UK Democracy fails on distance between politicians and people

American-born Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (a.k.a. Boris Johnson or “BoJo”)  has squeaked past a non confidence vote having been charged with violations of COVID-19 law and accused of lying to parliament and the British people.

Boris Johnson claims another victory. This time the boast is for his impunity for breaking the COVID-19 laws and lying to the House of Commons and the British people.

According to a British YouGov poll, 61% of voters wanted Johnson ousted and 27% wanted him kept in office following the Monday no-confidence vote which was brought on by 54 no-confidence letters from members of parliament.

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

“Boris Johnson is proof that politicians in so-called democracies are far distant from the will of the people, in words, deeds, and morality,” says RINJ Foundation women’s rights group spokesperson Geraldine Frisque, claiming that rape and incest are on the rise in Britain during Johnson’s time in office (since 2019) and too-young mothers are lining up for obstetrics.

Boris Johnson’s opponents failed to reach the number of votes needed to oust BoJo as Prime Minister. 148 MPs voted to oust but 180 votes were needed.

“This insults the electorate and the concept of democracy,” noted Ms. Frisque from Bournemouth.

Boris Johnson wins non-Confidence vote
Boris Johnson wins non-Confidence vote
Photo credit: Edoardo Baraldi