Feminine Perspective inside Iran Revolution on Strike Day

Leaders of The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights NGO are urging governments of the West to stop all travel to Iran and make easy the exodus of Iranians from Iran, especially Kurdish families.

“With the exception of the US State Department Western leaders traveling in Southeast Asia in front of the media instead of their own briefers are maybe not up-to-date so let me explain. What is happening now to the Kurdish people of Iraq and Iran needs to be stopped pronto with military action. Here is a real job for NATO. The fiasco will be worse than anything Saddam Hussein did in Iraq gassing Kurds in the 1980s. Iran’s military is using war weapons including chemical warfare to assault ordinary Kurds, and it is becoming a bloodbath,” explained Katie Alsop, executive director of The RINJ Foundation, speaking from a northern city in Iran.

Women, Life, Freedom is no longer a murmur. It is a global roar and not even AAli Shamkhani are able to find a liberal bridge between protesters and their brutal regime of rapists. In this video a young woman pleads for her release saying, “I was just running some errands”. These events usually end up with the woman being kidnapped, raped and walking home, a mess, days later.  In this instance the young lady was released, and she fled rapidly.

Kurdish Children in Iraq hide from Iranian Missiles

File photo. Kurdish Children in Iraq hide from Iranian Missiles (Photo source supplied)  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

When America gets annoyed at Iran, it bombs Iraq as it did on 3 January 2020 with a mass murder of Iraqi and Iranian officials near the Baghdad airport. When Iran gets annoyed at the world, it, like America, also bombs Iraq. “Now Kurdistan is rapidly becoming a wasteland and that will not be tolerated by the people around the world who fought ISIS alongside, shoulder-to-shoulder, with the Kurds,” says Beverley Baldock, a former IDF soldier now working as a private contractor in the region.

The whole country of Iran is about to go on strike in a matter of hours from now.

Even the Cooperation Center of Iran’s Kurds has called on political entities, civil activists and all Iranians including diaspora to help organize a general strike for tomorrow, Thursday, 24 November. Even teachers are putting their feet up on Thursday.

“Honestly, the massive impact of using live ammunition against protesters, kidnapping girls and raping them, detaining thousands, is such that parents are not letting their daughters out the door in many cities. So, this strike is a blessing. It is hard to get protesting women and girls going as temperatures drop and the bullets fly.  We have all lost somebody, too many, but we are doing it all, as much as we can, now out of anger and determination. I think we need a new approach, and we need outside help. This strike could be it. I hope this strike helps. I heard it worked in 1979,” said a protest organizer who wishes not to be named. She was using the communications infrastructure of a women’s NGO in Iran to speak with FPM.news.

Companies are going on strike in support of the nation-wide protests. Most of Iran, it seems, as has been said by the Gen Z Schoolgirl Revolution, “Do not want an Islamic Republic”

South Aluminum Company in Lamerd city in Fars province has walked out already on strike.

School teachers and workers in the oil sector will put their feet up Thursday, says one of the organizers. “Many companies in the heavy construction world will join us as will the oil sector.”

Tehran’s attacks against Kurds in Iran and Kurds in Iraq continue, including chemical weapons attacks

The American State Department’s Spokesperson Ned Price condemned mid-week the Islamic Republic’s “repeated and brazen violations of Iraq’s territorial integrity… Iran’s violations of Iraqi territorial integrity continue with lethal attacks carried out against the Iraqi Kurdistan Region from November 20 through 22.”

Video: Greenish yellow irritating gases in cannisters have been released against protesters in Kurdish cities of Javanrud and Piranshahr, on Monday.

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) forces are deployed to Kurdish regions to attack protesters. Mohammad Esmail Kowsari who represents Tehran in the parliament and a former leader of the IRGC’s Sarallah Headquarters, said in an interview Wednesday that “Kurdish separatist groups, especially the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI), Komala, and Pejak (Free Life Party of Kurdistan) are stationed in the Iraqi Kurdistan region and sought to take control over some areas in Iran’s Kordestan province,” he said. This has still not been confirmed.

Mahsa Amini was from Iranian Kurdistan. Thousands of Kurds and millions of women around the world grieve, broken-hearted, the story of and the loss of Ms. Amini.

“In all honesty, the leaders of this protest are Gen Z schoolgirls. They are brave kids. They are extraordinary and nobody wants to give them credit,” suggests Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation.

Probably every feminist in the world is strongly on side with the young women leading the Iran Revolution.  And it is indeed a women-led revolution, not led by the Americans as Ebrahim Raisi claim,” Ms. Carter asserted strongly.

“Our young sisters of  iGen, or also called the postmillennial generation, are courageous, intelligent, collaborative and very caring about other people. They communicate best in person and tend to disregard important information coming from the digital world, instead seeking truth in person,” says Behar Abbasi who with several of her family members is leading and organizing protests in Iran since 17 September 2022.

“That is why it is clear to me and most other organizers here in Iran that the revolution in Iran is of the making of the people and not some foreign influencers as the Islamic Republic of

The search for Armita Abbasi is important to her family including Behar. Armita is one of thousands of women who are being molested and even raped brutally by the IRGC, local police and prison guards and officials. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Armita Abbasi is currently detained in Fardis prison. She has been seen by doctors who reported to The RINJ Foundation’s Dr. Nassima al Amouri who has hospital privileges in Tehran at among others the Imam Ali Karaj hospital. Those sources told Dr. Nassima al Amouri that Ms. Abbasi was injured during repeated rapes. The details are of a personal nature and will not be revealed. Her condition is life-threatening although there has ‘been some improvement’. She is missing from her family for over six weeks.

Behar Abbasi explains that she has repeatedly requested an intervention but that has not been possible up to this point in time according to security personnel in place in Iran.

“I don’t know if Allah will forgive me but when I learned that Armita had been so violently raped with a rifle barrel all I want to do is kill these people as many as I can. I am serious. I was losing it. I still have rage. But my heart is so broken am, I am between smashing faces and crying in the corner,” Behar cried.

“The numbers of protesters is growing but protest events are fewer,” says organizer Abbasi.

“I can’t condemn mothers for keeping their family locked in the home. I would do the same. But so many young people have lost family members, their hearts will not be still. We’ll finish this revolution with or without the rest of the world,” explains Behar.

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