Rescuing Russia from Putin might more quickly rescue Europe

Editorial: Vladimir Putin during the Pandemic became stressed out like West leaders Biden, Trudeau, Morrison, the clown Johnson, the non-elected Stoltenberg, and all the human race. Chill out.

Each of these leaders has become: irrational demonstrating exaggerated perceptions of their self-importance, autocratic, over-the-top in their thinking, obsessed with the Western hegemony, and showing democidal tendencies.

Editorial by Micheal John and Sharon Santiago

Vladimir Putin will leave Russia and Ukraine, two of the most corrupt, autocratic nations on Earth, in incomprehensible tatters because of his unhinged rage over Biden’s insistence on surrounding Russia with NATO weapons and troops, and shelling ethnic Russians in the Donbass region these past eight years.

This is what drove Putin Nuts

Paralyzing the Russian people’s economy with massive sanctions leaves the Russian leadership with nothing to lose. With nothing to lose, and a huge inferiority complex after three decades of bullying, there will be no limits to the extent of Moscow’s wrath—no incentive to plan for a future. Western leadership lost its cognitive skills and behaved genocidally.

It’s not that Putin loathed Western cooperation, he loathed the West’s bullying Russia and pushing more of its weapons, troops and antipathy to Russia’s borders. In American-controlled Ukraine since 2014, even the Russian language was outlawed.

Biden’s exaggerated belief in his own self-importance, extreme lack of cognitive skills, autocratic moves, decrepitude, and politically suicidal ruminations his handlers continually rush to quash or backpaddle, all coincide with Putin’s apparent decline. This is the worst possible combination of control over the world’s nuclear weapons.

The world has been picking bad leaders and this pandemic brought out the worst in the worst.

North American leaders have commit massive democide. Pandemic deaths in North America are over 1.5 million by real counts (USA alone: 1,125,051 total COVID-19 deaths by June 1, 2022.) according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and
Civil Society Partners against COVID-19.

Dangerous unstable leaders. Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden, two leaders with suspect mental stability and a record of failed leadership. File AFP Photos. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Even more frustrating for Putin is the American media bias, lies and the fact that Putin’s complaint is fully legitimate. Emmanuel Macron said during negotiations with Putin that Putin wanted safety for ethnic Russians in Ukraine and to clarify the rules of cohabitation with NATO and the EU. But Putin was ignored.

Russia’s position in the security context makes sense and should have been fixed. It’s a waste of time explaining that again. The West’s population is so badly brainwashed, and the issues so complex, why bother. Suffice it to say, the West’s fascination with weapons on Russia’s borders eventually cracked the Kremlin’s sanity.

  • Mr. Putin will unleash the worst weapons the world has seen since America smashed Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands there. But Vladimir Putin’s crime will be against white Christian Anglos, so the West will care, and hurt.
  • American malfeasance and hegemony in Europe has brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. That war escalation is right now inevitable. This path needs to be changed.

Watch Video: Including the 100 million killed from the outset, nuclear war will bring famine and radiation disease that will kill over one billion humans say a few scientists at Princeton University. Climate change will be accelerated to the power of something staggering. Then we are all gone.

Russia is not targeting Ukraine civilians, dummies. There are none. Those who were civilians are now armed combatants.

  • As the West pours rifles into Ukraine, Zelenskyy pours them into the streets.
  • Ukraine’s government has defined all male persons between 18 and 60, combatants.

* The cost of this war will be the decimation of America, and Russia. Did we really need the war-after-war record of these two behemoth problems?

* Europe’s cities are at risk of becoming a wasteland of rubble.

* America’s eagerness to put more nuclear weapons and troops into Europe and control the European Union has confounded everyone.

* The human race does not need weapons for its destruction because that has been taken care of by destruction of the planet in 100 years of wars, greed, and industrial pollution.

“The Empire of Lies”

Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter have all joined the opposition to the American  Constitution. This Power Elite “suppresses voices, opinions, & information they don’t like,” according to Tulsi Gabbard who has been making a lot of sense.

Opposing Biden’s war in Europe brings smearing  and censorship.

“Those who dare to question ‘the authority’ are accused of spreading misinformation and targeted, smeared, silenced,” Tulsi Gabbard said at the end of February.

Russia needs a new leader and Mr. Putin knows that.

Yet while Mr. Putin fears that, he would welcome retirement. Stick Mr. Putin on his favourite yacht, hire some folks to take care of him, and send him on his way into comfortable exile.

The West’s collection of awful leadership must also be replaced. Fast.

Instead of mitigating conflict, the West has poured weapons into a conflict, the mortal sin of peacekeeping, begging for more death and destruction.

Who has the weapons? Everyone. Ukraine’s Nazi militias, street gangs, ordinary thugs, looters, rapists, and naïve Ukraine civilians have the weapons from Canada and other donors.

Biden, Trudeau, Morrison, Johnson the clown, and this bizarre aberration Stoltenberg and his slot must be cleared out. The West’s leadership has failed a billion Anglo people out of the 7.9 billion humans on Earth. The West might be killing the Anglosphere.

Currently, the leadership the world has allowed to run the West is awful, the worst in history. What happened at the leadership level with this pandemic was scurrilous and now with this world war we are in—and we are in the midst of a hybrid world war—their conduct is reprehensible.

Vladimir Putin, soon to be former President of the Russian Federation, we hope.

Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin, soon to be former President of the Russian Federation. Photo Credit:



Editorial by Micheal John and Sharon Santiago