Women burn down house of Ruhollah Khomeini, IRGC founder

Travel warning against visiting Iran for any purpose

A global civil society women’s organization is advising families not to travel to Iran for any reason whatsoever. The risk of kidnapping and arbitrary arrest and detention is so high that it is likely to happen to anyone. Tens of thousands of ordinary civilians have been taken into custody; many have vanished. Hundreds have been killed/disappeared.

“The country is out of control with roving civilian gangs of men raping, killing and plundering while the state is doing the same,” says Behar Abbasi, a protest organizer in Tehran.

In this Iran-protest video below, Toronto, Canada police estimated 35,000 were out protesting today.

Around the world, protests against Iran’s brutal oppression of Gen Z schoolgirls and their friends grow.


The RINJ Foundation, a global civil society women’s rights organization in consultative status with the United Nations is asking that all nations

  • summon Iranian ambassadors and demand a cessation of the brutality against women and girls who do not wish to cover their heads,
  • expel Iranian diplomats from their countries,
  • call home their ambassadors from Iran, and
  • cease all trade and commerce with Iran.

The Father of a murdered protester, Mohammad Hoseinzadeh, delivered a compelling speech at his son’s grave in Bukan: “Previously, one would say ‘he fought like a man’ to talk about courage. But in Iran, being a woman requires more courage.”


Protesters in Mahabad, Iran take cover as IRGC open fire.

Protests in Iran continue into the third month and typically look like this: peaceful Mahabad. But when the night came to Mahabad, the IRGC opened fire on the crowds. We don’t know how any were killed yet.

Not all protests are peaceful.

Protesters have burned down the house of Ruhollah Khomeini, the first ‘Supreme Leader’ and Islamic Republic founder. The Khomeini Museum was set afire late on November 17.

The numbers of protesters are beginning to exceed the numbers of IRGC soldiers who are compelled to flee.


Even American General Media has started to cover the Iranian abuses toward women and girls which have continued since the death of Mahsa Amini on 16 September 2022 resulting from beatings she endured from 113 to 16 September while in custody for not properly wearing her Hijab tightly framing and obscuring most of her face.

Adele Khodr

Under the category of weird, United Nations’ Adele Khodr posted a tweet stating that she has just got back from a trip to Iran and that she held meetings with several ministries & partners and discussed areas of progress/challenges related to health, education, protection, & overall well-being of children. She did not say a word about children being killed/ tortured/ raped by the Islamic regime. UN staffers are forever boasting about their achievements here and there but were they ever there?


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