Human Development and Safety in Luhansk PR led by women

Video: From a zero-base beginning, this enormous multifunctional medical center will open in November 2022 in Luhansk. It will feature the most advanced and complete diagnostic facilities in all of the Donbass region. The project is being facilitated by the Government of the Luhansk PR with support from teams of Russian military medical professionals experienced in the development and construction of complex medical facilities even across the extreme-cold north of Russia. The facilities will have the capability to welcome and isolate even the most infectious patients, such as those suffering from COVID-19.

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

Minister of Health of the LPR Natalia Pashchenko, who fought COVID-19 battle to a big win, once again earns highest kudos, this time for coordinating construction of the most advanced medical center in all of Donbass.

“As glass shatters and falls to the streets of peace-loving Luhansk City caused by Ukrainian and American cluster bombs or artillery shells, the government of the eight-year-old Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) is pursuing more advancement in the development of health sciences, public health care and general human development,” explains Alona Adamovicha Ukrainian nurse practitioner leading a humanitarian team, since 2013, working for The RINJ Foundation in and around the Donbass region.

“Honestly, I am excited about what is happening, as a native of the region but also in an academic sphere, I see the leadership by men and women equally as a recipe for success in Luhansk. That’s because of the commitment to education, commitment to youth, gender equality and diversification,” she added.

Highly educated women will diversify Luhansk Agrarian Economy.

That translates to a massive project for the recovery of the region and the leveraging of an inherent knowledge base and skillset within the population’s rich agricultural heritage.

Crimean Federal University will accept about 20 students from Luhansk

Women are making a difference to the successful future of Luhansk PR. Photo credit: Government of the LPR. Photo is cropped from the original.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The Crimean Federal University will accept about 20 students from Luhansk PR 3rd and 4th year university levels at the Luhansk State Agrarian University for a specialized Summer University project in Agriculture.

The Luhansk department of education reports that on 10 July, the opening of the project in Crimea will take place, which will last for two intense weeks of study and projects under the guidance of the faculty of the Crimean Federal University.

65 representatives of the Luhansk region construction complex

The picture and its story: The Government of the Luhansk People’s Republic has delegated 65 representatives of the Luhansk region construction complex to participate in the VI All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference of Construction Industry Specialists, which will be held from June 14 to 17 in Sochi.

The conference will consider two blocks of questions: “Key innovations in estimated pricing and contractual relations in the construction industry in 2022” and “Improvement of estimated pricing and forms of compliance checks by state control authorities in the road sector and construction,” according to an LPR government statement. Photo credit: Government of the LPR. Photo is cropped from the original.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Nurse in Alchevsk prepares a jab for a Luhansk PR citizen as a rapid vaccination programme continues within the Russian Federation neighbour nation. File Photo Credit: Luhansk Health Department. Photo is cropped from the original.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

World Health Organization cuts off supplies of crucial medicines to Luhansk but refuses to explain why.

“The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) under the pretext of the allegedly unstable situation in Donbass, stopped deliveries of vital medicines and products for diagnostics and specific treatment to the specialized medical institutions of the people’s republics patients with a weakened immune system, chronic infectious and endocrine diseases,” explained Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the Russian interdepartmental coordination headquarters for humanitarian response.

The heads of specialized clinics in the Donetsk PR and Luhansk PR in late May 2022 informed the ministers of health of the two republics of the termination of humanitarian supplies, despite the ample and qualified requests sent to the UN unit and the ICRC.

“Antiretroviral drugs for specific treatment of HIV-AIDS patients, diagnostic kits for performing studies to determine the level of CD4 cells and viral load were previously provided through the humanitarian line of the ICRC. This year, the application was submitted, but nothing has been received so far,” says the head physician of the Luhansk Republic Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS in a letter addressed to the Minister of Health of the LPR, Natalia Pashchenko.

Minister Pashchenko told RIA Novosti, “80 to 100% of the necessary medicines and supplies for the treatment of certain diseases were supplied to the republic through the WHO and the Red Cross”.  In particular, she said 80% of antiretroviral drugs and consumables for diagnosing HIV/AIDS, as well as some insulin preparations, went through the ICRC.

Neither the WHO or the ICRC have responded to queries.

Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation explained that in the absence of any response from the UN and the ICRC, her organization has complained frequently that the United Nations and the World Health Organization led by an American appointee, António Guterres—who has the worst reputation for running an organization that year after year has more and more sexual exploitation of women cases than any group on Earth, maybe, has failed to remain neutral in the recent conflict as that relates to the ordinary people—who support no war anywhere by anyone—of the breakaway nations who lost their faith in the ‘corrupt Ukraine regime in Kiev’ and ‘formed their own statehoods many years ago’, she complained at length.

“I am told by reliable people I know in the US State department that pressure was put on the UN to stop supplying medical assistance to Luhansk PR and keep the pressure on the Luhansk PR back in 2019 and that only in 2022 was that request implemented,” said Ms. Frisque when asked if her organization had received a response from the WHO.

Minister of Health of the LPR Natalia Pashchenko. Minister of Health of the LPR, Natalia Pashchenko.
File Photo courtesy LPR MoH.

On the lighter side: Nurses, Women volunteers, and Teachers helping children, are the future of Luhansk PR. Watch LPR Health Minister oversee content for orphans-of-war pre-school programme.

Video: “Pupils of the Republic Orphanage have returned from their evacuation in the Rostov region of Russia. They will begin their early childhood education starting with some fun topics, like favourite book characters and how much fun they can be, a good start to a brighter, happier future,” reports Melissa Hemingway from the Donbass.

Safety of Women and Girls is a challenge in Luhansk PR. Rape of Women and Girls in the Luhansk region by Ukrainian Nationalist Militia Continues unabated and unreported.

“It was first in 2015 when our contacts with the Russian army in Syria near Damascus told our Dr. Buni and Dr. al Amouri that  RINJ should get into Luhansk and help the women and girls there who because of rape were spreading HIV and other diseases among the neo-Nazi pools of rapists, explained Ms. Frisque.

“Our people in Syria did not know at the time because they were stretched across Syria and Iraq with too few resources and had little contact with operations around the world, but we had a skeleton staff in Donbass since 2013 made up of local volunteers.

“Nobody cares about women and girls being raped.”

“Finding volunteers for this work today for Ukraine is next to impossible,” Ms. Frisque explained.

“Nobody cares about women and girls being raped yet this is the least safe place on the planet.

“Rape is a patriarch weapon of war everyone seems to expect and tolerate until the 6-degrees of separation leaves themselves with a morbid sexually transmitted disease that began its journey of infection starting with a rape,” she added.

Alona Adamovich was running one of the most amazing all-volunteer groups of any kind, back in 2013 just after we went into Syria. It’s the best all-volunteer group we have anywhere in the world.

“Alona, this year, saved countless lives in Mariupol evacuating over 100 busloads of people right under the Russian and Nazi-Ukrainian’s noses. Actually, the Russians helped but some Russian soldiers were a pain…

“Alona even helped wounded soldiers of any stripe get out to safety. They were mostly teens for God’s sake. But more than that she still has a dozen basement shelters scattered everywhere so that women and girl survivors can share what they each have and what we can supply to them in the way of foodstuffs, medicines and other supplies. Honestly, that is difficult because they are hard for even us to find, they move around so much. But Lana is the liaison in Luhansk and she makes a run every few days now into Mariupol with the supplies,” said Ms. Frisque in a phone call.

“Women’s shelter safety in Donbass is all about wolves hunting hen houses, if you get my drift,” the woman added after thinking about how to explain, for a moment.