USA administration provoked Russia to center a Hybrid-WWIII, both led by senile, self-absorbed, elderly men

“Europe allowed itself to be led by the ear by two screwy senior citizens with nukes. Now we have a Hybrid WWIII warming fast,” say security analysts.

The world has allowed two obviously-fading senior citizens to go at each other with $billions worth of weapons in Ukraine, decimating the Ukraine population with nary a care.

Biden pretends to care about Ukraine citizens but on the evidence of the massive Ukraine humanitarian catastrophe he personally caused with Vladimir Putin, one that is nearing 5% of the Afghanistan disaster America created for 239 months up to August last year; Biden does not care.

FPMag-Biden and Putin June 2021 U.S. President Joe Biden and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin arrive for the USA-Russia summit at Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland, 16 June 2021. Saul Loeb/Pool Photo
FPMag-Biden and Putin June 2021 Pool Photograph.
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

This Hybrid WWIII and the expiry of the long outbreak of peace has pushed many small countries to contemplate developing their own nuclear weapons.

Joseph Biden is doing to all of Russia what Adolf Hitler did to Leningrad, during World War II, a city nearly starved out of existence by Nazi sanctions and a Nazi blockade.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine has uttered frequently that Ukraine made a mistake abandoning the nuclear weapons it inherited from the Soviet Union. Zelenskyy has also suggested amending the constitution of Ukraine to terminate the clauses setting Ukraine as a nuclear-weapons-free nation.

Seventy-five percent of South Koreans support becoming a nuclear weapons nation with a home grown nuclear program so that their country is enabled against North Korea and China in the event of conflict.

Australia has started building a nuclear submarine harbour and base for its AUKUS nuclear boats. 

“Biden is threatening India, China, and Pakistanwhich have stayed above the fray— with a stain and likely massive sanctions if they do not join in the slaughter of Russians through isolation, starvation and deprivation sanctions and the massive impact on world hunger by slashing Russian exports of food grains and freezing the Ukraine exports so locals who don’t leave can eat. The world knows how that works,” suggests Melissa Hemingway from Ukraine, reminding us that this thing is bigger than anyone realizes “because of the noisy aggressive hate-filled reportage”.

As we enter hybrid WWIII, China, Pakistan and India are nuclear-armed nations with 350, 165 and 156 nuclear warheads respectively, have the capability to end every American City over 100,000 population.

And as we plunge deeper into Hybrid-WWIII,

  1. China is waiting for monstrous landing craft it is building to attack Taiwan;
  2. Iran is attacking America in Iraq with missiles despite the Iraqis having tossed America out by the ear after the 3 January 2020 mass murder of Iraqi and Iranian officials including a beloved Iranian named Qasem Soleimani, near the Baghdad Airport; and
  3. North Korea is testing ICBMS and growing its nuclear warhead inventory at a rapid pace, vowing to get even with America for its taunting of the ‘Rocket Man’ in the Trump era.

The epic failure of leadership that killed 18 million during the pandemic is aiming at killing millions more in war unless this Ukraine breach of the peace is stopped immediately.

“No US president has that kind of license to be that kind of stupid or the right to endanger the human race’s existence. Not even the US Congress can do that,” said Dale Carter, the security director for the RINJ Foundation which has a long record of fighting for the safety of women and children, especially in war zones.

“After last May’s slaughter of Palestinian children and moms in Gaza, people like Biden stand out as a pariah to women,” added Ms. Carter.

“Joe Biden is leader of a country that contributed to the deaths of  85,000 children in Yemen according to UNICEF/Yemen, and the deaths of over 40 children in a school bus in Yemen on 9 August 2018,” Ms. Carter added.

“Biden claimed ‘heroics’ on 3 February 2022, in Atmeh, Syria but it was a criminal mass murder of 6 kids and 4 moms that violated human rights in a troubled region of the world. Biden misused the US Military for political purposes violating the sovereignty of Syria and the rights of the Idlib governorate for his own personal political gain. It became  another American mass murder of children. Absolute power corrupts absolutely?,” said Ms. Carter. “This man is unsuitable for public office.”

“Joseph had multiple children killed in Kabul Afghanistan last August 29, when his polls were diving,” she said.

“Biden’s efforts at grabbing control of the management of the Ukraine crisis back in the fall of 2021 has resulted in bloody war. Biden pushed the Kremlin again and again with lies and deceit and failed to prevent a massive and dirty war. From there he has done everything possible to throw gasoline on that fire by forcing more weapons into the conflagration and encouraging the arming of Ukrainian civilians to the point where they are nothing but cannon fodder and have no rights as civilians. They have been misfiring anti-tank weapons into schools and buildings like that—round hole at the front and the backwalls blown to bits— and then taking pictures. Was that Biden’s plan too? We have a copy of talking points sent to Social Media influencers, that make me want to vomit,” Dale Carter said.

