Biden provoked war where Trump would have stopped war

Trump is not a Nazi nor is he antisemitic

That’s what former US Vice-President Michael Pence has to say about Trump.  “I don’t believe Donald Trump is an antisemite. I don’t believe he’s a racist or a bigot,” Pence said.

“People often forget that the president’s daughter converted to Judaism, his son-in-law is a devout Jew, his grandchildren are Jewish,” Mr. Pence added during a broadcast TV interview.

FPMag assembled a group of seven women from the RINJ Foundation, often described as a raging feminist group because they are adamantly opposed to sexual violence against women and girls. Most people don’t care. The feminist stereotype cares plenty.  In Iran, RINJ is a bad word akin to Ebola. Not only did RINJ women not let IRGC grunts kill them, thus far, but they also fight back strongly. So why pick such a strident feminist group to poll on the question of:

Would you support Donald Trump as a 2024 Presidential Candidate?

Donald Trump - White House Official Portrait

Official White House Photo of former USA President Donald Trump, cropped. There is a profound belief that Donald Trump would have prevented the Eastern European war involving as many as 55 countries and at the same time sending billions of people around the world into an economic tailspin and widespread food-insecurity, even starvation.

Trump is beyond a doubt the Misogynist in Chief of the USA. But according to the women, he is not that much different from most of the men in the US government from within the Republican Party and a majority of the men from the other side. got a shock.

Seven out of seven women said Trump would have been a better president in 2020 than Joseph Biden. Feminists don’t like Biden one little bit. “He is a phony. He is an egocentric mean-spirited angry bully without all his wits, and his comprehension of foreign affairs is racist and antagonistic,” said one. The others, all but one, agreed.

“Biden is corrupt and so far into the corruption within Ukraine, undermining US policy in Ukraine, Biden cannot be trusted. And I say that because I have spent a lot of time in Kiev and have asked many people who should know. But more importantly, Trump would never have allowed this war to begin. Trump would have solved the issues by pushing for the right to self-determination among the Ukrainian people who for nearly a decade have sought to leave Ukraine; and Trump would have dealt fairly with Russia’s legitimate—just the legitimate—security concerns,” was the response of Dale Carter, the RINJ Foundation security director who agreed could single her out by name.

“Without any care for the horrific harm to humanity, Biden and that slippery, unelected Stoltenberg of NATO provoked the war with Russia instead of solving simple and clearcut issues of Russia’s security and the right of self-determination of Ukrainians in Donbass,” said Ms. Carter.

Here is a statement of one woman the other six voiced agreement.

“Trump also appears to be a crook if appearances are acceptable criteria for forming that opinion. His former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, also makes that clear. Trump is under a number of investigations for what sound like criminal behaviour. Clearly other people think he appears to be a financial-type white collar crook, but maybe he will be cleared. It is also true that the impressions of him are created by political influencers who hate Trump. So, what do we know?”

Trump is a liar? During his time as President Trump made 30,673 false or misleading claims according to the biased anti-Trump journal, The Washington Post.

Trump is no more a liar than Biden,” the women agreed. They also added that most American male politicians were loose with the truth. In fact, and this may be widespread, the trust in politicians is such that it is a matter of choosing the least worrisome of an overall mistrusted group.

“Donald Trump dined with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes and the USA media is very keen on making sure that the world knows these misogynistic, hateful men are antisemitic Nazis,” noted one feminist.

“But America had been spending tens of billions of dollars supporting Ukraine’s Nazis who are raping and killing women and girls in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions since 2014. So why should the liberals in the USA be upset about wannabe Nazis without guns when they are massively supporting armed Nazi killers?” asked Ms. Carter.

Ms. Carter is an outspoken anti-war activist. All of her predictions about human rights atrocities and global catastrophic impacts on the most vulnerable people in the world as a result of not preventing this war, are coming true.


Members of one of Ukraines 30 Nazi Regiments

File photos: Members of one of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Regiments submitted by Alona Adamovich, a humanitarian worker in Ukraine.

One of many random Neo-Nazi Militia groups

File photos: Members of one of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Regiments submitted by Alona Adamovich, a humanitarian worker in Ukraine.