Women in Iran are fighting for basic human rights

“The Iran Revolution is more than a roar, it will end Iran tyranny,” says angry organizer, confronted with more schoolgirl deaths but at the same time, massive support of the nation-wide Iran general strike.

“More violence will scare people off the streets is what they think. ‘Kill more Kurds ‘, says Raisi. The Kurdish response was a massive general strike starting 24 November and now that is raging like a house afire,” said the seething human rights defender in Tehran.

“Democracy in the Islamic world is an improbability but removing the theological government of Iran is a worthy goal. The Ayatollah should never have been allowed to supplant the Shah of Iran, however, that’s history,” Behar Abbasi, a protest organizer in Iran told FPM.news hours ago.

butcher of Tehran, President Raisi. That is a sizable victory for Revolution 2022 demonstrations. we will have tenfold more participants,” Ms. Abbasi adduced.

Video from the IranRevolution2022. An angry population mourns its losses while seeking a wish come true: “We don’t want an Islamic Republic,” is the simple wish of the Women-led revolution.

Mahak Hashemi (16)

Another schoolgirl killed by  was killed by IRGC baton blows to her head and face in Shiraz, Iran. Human rights defenders in Iran are livid.  Photo credit: Emily Schrader / Jerusalem Post.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“It’s the least I can do,” said a striking trucker who furtively glanced around not wanting to be spotted by the IRGC talking to the press.  “The oil workers, the aluminum workers, the steel workers, general construction workers and more are planning walk outs,” he exclaimed while nodding his head. “All of Iran needs to support the Revolution.”

Trukcers now on strike in Iran Truckers join the range of organizations striking in Iran. Since strike day, more and more professions have joined the strike. The Cooperation Center of Iran’s Kurds called on political entities, civil activists and all Iranians including diaspora to help organize a general strike for  Thursday, 24 November. That caught fire. Today the truckers were out on strike. Even teachers are putting their feet up. Read: Feminine Perspective inside Iran Revolution on Strike Day

“Protests are growing around the world in support of the women-led revolution in Iran. What is your country doing?” asks organizers.

France protest filmed by Katie Alsop


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