Israeli Cops beat Shireen Abu Aqleh pallbearers, casket falls. The world is sick of this Apartheid


Dr. Nassima al Amouri  wrote to  say that, “Shireen Abu Aqleh once again, at her own funeral, fell to the ground, the first time when an Israeli assassin’s bullet struck her head below her flak-helmet sporting the word “Press” and the second time in her casket. Gag. The humility of this act of beating on pallbearers by Israeli Forces spells out a flagrant attack on press freedom and the worst form of misogyny, killing her and then desecrating her coffin.  Israel has become one very sick nation.”

Dr. al Amouri who is a medical director for The RINJ Foundation, who is very upset by this desecration, went on to say,

  • “Israel must be sanctioned;
  • “get out of the occupied territories, and
  • “free Palestine.”


We fear Shireen Abu Aqleh death was Israeli targeted kill

"Israel has become a very sick nation," said one Israeli. As seen in this live video capture, Israeli Police Forces attack pallbearers with batons until they drop one end of Shireen Abu Aqleh’s casket. “Israel has become a very sick nation,” said one Israeli.