A kid protester, raped by Ebrahim Raisi goons, cut open, her organs sold

Bisharaf, Ali Khamenei, Ebrahim Raisi, the butcher of Tehran.

Nika Shakermi

Nika Shahkarami was only 16 years old when she vanished from a protest against the murder of Mahsa Amini in the week of 16 September.  The RINJ Foundation from Tehran has been digging into this unexplained disappearance since 20 September 2022.  Already action is being taken.  “We’ve got this now, Nika,” said “Y”, the callsign of one of the founding members of RINJPhoto credit: Atash Shahkarami.

Note: Most of the photos in this article are submitted by children who are friends of the deceased. Their names will not be revealed.

Atash Shahkarami was actively searching for her niece Nika, on 28 September. The butcher of Tehran had her killed, she later learned. What happened next has some women vomiting. Nika’s girlfriends, undeterred, are back on the streets, raising hell.

The children are screaming Bisharaf, an insult.

Atash Shahkarami’s niece, was a demonstrator in September opposed to the murder of Mahsa Amini.

Nika Shahkarami was only 16 years old going on 17. She never made it to her birthday.

When the public outcry became enormous, Ebrahim Raisi ordered security forces to then steal Nika’s body back from her family to avoid an enormous public funeral. FPMag was unable to learn if Mr. Raisi knew the truth of Nika’s condition but suspect that is what he was covering up as the public outcry became hysterical screams from children.

“Please tell Iranian moms to ‘Hug your daughters today and pray for their better future,'” said a choked-up, sobbing Behar Abbasi from Tehran.

Nika’s aunt, Atash Shahkarami said Nika was to be buried at Salehin Cemetery in Khorramabad. But to avoid the massive public funeral after her friends protested her murder, Ebrahim Raisi’s security police came and took the body away to prevent the funeral. They buried her in a nondescript site in Khorramabad, a city in Iran’s west.

Bisharaf Ali Khamenei, Ebrahim Raisi

This protest caused Khorramabad police to take the body from the family and secretly bury Nika.

The evidence says she was raped and that some of her organs were removed and sold.

The crimes against Nika

Sixteen-year-old Nika Shahkarami who went missing in protests of the murder of Mahsa Amini, was located by her extended family who had been frantically searching for Nika for ten days. She was dead at a detention center in Khorramabad.

Security forces then delivered her body with her nose smashed, also her family noticed a cut from her chest to her stomach. She had been repeatedly raped.

The extensive surgical incision on Nika’s frontal body was related to the crude surgical removal of some of her organs which apparently were sold.

Troops later stole the body back from the family interrupting the forensic investigation and they secretly buried Nika as public outcry became deafening. But hundreds of thousands of Iranian women cannot be fooled.

Eight members of Nika’s family have been arrested to prevent their outcry on social media. With some help from some feminists outside the country, the kids were able to get their messages out.


What happened to Nika? “Iranians once again witnessed the horrific crime of the Islamic Republic, this time against a 16-year-old girl. They kidnapped this 16-year-old teenager and repeatedly raped her, tortured her, and killed her,” says one of this child’s friends.