NGO workers speak openly of atrocities and dangers in Ukraine

“This civil war that the West has exploited since 2014 is only killing Russians and Ukrainians in Ukraine. Its main feature is self-destruction and the prize is rubble and ghosts of their children.”

“Civil society is ignored too often by men who run the world and that must change because civil society is the ordinary people on Earth those men are allegedly leading or representing. The horror in Ukraine for civil society volunteers and their team leaders like paid medical workers is bearing witness to the suffering of women and their children,” explains nurse Alona Adamovich, articulating her grief over recent surges in the number of injured women and children in Ukraine. She is a director of the RINJ Foundation in charge of a number of women’s shelters and a growing number of various women’s clinics in Ukraine.

“These women do not dress up in body armour and guns knowing they might be shelled today, they work in the basement, baking, cooking, caring and feeding others, wearing only gardening frocks and their prayer beads,” said Alona.

“That anyone can bring so much human suffering,” she continued, “at a time of a failing Earth environment and millions of deaths from COVID disease, is a signature of a leadership that is so expired, so bored with luxury, and so peace-adverse in boredom, it has nothing left to live for but war, so it seems. Next will be thermonuclear war, I fear,” the NGO worker said.

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John
Editor’s note: Ms. Dale Carter of RINJ Women helped organize a VPN round table discussion with NGO workers in Ukraine on their thoughts on ‘The way ahead for Peace Talks for Ukraine’.


Women's priorities in Ukraine differ from Western Leaders

“In some cities there is enough grain for another week of bread. Women are giving birth in Ukraine while suffering the loss of their homes and family members. Women and these children are the future of Ukraine society hence they seek a permanent end to war.
Civil society sees different priorities for Ukraine than does the West’s leaders who focus on fossil fuels, money, guns, bombs and missiles,” say local humanitarians in Ukraine. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

A door opened for peace talks. Ukraine must relinquish ethnic Russian Donbass separatist region to Russia and stop killing everyone over this.

“This civil war that the West has exploited since 2014 is only killing Russians and Ukrainians in Ukraine and solving nothing. Its main feature is self-destruction and the prize is rubble,” said Alona in a VPN group hookup. “Think about that,” she continued. “RINJ and its civil society partners must push harder to get conflict resolution talks going—without the American interference—before everyone is dead or ruined here in Ukraine,” she advanced.

Is there an opportunity for peace talks?

“Russia’s special operation will continue until the shelling of Donbass stops and the threat from the Ukrainian territory ceases to emanate,” said Russia’s Permanent Representative, Dmitry Polyansky, to the UN Security Council.

Diplomat Polyansky stressed harshly that by massively feeding weapons into Ukraine, the West “prolongs the agony of the criminal Kiev regime, which is ready to sacrifice its population.”

“The sooner you realize this, the sooner the Ukrainian leadership will sit down at the negotiating table with a realistic position, and not with slogans and phantom pains,” UNSC Representative Dmitry Polyansky said.

Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy, First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, refers to the nine years of shelling of Luhansk PR and Donetsk PR populations, explains Alona Adamovich.

“This is a harsh but noteworthy opening for peace talks. Mr. Polyanskiy’s utterances are the best anyone has for opening a door to resolving the madness in Ukraine. Take it,” says Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation.

“When Dmitry Polyanskiy talks about “criminal Kiev regime” he is likely bowing to the wishes of his political masters to some extent, but if you ask anyone in Kiev, they will tell you that the government is more corrupt than ever. Bribery and extortion are rampant. So too is the sale of visas and other documentation as well as participation in the human slavery market,” explains RINJ director Dale Carter.

“Sadly, poor families in Ukraine are selling girls. Government officials who can readily create documentation are involved in slave trade, having groups of men collect children and young women and getting them shipped off to buyers in countries around Europe. Among these people are government officials. Additionally, most of the Mercenaries from Europe are people who do the dirty work, stealing females from their homes or making deals for ‘the buy’ and transferring funds from the sale of human slaves.

“Some of the mercenaries captured by security contractors have been interrogated, and I am not talking about women asking men polite questions. I am talking about trained, ruthless soldiers experienced in Syria and Iraq getting the information they need to stay alive, them and their teammates.

“We have also had opportunities to hear the accounts of older children who have been sold and young women who have been kidnapped. They can identify kidnappers and to some degree, define the routes used during their kidnap.

“We still have ‘rescuees’ who are sheltered in our women’s shelters we operate with the help of local communities in various regions because the survivor’s families have been killed, or because the heathens sold their kid,” continued Ms. Carter with a sigh.

“We have also created quasi-foster-home situations for some girls and teenage women.

“We are in constant fights this past week with mercenaries who try to get these people back from us. That is why I gave the ‘shoot-to-kill’ order to the contractor supplying guards to women’s shelters in the event of armed assailants who refused to desist.

“We think one slave trader who escaped capture recently, but saw the contractor rescue some young female persons, is connected to the Kiev government primarily,” continued Ms. Carter.

