the world for over 70 years.

Italians have taken to the streets to demand that Italy and Europe leave NATO and that efforts be made to end sanctions against Russia and end the American proxy war in Europe.


NATO encourages a culture of killing and is counter to global values and human development.

The American-controlled North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a facade of American hegemony and a tool for manipulating Europe.

Citizens are tricked into paying their money into NATO by means of misinformation and propaganda that is planned out by hired commercial teams of experts paid with the citizens’ money to fool citizens into paying out more money for more budget, more weapons and newer killing technologies.

But is America able to lead NATO? America is a very violent nation. Every day in America there is a mass shooting of civilians, schools and malls being top favoured shooting grounds. The country’s inner cities have sidewalks filled with homeless people. Diabetics must ration their medications. As Tulsi Gabbard, a former USA Congress member, said today, “With just three weeks to go until our November midterm elections, I find myself wondering if there has ever been a time where it felt less like morning in America. Violent crime is surging. Inflation is at record highs with no end in sight. Gas prices are on the rise. Multiple states have declared emergencies due to open borders and the unprecedented surge of people illegally crossing our borders. Americans across the country, regardless of political affiliation, are feeling this pain.”

This is NATOThis is the USA-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization Photo credit: Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Europe’s security does not depend on the United States and Europe has no protection against USA manipulations of NATO .

Europe has been manipulated into paying fortunes for American fossil fuels (LNG) driving up prices for the world, because the USA has started its proxy war with Russia in Ukraine as a means to kill the Nord Stream projects.  NATO for thirty years has expanded and doubled its size trying to surround Russia at the Black Sea. There is nothing citizens can do about NATO misconduct because its leadership is not elected—a non-democracy quasi-statehood.

Since 1989, NATO has been a threat to Europe. Today the European commission is led by fascists from Germany and bloodthirst for war hence the EU/NAO fit is perfect for each other but catastrophic for the human race which leadership has been allowed to forget.. The narrative is insane.

What do you think is really working? Are citizens happy spending more than they earn to continue living in Europe? Where else would they live? The NATO failures have messed up the economic climate for the whole world leaving humanitarian disasters like in Afghanistan, and in Libya, as the USA makes even more enemies, and more and more sanctions are causing chaos everywhere.

“Anyone who challenges this country, and this kingdom are projects of Jihad and Martyrdom. That’s my message to anybody who thinks they can threaten us. (The last time Saudi Arabians attacked the United States over 3,000 people were killed on 11 September 2001.)

America is at odds with energy producers Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria (although America steals Syria’s oil) to name the most notable. This is making a mess of the global economy as NATO is exploited to militarize all of the American failures to get along. Was that the purpose NATO was intended for? Now Europe is a problem. Actually, the Europe we knew is gone and its people are furious, raising hell in the streets—or is that the European storm troopers raising hell?


Video: Tens of thousands of France’s citizens are unhappy with NATO and its cost as well as sanctions that are crippling Europe and most of the human race. What for? Has the war stopped? No. Show signs of stopping? No.

Women and families around the world are suffering food insecurity, shortages of staple supplies, worsening hunger and even malnutrition.

Women in the EU countries are having their families smashed in the face figuratively every day so that America can suck Europe dry while enriching its wealthiest people.

For a long time the EU was looking like a contributor to global values and human development around the world. That ended at some point in time and now Europe is all about killing. More weapons. Germany wants to have the biggest military in Europe. More weapons. More killing. More sanctions.

That hasn’t worked. Europe plays along in Ukraine and pours in the weapons even though, every day, more Europeans are being killed directly in this war and indirectly by its impact.

Instead of taking massive steps to end the proxy war in Ukraine, Europe is feeding it weapons. That is not in any citizen’s interest.