Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi must leave Iran says protest organizer

Molavi Abdolhamid, the top Sunni Islamic cleric in Iran has proposed a referendum to determine what Iranians want. He said this on Friday.

“Hold a referendum with international observers. Officials, listen to the cry of the people,” Abdolhamid said in a Friday sermon in the city of Zahedan, the provincial capital of Sistan-Baluchestan province where actions against protesters by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have been extremely violent.

By way of response, in a speech to area protest captains, an organizer shouted out, “Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi must leave Iran immediately, before we storm in and drag them away,” she said, drawing the group into an excited frenzy.

Saturday, in some places, it was the students who were chasing away unprepared Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps squads and not the other way around. The Khamenei-goon-squads have been seen running down the streets dropping batons and shields as huge masses of unarmed kids chased them in large hordes, screaming Women, Life, Freedom and telling the IRGC brutes to join the protest. But in some places (see below) the IRGC was opening fire on protests with live ammunition.

“Women cut their hair and doff their headscarves hence the panicked Femicidal Islamic Regime starts shelling Kurds and shooting schoolgirls,” scoffed Behar Abbasi, one of the toughest organizers. See: “Iran commits femicide over hijab while mass murdering Kurds”.

Short videos tell a story of realism, courage & Women, Life, Freedom.

“Gen Z women deeply care about others, strive for a diverse community, are highly collaborative and social, value flexibility, relevance, authenticity, and non-hierarchical leadership, and, while dismayed about inherited issues like climate change and bad government, have a pragmatic attitude about the work that has to be done to address those serious issues,” say experts.

“We trust our Iranian Gen Z members. They are highly collaborative, self-reliant, and pragmatic. And they care,” explains Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation.

“There is much research to support our trust in this amazing group of women,” adds Ms. Frisque.

Women, Life, Freedom

“Please support the Women, Life, Freedom movement led by Gen-Z Women and girls in Iran,” asks Behar Abbasi, one of the protest organizers in Tehran. Photo credit: source supplied. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“These old brutal men are not the legitimate leaders of Iran. Let the people decide. They are gangsters; they are killers; they are kleptocrat[s] robbing us,” says Leila (19), a delightful true-to-stereotype Gen Z woman. The conversation then ended, and she  jumped into action to set fire to her hijab in a protest at the center of Amol city, in Iran.

“In Amol (north part of Iran), family and friends of slain 33-year-old protestor Ghazaleh Chalabi, burned their hijab at Ghazaleh’s  40-day mourning ceremony and chant, ‘We will avenge the death of our sister,’ says Georgetown Professor Karim Sadjadpou who is closely monitoring events in the north.


Women, Life, Freedom is defiance to the despicable Ali Khamenei who demanded Gen Z women and girl students take to the streets and chant “Death to America” as some kind of celebration of the 43rd anniversary of the American Hostage takers.

Canadians well remember the “Canadian Caper” wherein a Canadian hero, the late, and well-remembered Ambassador Kenneth Taylor, who working with the American Central Intelligence Agency helped six brave Americans escape from Iran during the Iran hostage crisis in what was a hair-raising escapade, subject of books and films.

“That should be the only remembrance of a positive light,” said young Leila after being told about the ordeal, while talking to FPMag’s Behar Abbasi

Translated, they chant “Women, Life, Freedom” and “Death to Ali Khamenei”. Some Gen Z youngsters told organizers they wanted to go to America, in defiance to Ali Khamenei and his absurd edict that schoolgirls should scream “Death to America”.

Amnesty International observers in Iran have reported seeing Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) troops open fire with live ammunition on peaceful demonstrators in three provinces.

AI says that in Khash and Sistan-Baluchestan provinces, since 2pm local time Friday, security forces were firing live ammunition at peaceful protesters from the rooftops of the Governor’s office & several other buildings.

The following rough video shot by a protestor supports this allegation.

Nika ShakermiMurdered protester: Nika-Shakarami (16) Photo courtesy The RINJ Foundation



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