USA/NATO War in Ukraine draws thousands to protest G7

To one of the most luxurious vacation facilities in the Alps goes the G7 leaders as an African dies of hunger every few seconds, according to Oxfam.

“Allegedly the G7 group of nations is a proponent of mitigating climate change but they are meeting Sunday for three days in a country that is going back to burning coal in heavy polluting ancient coal-fired electric energy plants,” notes Geraldine Frisque of The RINJ Foundation which has people in Munich protesting the lack of attention to Climate Change by the G7 national leaders.

Protests in Munich

Climate protests against the attendees of the G7 Summit. Photo credit: YouTube screen capture Sky News Video. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

G7 attendees in the hundreds will have the Schloss Elmau experience, and enjoy a rich soothing sound of either peaceful tranquility or soothing splashing streams dancing in a magical sanctuary among the most beautiful mountains of the alps.

“To one of the most luxurious vacation facilities in the Alps goes the G7 leaders as an African dies of hunger every second … and climate change threatens the lives of millions every single day as these countries pour our $billions into their war in Ukraine,” says Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundation.

“Have a nice time on our dime? No,” says Ms. Alsop. “That is not the will of the people any longer,” she added. (Join Voices for Peace )

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will welcome leaders of the group of 7 richest democracies including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

G7 Meeting 26 June 2022

“The G7 Summit at Schloss Elmau, the highlight of the German Presidency, begins on Sunday. According to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the aim is to send out a ‘powerful signal’ demonstrating that “our strong democracies are aware of their joint global responsibility” – something that is more important than ever in these turbulent times,” says a statement from the organizers. 

Germany has held the G7 Presidency since January 2022. Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz has invited the heads of state and government to Schloss Elmau in Upper Bavaria. Photo Credit: 2022 The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government of Germany.

G7 Meeting at the luxurious Schloss Elmau in Upper Bavaria will be a political event attempting to swing African and Indo-Pacific nations to join the fight against Russia. These are the special guests.

Invited Guests

Official Photos

 Indonesia's Joko Widodo, President Indonesia’s Joko Widodo, President

India's Narendra Modi, Prime Minister India’s Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Senegal,'s Macky Sall, President Senegal,’s Macky Sall, President

 Argentina Alberto Fernández, President Argentina’s Alberto Fernández, President

South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa, President South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa, President

G7 will also discuss today the USA proxy war in Ukraine that is fully supported by the EU Commission, if not by the European people while more allegations surface to say that American, Canadian and EU troops are in Ukraine fighting this war.


Failure of G7 Leaders, NATO member leadership and the Anglosphere is killing the planet and the human race.

“This group of poorly led countries provoked war in Ukraine under the premise that Russia could be lured into a war in Ukraine and that the West could arm Ukrainians, mercenaries and others in Ukraine sufficiently to destroy Russia has backfired,” says Dale Carter, security director for the RINJ Foundation. She is currently in Kiev.

“Since the G7 group last met,” continued Ms. Carter, “its previous actions including pouring tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons into Ukraine and trying to sanction Russia to death has brought daily news reports of:

  • “a transportation standstill of crucial foodstuffs and fuels;
  • “global economic turmoil;
  • “global food shortages;
  • “more Americans and Europeans moving out of homes and into tents in the inner cities;
  • “a glut of assault rifles, ammo, grenades, missiles and launchers on the black market;
  • “a dearth of wheat, other grains and beans globally;
  • “fuel shortages i.e.: Somalia and Sirilanka have none at all; and
  •  “prices around the world for gasoline and diesel have hit all-time highs causing billions to suffer transportation and budgetary woes, even putting many out of their homes,” she said.

USA Proxy war against Russian in Ukraine is said to dominate the G7 Sessions

Video: Thousands of people in Germany have tried to meet G7 attendees and make known their protests.