Boris Johnson is unfit for office, call election say London Women

With high honour and sincerity, The Right Honourable Prime Minister Mary Elizabeth Truss resigned as PM in a brief speech in front of 10 Downing Street, on Thursday. Many British women queried, say they are disappointed but respect the decision and wish to see an immediate election take place.

British Political Whiplash

At a timely moment, a coffee clutch planning a fundraiser by RINJ Women in London was asked about the next best step for the British electorate following the resignation of Liz Truss.

Elizabeth Ainsley, RINJ organizer for London, said she asked about Boris Johnson coming back, saying, “I intended this question as a bit of a laugh, not to cause whiplash—an ice breaker if you will, because I had heard this on the radio, but I did not expect the anger my comment invoked. It was unequivocal and dare I say, a hateful ‘No’.”

“The ‘Conservative Party is ignoring the principals of democracy,’ said one woman who stood and made a speech throwing a bit of a wobbly, using some choice language. She said Johnson and Truss have done some serious damage to the trust in government and the country is collapsing, and these Conservative sods are going to throw yet another clown at us? And I and everyone agreed with that. An election must be called.”

“The women were delighted, by the way,” noted Elizabeth, “to hear from Feminine-Perspective Magazine and that their opinion was being sought right in the middle of our meeting. The ladies met Behar Abbasi this spring when she was on a stopover on her way to the UN meeting in Geneva. She is brave to work in Yemen helping those poor children, and she was so charming too. People are still remembering the talk she gave us about the Middle East women and what they suffer,” said Ms. Ainsley.

Forty-seven out of forty-nine women had an answer. “Call an election.”

Liz Truss bails after the male dominated Conservatives pushed hard. Disappointment is strong among ‘women voters who had hoped to see Truss’s promises realized‘.

Two women were so disappointed by PM Truss ‘being pushed out’ by the ‘male dominated Conservative Party’, they withheld their opinion on the question and commented on ‘Liz Truss not being given a chance‘ which was fair comment considering the context. When asked, most women seemed to agree that Truss was never given a chance. Some commented that Truss should never have hired only her supporters as Cabinet members.

“Over 95% of the women agree with London Mayor Sadiq Khan,” Elizabeth explained by voice call.

Mayor Khan had told the press immediately after The Right Honourable Prime Minister Truss resigned, that he favoured an urgent, immediate election. The mayor also suggested in an interview that the people of Britain give the Labour Party an opportunity to start bailing the British people out of the mess the Conservative government has built over the past 12 years or more.

When asked about the views of the London Mayor on the national political scene, 100% favoured the mayor’s way of thinking, ‘government that cares for the people‘.

Boris Johnson is currently under investigation for misleading Parliament which is a serious offence, and he has been convicted of wrongdoing during the heavy lockdowns in the early days of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Boris Johnson is unfit for office.

British Labour Party MP Steve Reed told the media that his position is that an election must be called immediately. When asked about Boris Johnson’s maneuvers headed at a comeback, he said “Boris Johnson is unfit for office. Photo, is live screen capture and art by: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“My own thoughts on all this chaos,” said feminist Elizabeth Ainsley, “is that Britain is headed into a long period of very dangerous turmoil.”