The only way a woman in the USA can be great is if she is a man? Editorial.

Misogyny at its worst in America.

Readership must really suck at USA Today as the paper screams out for attention by telling the world the truth about America. The message: the only way a woman can be great is if she is a man. At Fox News on the Tucker Carlson show, the message is a little different. Use your imagination.

Editorial by Katie Alsop

Thanks to phony Joe Biden’s quest for gaming the entire political spectrum of minorities, Admiral Levine on 19 October 2021, became the first openly transgender four-star Admiral in America’s many uniformed services. She looks like a nice man, I think.

And on Sunday Admiral Levine became one of  USA Today ‘s women of the year

I refused to read USA Today. Tucker Carlson told me the news after he shat on women in the military in the most putrid and demeaning way. [GAG]

Certainly I do not begrudge anything to Admiral Levine who looks like he is a nice man, and apparently is an accomplished pediatrician. I love all pediatricians.

But I am flabbergasted at the message in the context of Tucker Carlson’s diatribe against women and USA Today‘s desperate grab for a headline.

Foxtrot India! I might just as well go join Melissa Hemingway in a basement birthing clinic in Mariupol, Ukraine where women only do the worthless work of bringing precious human life into this foxtrot’en-Carlson-world while being bombed by foxtrot’en Russians or foxtrot’en raped by neo-Nazis—but at least don’t need to feel humiliated every foxtrot’en day in the American feminist Tucker Carlson nightmare.

Can you guess which guy is woman of the year? Can you guess which guy is woman of the year? Photo Credit: Office of Governor Tom Wolf

Background in Tango Golf Political Correctness

In 2015, Caitlyn Jenner (66) was given the Transgender Champion award at American Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year awards. Anything for a media buzz.

Back in 2016, Paul David Hewson a.k.a. Bono, the U2 front man, was Woman of the year in a Glamour Magazine tacky publicity stunt.

Bono, pure Irish ham, in a good way, said on stage, “There is nowhere on Earth where women have the same opportunities as men… Unless we address this problem, both men and women together, the world will continue down this misogynistic, violent and impoverished path.”

Speaking of women soldiers. Let’s remember sister Gila, a courageous and accomplished soldier. (Foxtrot Uniform, Tucker.)

The picture and its story:

Gila was a soldier in the IDF. One day she became one of our security officers with our private security contractor. She was killed in an ISIS firefight near Bridge 2 on the Tigris River in Mosul, Iraq while a rescue of some Yezidi girls was underway. The Yezidi girls were escaping from their ISIS prison from which they were about to be sold. Thanks to Gila and her team, the girls all survived and live happily today in Shingal or not far from there.
Our prayer: … the silence started in one corner of the globe and swept around Earth with speed. In the heart of sisterhood the change was felt. Reminded by this solitary whisper, each woman stood tall with her fist to her heart. Solidarity is a beautiful thing, but when a sister has fallen the sky will be crimson and the sisters will join Gaia to sing out her name & send her to glory with forever love for: ~ Gila ~

Poster courtesy Reaper Team