Ukraine building nuclear shelters in Kiev but they seem conventional

Ukraine war between USA / Russia spinning out of control

Missiles flying in Ukraine appear to be only conventional warhead weapons, like this Iksander used by both sides. Nevertheless, Kiev is building hundreds of so-called Nuclear Bomb Shelters but from the indications so far, they appear to be only conventional bomb shelters. Russian Federation department of Defence footage.

On the Russian side of the Dnipro River, Ukraine has cost the locals $3.6 Billion in residential property damage.

Donetsk People's Republic

Photo confirms what officials are saying about the damage to civilian infrastructure and homes in the Donetsk (DPR) and Luhansk (LPR) Republics. Photo provided by Alona Adamovich. Alona is a regional organizer and medical director of the global RINJ Foundation. She is now isolated by circumstances from Ukraine in Russian regions.

The amount of damage caused to the cities of the DPR and LPR from shelling by Ukraine has already exceeded 223 billion rubles according to DPR sources.

This was also reported by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation after the examination of several cities of the Luhansk Republic and the Donetsk Republic.

“These are over 500 social facilities, civil infrastructure facilities and almost 10,000 multi-apartment residential buildings and houses in the private residential sector. The total cost of restoration work is already more than 223 billion rubles,” the RF Investigative Committee said.

Meanwhile Ukraine is building hundreds of Nuclear Bomb Shelters for the folks in Kiev.

Why? “I am preparing for the worst-case scenario, but I hope everything will be fine,” a Ukrainian official, Oleksiy Kuleba, told Kiev newspaper journalists which story was reported Tuesday.

“Kiev citizens are seeing the construction of 425 nuclear shelters being urgently prepared for operation, according to the head of the Kiev regional administration, Aleksey Kuleba,” reports Melissa Hemingway from Ukraine.

According to Kiev city news media reports, Tuesday, the nuclear bomb shelters are equipped similarly to conventional bomb shelters but located at a sufficient depth to protect against an impact. Shelters are allegedly to be completes by mid-November.

“We have 425 special shelters in the region. They are located underground, have two entrances and exits, ventilation. Most of the nuclear bomb shelters are also fallout shelters. This is every second in the Kiev region. They are better fortified and located at greater depths.” said Aleksey Kuleba.

In other war news, Russia will continue its participation in the grain shipping agreement.

(A USA/UK/Ukraine Attack on ships in Crimea had ended Russia’s participation)

The “Black Sea Grain Initiative” was terminated by the Russian side following a rash of drone attacks on the vessels and shipping lanes providing the flow of food grains to the world, according to Russian Foreign Ministry statements and sources.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, on Tuesday, or earlier, instructed the RF Ministry of Defense to resume participation in the “grain deal”. However, the Russian Federation reserves the right to withdraw from it. This could happen if Ukraine violates its guarantees that there will be no more attacks.

“If we withdraw from this agreement in case of Ukraine’s violation of its obligations, we will supply the entire volume that has been delivered from the territory of Ukraine to the poorest countries free of charge,” Mr. Putin said.

Based on the release of 12 ships carrying about 300,000 tons of grains as the past weekend began, there has been no interruption in food grain shipments, suggests local reports in the Kherson region.