“Recently, a group of child sex traders was interrupted crowding children and young women into a van. There were soldiers and well-dressed civilians. Our security contractor was investigating a missing girl whose mother was going ballistic, did not have time to wait for reinforcements when they encountered this ‘transfer of assets’ as it has since been described,” continued Ms. Carter.

“The contractors could not dispatch the complainant because of arrangements made by the father which I will explain in a minute. So the three women contractors gave the woman a gun and they intervened without back up in the early morning operation and rescued all the victims, with only one suffering a minor injury when a criminal tried to escape using her as a hostage,” continued Ms. Carter.

“So here is my point. We believe one of the men killed in the skirmish and firefight that  happened before the rescue, was a very senior Ukraine official. He was one sitting in a fancy looking SUV. Our people said they would have stolen the SUV but it had been hit and was on fire. And guess what? It has been a month and not a word has been said about this disappearance. This was the guy who tried to take the hostage. He met his demise trying to escape with a hostage. Three of the seven Azov soldiers and mercenaries escaped. They were tracked down by late-arriving backup that was diverted to the new task and two of the criminals were killed in a firefight,” continued Ms. Carter.

“One escaped. The point is that the Zelenskyy government knows this happened. Nobody has said a thing but we are now under heavy attack. Americans we are in contact with say they know this is nothing to do with their people. We believe this now as the Americans are helping. That is also true of Denis Pushilin’s teams so that is both sides of the conflict line spoken for to some extent. There is an indication that the real authorities want this criminal activity stopped as well as the illegal black market sale of arms,”  continued Ms. Carter.

“In one instance a birthing clinic was attacked at a very bad moment. Some men had followed a panicking grandma trying to get a family member who was in labour to the basement birthing clinic where a midwife, a nurse, two volunteers and some mothers and babies had no idea they were on the way because communications are terrible.

Because of the recent activities chasing down a major transfer of captured girls for the slave business, the security contractor was short of staff at this birthing clinic.

“One young woman was the only guard, a former soldier in a Mediterranean country, and as she said, she had prepared for “solo duty”.

“She said she wore a slim-fit executive body armour piece underneath her military-standard body armour and vest because she was so worried about the recent attacks elsewhere and the warnings her supervisor had issued.

“Upon arrival the guard whose name is Dana, carried the pregnant girl into the clinic with the pregnant girl’s gran helping. Dana exited in time to be confronted by the armed stalkers in a vehicle talking on a radio. They fired and she let lose with what she called her “favourite Tavor in auto mode”, and sent the men in their Army truck packing up the street into a denser residential area so she stopped shooting and let them go. Later we learned she had been hit twice and had two broken ribs. If you meet Dana, don’t hug her but tell her we all adore her as does a tiny baby and her mom and grandmother.

“Dana, this brave guard, is no longer on solo duty, but she insisted on getting back to her post after being treated for her injuries. I am in awe of this women who like the medical teams also saves lives, and we should not forget their important work,”  said Ms. Carter with a sigh.

The darkness of USA Psychological WarfareThe propaganda narrative psychologically exalts the ally to a can’t-do-wrong pedestal and destroys the opponent. Psychological warfare is about things done to make an enemy or opponent feel hopeless and make allies feel omnipotent, fearless, with impunity for killing and other violence like kidnap and rape. This is a deadly backfire because the sex slave traders make no distinction between girls caught in Russian controlled areas and those kidnapped in Ukraine controlled areas. Using rape as a method of warfare is blowing up in the faces of Kiev authorities. That latter is the unintended dark side of USA/CIA Psychological Warfare in Ukraine. As usual, America trains scumbags like Nazis or Al Quaeda or ISIS to do its dirty work and the scumbags do crime everywhere and even bring harm to Americans. File Image Art by: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“Anything coming from Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Theatre is distilled and choreographed from a bad script for a backyard home movie—tiresome nonsense for anyone who is not in the White House/CIA target audience—aimed at brainwashed low-IQ uneducated Americans. The tens of thousands of Europeans protesting on the streets of Spain this week are not buying most of the claptrap and we don’t buy into this here in Moscow,” said Svetlana, a regional RINJ chapter leader in Moscow.

Video for the Record, the military operation in Ukraine was stalled, now progress is being made, slowly, admits senior Russia official.

Ukraine War is a family breakup a.k.a Civil War.

“This is a dirty, filthy liar’s war. America and Ukraine were building an invasion force of over 60,000 to 100,000 troops at the Donbass contact line in several encampments of tents as far as the eye could see, ready to invade Luhansk and Donetsk and kill as many people as possible, since April 2021. We were there. We saw this develop over time. We have given out the photographs,” says Lana, a humanitarian worker from Donbass.

“I just want to add good news, that in the period from 22 to 28 June, 110 babies were born healthy in the Luhansk People’s Republic, 61 boys and 49 girls, including 3 twins, can you believe it, three sets of twins. Meanwhile, some of 144 prisoners of war from our area have returned home from a prisoner swap with Ukraine. They are all badly banged up on both sides but medical care has been prioritized before reunions. So that’s some good news, I wanted to share,” added Lana.

“Luhansk is a very solid republic,” Alona injected. Lana agreed.