American history is pock marked with massive crimes against humanity and millions upon millions of dead humans.

“The humanitarian disaster in North Korea caused by American sanctions and the three million Koreans killed in the 50s spells out a message that Americans can be real sick f**ks or more than that, power corrupts and military power corrupts the minds of the masses,” said Ms. Carter. “Americans seem to want a nuclear war with Russia or a continuance of humanity’s extremely violent history.”

“Vladimir Putin seems to be off his rail, possibly progressive Parkinson’s and maybe early onset dementia according to medical world speculation that may be far off track without a full battery of tests and diagnostics. But the symptoms are there for about a decade. It’s time Russians stepped in and helped the guy to his yacht and let Alexei Navalny out of the Joint,” says Dr. Nassima al Amouri of RINJ Women.

Putin on the evidence of millions of fleeing Ukrainians, and millions more displaced, does not care either about Ukrainians. But he seemed very sad when he explained why and how he gave the order for a so-called ‘military operation’ in Ukraine using far too few troops that are far too inexperienced driving far too old equipment,” noted Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst who recently returned from the Ukraine.

“Vladimir Putin is quite ruthless on the evidence of his insatiable desire to have what rightfully belongs to others, like Crimea,” he added.

“The two elderly megalomaniacs, Biden and Putin have enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the planet Earth many times over. They both have threatened to use those weapons. America says it will be first. The Russian protocols call for a nuclear response. Meanwhile a bevy of sinister and illegal sanctions in multi-national acts of war have slammed the Russian population all over the world,” said Mr. Baldock.

Leaders who have failed the people of Earth “Decline of major conflict supported decades of prosperity, but that future is now in doubt thanks to people like these horrifically bad leaders. These failed leaders must be held accountable for bringing war
to women and children despite their role and their ability to prevent war,” said Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation.  Photo credit: Various Official photos in the Public Domain. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Media Coverage of the current global war centered in Ukraine is as racist as is America. Watch Clare Daly in Ireland’s parliament:


Irish Politician Clare Daly said the “Russian illegal invasion of Ukraine” she opposed but she also opposes the increase of arms being sent into Ukraine and the acceleration of NATO involvement and military expenditures.

She has accused the European Union of “accelerating the conflict” in Ukraine adding that warfare and militarization do not solve the issues that should be cleared with diplomacy.

“You’re happy to correctly use the most strong and robust language to describe the crimes against humanity of Vladimir Putin but you will not use the same strength of language when it comes to describing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians,”  criticized Richard Boyd Barrett, Irish MP.

Watch Video: As Russia amassed its troops along Ukraine’s border, a CBC News crew on 25 January 2022, got rare access to the Donetsk region, controlled by ethnic Russians who declared sovereignty in 2014 and since 2014 were at war with the rest of Ukraine.

Call this mess, Hybrid World War III.

    • Putin never intended to invade Ukraine but was trying to coerce a settlement of long outstanding issues including NATO on its doorstep; the eight year war against the Russians in Donetsk PR/Luhansk PR; and the rights of self determination of those self proclaimed states. He trucked conscripts in need of training to near the Ukraine, and Luhansk/Donetsk border and delivered hundreds of some very old wheeled and tracked vehicles; set up hundreds of empty tents; and created the appearance of massive preparations for invasion.
    • Russia has held back its professional military and its advanced equipment in case war with Europe/USA/NATO is necessary. That includes its 12 impressive Su-57 multipurpose fighter jets; the Sukhoi SU 35s and so on.
    • Ukraine has been firing artillery shells at ethnic Russians in the above referenced regions since 2014 hence the claim that the Russian military’s operation in Ukraine is an unprovoked attack is false.
    • Provocation by Ukraine and the United States/NATO  has been ongoing for 8 years. has covered that conflict in the Donbass region for years and has worked with the RINJ Foundation which has humanitarian medical workers in the regions since the SARS2 pandemic began.
    • The USA/NATO was training troops for over a year to launch an attack between 28 February and 4 March against the ethnic Russian regions of Donetsk PR and Luhansk PR.
    • Joseph Biden and Jens Stoltenberg have insisted that NATO become a member of the USA-led military alliance. This would mean American missiles and troops on Russia’s borders.
    • June 2020-One of America's new nuclear missiles. June 2020 – New INF treaty-busting Intermediate Nuclear Missiles for Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, possibly Philippines, New Zealand and Australia under the new AUKUS deal, as well as ground launched missiles already under development by the Army with a range prohibited by the former treaty the USA left just before the Pandemic started, including the Precision Strike Missile and the Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon.
      Russia objects to the missiles surrounding Russia in Europe and all along the Asian Seas from Japan to Korea and the Russian and Chinese coasts.

