Misogyny rules the world as fewer babies are needed

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women


The plight of women around the world is worsening. If women are the weaker sex, why are men exploiting what they think they know and both raping and killing women in massive numbers?

And, why do men get away with raping women, girls?

In Iran in the past few days, we have met women who might change some minds about feminine weakness. In fact, these women are so tough that the weak old men running Iran feel compelled to say these women are actually American militias killing their Islamic Republican Guards Corps, a fanatical theocratic terrorist gang of hoodlums, or in other words, the Iranian Army which is in an all-out war with Iranian schoolgirls. That’s not sarcasm. That’s reality.

If the world doesn’t need more babies, does it still need women? The question may as well be asked because that is what is happening.

Eight billion is what the United Nations claims the world population to be since 15 November. We spoke to Dr. Harris of the Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19. He does not believe the numbers. He says the globally adjusted population now is 7,929,052,890 after factoring in the real deaths from COVID-19 and the slaughter of women in key regions of the world, like Myanmar, Afghanistan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

By Sharon Santiago and Micheal John
Note on bias: FPM.news is published by The RINJ Foundation which is a civil society women’s group adamantly opposed to sexual violence.

The twenty-seventh edition of the official United Nations population estimates, and projections claims that India’s population will exceed China’s population in 2023 and that China’s population will continue to decline.

China wants more babies. Hence it is time to respect women in China. But that is not happening. Women in China are still seen as the weaker sex and chattels of men.

But this would be a good time to see women as equals to men. Or maybe the men need to learn the pain of delivering babies. Who will be the weaker gender then? Women can be buddies, partners, competitors, mates who vastly improve financial stability and prosperity if the men in China ever figure this out.

Rape statistics are scary in a world of growing misogyny.

Here is the USA which grossly understates rape statistics because it does not include minors.

“Children cannot consent to sex. Sex with a child is rape,” points out Dr. Nassima al Amouri of The RINJ Foundation.

Rape crime in the USA

Data Source: Statista. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

‘Forcible rape’, as defined in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program prior to 2013, was the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will. Attempts or assaults to commit rape by force or threat of force are also included; however, statutory rape (without force) and other sex offenses are excluded.

The RINJ Foundation defines rape as “the penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

Misogyny, a life and death crisis
The picture and its story: Violence toward women who refuse sexual advances as they walk down the street has increased. This 21-year-old woman, Naira Ashraf, was stabbed to death for saying “No”.  Women the world over are aware of the dangers of misogyny which has now become a life and death crisis. Photo is source supplied from Egypt. Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Violence against women is a multi-faceted crime. Threatening violence is also a violent crime

Violence against women was seen during the Canadian “Freedom Convoy crisis in winter 2022 when nurses and other women walking to work in Ottawa in were asked for sexual Favours and refused. They were physically attacked and threatened. Thirty-eight specific complaints of sexual harassment and assaults came into the RINJ Foundation Helpline.

“These men picked a fight with women. This was a fight over denying sexual favours by nurses, doctors and everyday women walking to work in Ottawa. RINJ Women lobbied the Canadian government to have the Emergencies Act implemented and the crimes against women stopped. That happened and the complaining has continued ever since, from men like Pierre Poilievre who without a care for Canadian women should never be in a position to govern,” explains RINJ security director, Dale Carter.

Sexual harassment by Freedom Convoy in Ottawa

Saturday in England, “an estimated 300 women will be raped. About 170 of those cases will be reported to the police. But only three are likely to make it to a court of law,” according to John Fox of University of Portsmouth writing in “Why do men get away with raping women, girls?“.

Every single day more than 1,500 people experience sexual violence in the United States according to RINJ Women‘s statistics in the USA.

In a statement released today by the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau said, “The work to end gender-based violence is far from over. We continue to work in partnership with Indigenous families, Survivors, leaders, and partners, as well as with provinces and territories to implement the Federal Pathway and put an end to the tragedy of missing and murdered Indigenous women… As a government, we will continue to take action to prevent and address gender-based violence.”

Read: Why do men get away with raping women, girls?

“In our adversarial system, the main job of the defence team is to represent their client. If the client tells them the victim is making things up, they will try very hard to muddy the waters, to cast the victim in a bad light, and to convince the jury that he or she may be lying to them. That is what they are paid to do.

“The prospect of going through this process has consequences that ripple backwards to the very start of a criminal investigation – not least for the person who has been raped, at a time when they are likely to be enduring a deep and lasting trauma.”

“In this environment,” says Dale Carter, “RINJ Women are inclined to teach girls to fight back because it is the only way to be sure of saving their own lives today. Women must arm and defend themselves,” she added.

“Watch what the Gen Z schoolgirls are doing in Iran. We’ll be sending more of our people there because this is a fight women must help their young sisters with. It is time to take the gloves off again. We did it with ISIS and we will do it with these pretentious old Iranian killers, RINJ Teaching girls, salf defenceRINJ Teaching girls, self defence against gropers. Photo credit: Micheal John / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


Forced to Shoot and kill IRGC Corpsmen trying to rape girls is a problem for everyone. “But we can’t let them kill our doctors who are patching us up.”

Security Guards at women’s shelters in Iran have shot and killed at least 8 IRGC “goons who were stalking girls they distressed, then followed them to survivor help facilities” according to highly agitated witnesses on Saturday.

“These are armed disputes wherein a violent attacker has invaded private property where shots were fired in response to an armed attack. So, what’s abnormal about that in the Iran war zone? Iran is at war with its women citizens,” explains Dale Carter, the RINJ security director who is responsible for the activities of the security contractor.

“The Islamic Republic claims that these eight goons were killed by American militia because it cannot admit that women are capable of defending themselves and standing up for one another,” says Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation.

Behar Abbasi, a protest organizer in Tehran says, “They cannot find us, but they are trying hard. Their problem is that they choose to use violence and attack us with grenades and assault weapons. Our security contractor responds accordingly,” she said.

“The IRGC are taunting women and schoolgirls about going to a women’s shelter. They hirt the girls and then have them watched. In many cases the woen find out where to go form sisters and do go out of fear. THey want to protect their future as mothers.  In order to do that they must be given immediate medications and tests for sexually transmitted viruses. Meds for bacteria like Chlamydia trachomatis which seems to be epidemic among the IRGC are automatically given to survivors,” says Ms. Abbasi.

“HIV, syphilis and chlamydia seem to be epidemic among the armed forces members of Iran which are attacking protesters and raping women,” according to Behar.

“What is happening in Iran is called theological femicide. Men who seek power at any cost as a way of life are right now showing off their manhood by beating, raping and killing women, claiming the God-given right to do so—claiming femininity is equal to weakness. These are strong men. They slaughter the mighty schoolgirl,” MS. Carter said sarcastically in a brief phone call interview.

“It was said under her breath. We’ve got this now, Nika.”

What happened to Nika? “Iranians once again witnessed the horrific crime of the Islamic Republic, this time against a 16-year-old girl. They kidnapped this 16-year-old teenager and repeatedly raped her, tortured her, and killed her,” says one of this child’s friends.

Nika Shakermi

“It is not a protest it is a revolution,” insisted a 15-year-old to Behar Abbasi when the young Gen Z girl was told Asra Panahi had died from her injuries, 16 October.

Canadians protest in Toronto with a die-in.  They were trying to attract attention to the mass murders of Iranian girls by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Morality police.

We have got this Nika.

Background information on the Iranian government’s Slaughter of Schoolgirls and their male friends and supporters.

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