And in Kherson, there is talk of a referendum as Ukrainian troops continue to bombard the city.

“Oh and I also heard that the Kherson region is preparing a referendum on joining Russia. I don’t get how this works. Kherson is alone or is it the whole Donetsk region and if so, how can Kherson speak for everyone? It makes no sense. Propaganda maybe or misunderstanding? Kirill Stremousov, I think he is a new deputy head of the civil/military administration in that city, has been talking this up. They had a meeting of counselors and community reps,” Lana added.

“There are no good guys and bad guys in this civil war, just broken lives, broken families. The massive tragedy is unforgiveable of both sides, both leaders Zelensky and Putin, both in the wrong and both totally influenced in their actions by the West with its promises and threats,” Alona added to the conversation. “Prolonging this war any longer is madness.”

One of the people sitting with Lana, during the virtual round-table  conversation from Ukraine, a woman doctor and teacher at the University were Lana was schooled, added her thoughts.

“Realistically speaking, this war is a messy, acrimonious matrimonial breakup of two unlikely partners, Ukraine and Russia. Despicably horrible behaviour runs deep on both sides, like any divorce, especially with the interference of the correspondents USA and Britain with their deviant politicians. That man Boris Johnson is a lying fraud and Joe Biden slithers around Kiev constantly like a snake in the grass, for years,” she added.

“Civil wars suck. They are violent, bloody, and incomprehensible for outsiders.

“Joseph Biden is about the worst thing to happen to Ukraine over the past twelve years. He has been a disingenuous creep in Ukraine who slithers. He slithers all over women and kids and exploits every opportunity for blackmail and extortion. He has a penchant for digging into the pus-filled boils of human existence and living there, making the infection worse,” the Ukrainian doctor opined.

Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy

Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy, First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations. Photo Credit: United Nations video screen capture from 28 December 2021. In a one hour brief, Ambassador Polyanskiy revealed himself to be the quintessential diplomat and worthy public servant. His briefing included in-depth responses that would help anyone understand the true nature of modern Russia. It’s not all pretty. Watch.

“I must shake my head at what I see and hear in Ukraine. It is a very corrupt country. Even at checkpoints I am asked for sex and other forms of bribes—extortion is what it really is—when they see my identification, explains Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation and presently still located in Ukraine.

“Considering that both NATO and the European Union say they intend to include Ukraine as a member state is a reflection of the dismal credibility of these two warmongering organizations. Just living here is enough to reveal why Russia does not want America’s nuclear missiles lined up along the Russian borders. Nobody here in Ukraine who has a position of authority can be trusted. The women I meet are amazing but the men one meets here are misogynistic barbarians all with some kind of perverted agenda. I have used my taser more times than I can count to keep real and fake checkpoint guards’ hands off of me. That is my personal observation. Please be clear about that,” she added.

“And putting 600,000 troops into Europe as a war ready contingency is an indication of intent for warring. Nobody. Nobody is talking about building a plan for peace, only war,” said Ms. Carter who helped organize the round table discussion on ‘The way ahead for Peace Talks for Ukraine’.

Getting past checkpoints Russian, Ukrainian and Nazi Checkpoints can be insane. Sometimes a candy bar and drink box gets the Medevac bus through but women in a passenger car are unexpected and get the third degree. File photo credit: Melissa Hemingway. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Starting wars foreign or domestic is a crime in this day and age of a gradually expiring human race.

“Britain and America had a plan for massive military sales. Britain would leave the once peace-loving European Union and the two cutthroat administrations in the US and UK would build an alliance based on provoking war and selling weapons,” suggests Simon Baldock, a security analyst based in Tel Aviv.

“The money from those massive arms sales would cause grateful arms manufacturers to feed the electioneering coffers and keep the hopeful men in their powerful seats with enough money to own social media for the campaigns,” Mr. Baldock added.

Criminal in the white House - Trump

Photo credit: Official White House Photograph. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The picture and its story. Polls suggest Americans believe that the current-day White House has again turned America into a shattered family on the wrong path. General Milley and Joseph Biden seek political distractions and military industrial funding by starting wars with Russia and China. The only common thread in the information coming from the White House is spin, propaganda and psychological warfare against the American people and that, in America, is a crime.  The country is splitting apart on nearly all seams say many pundits in American media.

“The disaster the White House has created in Europe and the approaching threshold for nuclear war is far from American minds,” cautioned Mr. Baldock.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine: Criminal in White House Turned America into a Shattered Family -- General Milley and Trump attack America

Feminine-Perspective Magazine: Criminal in White House Turned America into a Shattered Family — General Milley and Trump attack America in a park near a church where journalists were hit and America was lied to. Credit: Official White House Photograph. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The world needs better leaders than this.


“That anyone can bring so much human suffering,” she continued, “at a time of a failing Earth environment and millions of deaths from COVID disease, is a signature of a leadership that is so expired, so bored with luxury, and so peace-adverse in boredom, it has nothing left to live for but war, so it seems. Next will be thermonuclear war, I fear,” the NGO worker said.