    • On 20 February 2022, as evacuations of Donetsk and Luhansk that had begun on 18 February to Russia’s Rostov region entered a high pitch, the armed forces of Ukraine shelled six populated areas in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), including its largest city of Donetsk City late on 19 February (Saturday) and early on Sunday the 20th, said the DPR mission to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC).
    • According to the JCCC report, posted in the mission’s Telegram channel, the towns of Dokuchayevsk, Oktyabr, Sosnovskoye, Aleksandrovsk, and Spartak were shelled between 21:04 and 23:52 Moscow time on the 20th of February. Russian troops entered the Donetsk region on 24 February 2022.
    • World War III is a war involving many large nations in all different parts of the world including Russia, America, Ukraine, Britain, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, India, Pakistan, Syria, Spain, France, Japan, Canada, Australia and more.
    • Most of the aforementioned countries have supplied troops to NATO, weapons for the war, to Ukraine along with military training persons, company training persons, military advisers.
    • Additionally, most of these nations without a trial, without declaring war but enacting a war, began directing sanctions against Russia Federation , Russian persons, and the leadership of Russia, thus entering the war as hybrid war combatant nations.
    • The name World War is commonly given to the wars of 1914–18 and 1939–45, although only the second of these was truly global.


All objectivity lost in US media acting like nasty aggressive barkers and bet makers in a back alley fight of the dogs. The failing CNN is likely the worst parochial, one-sided propaganda outlet, by far exceeding the worst of the Reichs-Rundfunk-Gesellschaft in WWII.

All objectivity lost in US media acting like barkers and betters in a back alley fight of the dogs All objectivity lost in US media acting like barkers and bet makers in a back alley fight of the dogs. A very sick patriarch. American media making money more like betting spectators at a dog fight in Ukraine than journos covering war this International Women’s Day (IWD). Photo Credit: Adapted from the original 1868 work of James McCabe by Rosa Yamamoto / / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

In a monologue on Friday, Tucker Carlson on Fox News said that many Americans are being manipulated by “power-hungry bureaucrats”.

“You wonder if looking backward many years from right now, historians will notice the remarkable coincidence in timing. Have you noticed?” Carlson asked.

“Here it is,” Mr. Carlson said, “at exactly the moment when the emergency powers they awarded to themselves to fight COVID-19 started to wane, our leaders began pushing for conflict with Russia.”

He suggested war in Europe gave lawmakers a pretext to assume “historic war powers.”

Biden’s Approval is 19% below average of all US Presidents in the 5th Quarter of their presidency.

Abysmal approval ratings are driving Biden to do crazy things, like provoking a major war and overstepping his authority to take America into war. Biden as Carlson points out, is violating human rights left right and center around the world. He is also taking the American Hybrid War with Russia to extremes that have not yet seen retaliation, but Lavrov says that is coming. Biden may be on the verge of losing the House and the Senate for his Democrat Party. But the election is 8 months far.

At the time of Mr. Carlson’s comments, Joseph Biden had a worse approval rating in most areas than Donald Trump’s average at 41.1%. Biden was at 40% in approval ratings in early January but his warmongering has Americans pumped. In latter February his rating was at 41% according to Gallup. 55% Disapproved of Biden.  The average for presidents in the USA from 1936 to 2021 is 53% approval, says Gallup. The average for all presidents in the fifth quarter as Biden is in now, has been nearly 60%.

Biden Lowest job approval rating to date40%Jan 3-16, 2022
Average for elected presidents’ fifth quarter59%various
2022 Feb 1-17Approve 41%Disapprove 55%No Opinion 4%

Source: Gallup

“How long before they accuse you of collusion or disloyalty, or some other hard-to-define crime, declare you an enemy of the state and then confiscate your bank account?” Carlson asked. “Something very much like that happened in Canada (referring to Trudeau’s grabbing the bank accounts of protesters in Ottawa) We don’t imagine it could happen here. Mostly we just don’t think about it, what we think about is Ukraine.”

Watch the video, one of Tucker Carlson’s more profound monologues in favour of democracy.


“The Biden Administration is a spectacle of extraordinary incompetence but 76% of Americans are in favour of nuclear war with Russia in a straw poll conducted on social media by a CNN anchor. Worse than that, someone like Vice President Kamala Harris is appealing to the average American at their level. Can we count on this administration to avoid a nuclear hot war? Doubtful…” said Mr. Baldock.